Sunday, 30 June 2013


Well here we go again?!

I could not believe that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood got voted in to begin with?!

I did think st the time that I could not see this lasting and that he would act more like a dictator and there would be another set of protests for him to go.

I did not think out would happen is as little as twelve bloody months though?!

Why did they vote him in to begin with?! Did members of the Muslim Brotherhood scare others from standing for election?!

Morsi was one of the protesters against his predecessor and protested that he did not go when enough people were calling him to?

Err hang on a minute?! There looks to be hundreds of thousands on the infamous square protesting and calling for him to go?!

That makes him a hypocrit if the worst possible kind and shows that his group cannot be trusted. No wait I think they have already given their own people that impression anyway?!

Not too good at this politics malarkey are they?! Well when you consider that it is a democracy if they are not vet good st it and appear to not be bothered to bring good at it would that then not imply they were really intending to be a dictatorship?!


Not good that protestors have now died during all this!

When will governments EVER REALISE that unless they can control these things without civilians dying it will only serve to infuriate the protestors more?!  This give even more people cause to come out and join the ever growing masses and then you have a civil war?! Again?!

I really wish many in the middle east can rid themselves of their weaknesses and weaknesses is exactly what they are make no mistake about it.

For instance...

Obsession with forcing their will upon others

Doing work that can only be associated with the Devil and claim it is for God

Uncontrollable anger over things that cannot possibly be proved leading to the burning of effigies which I find very disturbing and not the actions of peaceful, competent a reasonable race or culture.

Obsession with money and in one area no matter how much they have remain tight with it. What DO they think all this money that they do not spend or use to help anyone is going to do for them?! Are there secret special prizes that get every bigger and much more scarce st key milestones of tens of, hundreds of and millions of dollars?!

I am related to my grandfather who has been unhelpful, not supportive and tight in ways that you would not believe that can lead to members of you're own family disowning you?! Sitting on over half a million and relatives wanting nothing to do with.....oh OK then it is I that edge nothing to do with him or his money as he lives to keep reminding everyone about it.

Only now other members of the family are now finding out what that is like and are becoming increasingly frustrated with him! So I was told anyway, lol.

The fact if that some races have some infuriating ways about them, leaving the ones with that master race attitude alone lol, and no one is allowed to speak about it.

The fact if this is no different to a man and a wife having differences and I must point out that if sexism comes into the equation it can work in both directions. It cannot be argued that it cannot because that would mean there is no such thing! But if it's a differing opinion when skin colour is involved suddenly it is racism.

The trouble is the word racism had been banded about a but too liberally by certain factions and when you ate out in a position where your scared to day anything for being labelled as something then the frustrations become bottled up.

Now the idiots and the tossers of the politically correct faction are fecking incompetent because what they actually achieve if to make people even MORE racist, our more hatred, than they had when they had their mouths stapled shut and even the ones that were not now become racist!

It's a natural human emotion and we are not robots. This enforcing of this way of thinking, along with the corruption that is rife, now seems to be presented to us on the media like they are saying 'well this of how it is and how it is supposed to be done!' to which I would say 'will how the FECK would YOU KNOW and where did you acquire this divine right?!'

I would then launch into a lecture they works never forget about how they have bought about the very train of thought among the wider public they have tried so hard to stamp out?!

This is no different to what is going on in the middle east and when Iran and Israel are at serious odd with each other that name calling and accusations fly no one utters the word racism or racist when that is exactly what is going on there?!

Two races and culture are st odd with each other because of their BELIEFS, greed, differences in behaviour and all manner of other things.

The weird racism came about when people were called names, beaten up, lives made s living hell, cast out, banished, tested like a second class citizen or even killed for being DIFFERENT!

Today though it is flung up all the time and not a week goes by when it is not used once up to half a dozen times in the media. The scared to speak ones are secretly festering a hatred to all this and ski fed you that they are getting up to a boiling point that well blue the lids off.

All managed, governed and brought about by the PC morons and the governments with Councils right st the to of the list!

Out of touch, incompetent and clueless and I cannot remember a time when there WAS anyone competent enough which is a crying shame.


It infuriates me reading about governments in the middle east commenting about other governments in the middle east.

As soon as there is an Arab Spring in a neighbouring country they are queuing up to condemn that government and offer support even when the governments doing this are no bloody better?!

Here is a case in point. Mind you I am sure with everything I have posted about on here there are a number of organisations that wished that was the case here and could lock me up and separate me from a PC and the Internet?!



I wonder how many of the BRICKS nations will go the same way as Brazil?!

They feel pretty strongly about their protests to do their protesting while their national team plaid in the final?!

Crikey no matter what if England was in any final you would hour be able to drag must people away from a television dry while it was on and the Roads would be empty...hmm come to think of it no out done places the Roads would still be full but many places would be empty. Away from built up suburbs perhaps, lmao!


Well I do not know what to make of this our I should day a particular aspect of it!

All I could think of of that they must be extremely poor and 100 years or more behind everyone else?!

They cannot have TVs or maybe they do and they do not have tabloids or a TV News network of any kind and are unaware if what is going on with the European Union and the Euro?!

Or maybe they are in such a terrible state in Croatia that they think joining the EU will save them it drastically and suddenly improve something in particular?!

With everything going on in Europe and the world what surprised me even more than the fact that they joined it was that everyone was celebrating the fact they joined it?!


I am definitely missing something.


I watched an absolutely confusing and contradictory documentary on BBC News 24 called Treasures of the Deep.

They brought up hundreds of rare shrimps that live around hyperthermal vents which are extremely rate and delicate which were all dead!

They all seemed exited and said they were doing this to list then as they were new species. They would obviously have done this with other species of animals found down there too. Hundreds of each of these species lying around dead while excited scientists gleefully waiting to study them?!

When did an appreciation and respect for life disappear in the urge to study it and log and list it do you can get you're name on a scientific paper?

The spent millions on this and the body when they could have found and listed undescribed species in their own backyard?!

It gets worse as the discovery of large quantities of metals like copper and mercury had now attracted the attention of a great mining company who will now go down and RAPE the sea floor, killing everything in sight for money.

More fecking annoying of this is miles below the sea and they are called hydrothermal vents for a reason! This is a surface of the planet we know nothing about and obviously plays a major role with the sea. It also products lots of heat and if closer to the centre of the Earth and therefore the magma core than anywhere else.

It is the biggest recipe for disaster I have ever heard of in decades and by done stretch too!!

The Large Hadron Collider worried many people but not me. There was a belief that it could cause the ends of the world by creating a black hole and was even a program about this. I was not and the trouble with scare mongers is that you end up with a Peter and the Wolf scenario and these people end up bring the harbingers of death they have been trying so hard to avoid?!

So now scientists have discovered the wonders of life at the sea floor and no sonnet had it been discovered that a greedy corporation are now going to rape as much of it as they can?!

What made me laugh is how they stated they could do this without destroying anything?!

FECK OFF WILL YOU?! Good the majority of people must be either really dumb, self obsessed (until realisation that a greedy company it's now threatening their existence and it's too late) or all sadists or possibly extreme anarchists.

Hmm maybe a mix of all the above?!

I do now wonder if these stupid and narrow visioned scientists have had these excursions paid for by the very companies that are looking for something to plunder and know that these narrow minded and do called scientists will just report everything they find, rather naively, before sending in the bulldozers?!

My God what a sorry state of affairs scientists get themselves in and make themselves look so stupid and naive as to how the real world looks.

The only thing that matched all this is how the documentary was reported as if going to be watched by children about 7 to 10 years of age and who did not ask how the study was funded, like by the mining company per chance?!

My word!!

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Oh really?! YAH THINK?!

What on the world is a right of centre think tank?! Full of something nothing to do with tanks but I think they do a lot on their that rhymes with tanks?!

Paid to state the bloody obvious,  lol.

Well no ordinary and uneducated, well Oxbridge or King's or Eton of course, could have possibly worked that one out?!

I think Eton and the education that is supposed to go on their does not anymore?! Well of they need all these bodies to either state the obvious our look like they are doing something that they are not doing at all?!



Short but sweet...

I would not normally have taken notice if this despite how bad it is, I think everyone just know by now about death rates in certain hospitals?!

But what did get my attention is that it is a childrens hospital?!?!

That is low, very, VERY LOW!!


I have no idea what they are on about in this report...

But it does not sound very nice and..

It states the words incentive, financial and hospitals in the same sentence?!



Well yes and the rest mate?!

I would be over the moon of my broadband was 25% less than advertised but the reality is that 75% to 95% if the more common speed I experience?!

As said recently they have been quick to hype up 4G and charge double out treble the prices of 3G but they never got 3G working for the most part?!

They are still in a quandary over getting broadband to the more difficult places and by the time they get it 5G will bee out?!

Ooh wait a minute?! I think I know what the problem with the broadband speeds could be?!

Maybe it's those yanks copying, downloading and monitoring millions of computers?!



This I simply could not have made up and I am somewhat surprised of I am completely honest.

This really and truly is something I would not have foreseen. It of not something I could have come close to even predicting our taking a wild guess at! If I had read someone claiming this without anything to back it up I would have thought them looney tunes!

I mean...what IDIOT spies on friendlies?! 

Unless they are NOT seen as friendlies!

Anyone who has a good memory will remember that when Europe was talking about unification of certain things America was dead against it!

They even scalded the UK about out and stated that us becoming a fully fledged member would disappoint them?!

So though it is a surprise that they have been doing this it should not really be!

Even bugging of the United Nations offices too?! Crikey it really is OPEN SEASON in the US of A?!

At the rate they are going they well start to look like the new master race?! Ooh.

I do so wonder what the implications are going to be with the American public?!

I do so hate talking about a country like I am referring to their people when really it is their government I am bashing!

I do see this a great deal in the news media too!


Diclofenac? DICLIFENAC?!

Well this is one hell if a mind job for me this truly is!

This is one of the drugs that I have thought for some years now that it's one of those cheap crap drugs they give you that do not work!

Why do I think this?

Well because I was on this years ago and it did bugger all and I was also on accelofenac too which also did nothing!

Now I could write a decent list of drugs I have been given over 12 years plus that do not work on pain.

I could also do the same for drugs for my stomach problem which left me acquiring oesophagitis years later...

...ooh?! That is WHY they switched the dates on my medical records?! Of course not providing the right drugs directly led to another condition!

Anyway I digress.

So after more than ten years they have now performed one neurological test that does not test for everything but then lied and said neurological problems were ruled out. But at same time and not linked to other specialists or departments I was under a Pain Specialist prescribed a Neurological Drug called Gabapentin that works. When I ask why as they insist I have no neurological problem they tell nd it's not for neurological problems, gabapentin that is, it is simply a pain killer.

Tonight I find out that one of the shitty crappy drugs they kept giving me years ago was actually doing....something! Increasing the risk of a heart attack?! I have now had two members of my family, maybe a third  that died due to heart problems and since my father died my family started writing about me and my heart?!

Well other than a selfish grandfather that seems to be going on to live forever, funny how it always works like that lol, I am the oldest in this branch of my family!

I wonder if any of them will read or hear about it and ask me as I've been prescribed lots of NSAIDs over the years!

This drug has been knocking around fire donkeys years!! God it must have been ten years back I was prescribed it?!

So how the hell are they only finding out about it now and how many people have died because of it?!

Before above wonders the answer is no the family members I know to have died sure to heart problems never took pills ever, lol. One did not even have a Doctor!

Of course I imagine that many people who have lost someone close to them is now going to wonder of they took this drug?! In the case of a spouse this would be probably known but if a parent our adult child out could be more difficult to found out if they lived alone.

Time will tell if there it's anything more to this or not? Let us hope out was only an increased risk and never came to anything?!

Only with the amount of time this drug had been around and how easily and quickly it is given out I very much doubt it!

Just remembered that I think my old cycling buddy was prescribed this for his bad back! I wonder how his nurse of a sister is now trying to explain this away as she did to him over my health and ailments that were ALWAYS?!


Friday, 28 June 2013


SO here I am waiting for my landlord who has now taken twenty minutes to do a 5 minute journey so I can pay him his rent before I go and rest my very painful legs!

I must have just overdone it but my thighs were very painful from too much cycling yesterday, though I say that but really the cycling was bugger all, 9 miles if that?!

I have been over what that stupid Doctor said in the last post and how I had him shuffling the paperwork as if he was going to find Harry Potter's wand before to make me disappear?!

It was a real shock in all honesty at his dismissive attitude to the scan results and quite the opposite to what the chap performing the ultrasound stated! In fact even IF he had mentioned the black area that appeared on the monitor as well as the hernia on the opposite side this, oops landlord was here and forgot all about this lol, hmm and just stated they were nothing and talked them down this would have been bad enough but it WOULD have been plausible deniability and would have been bad enough.

Umm hope that was coherent my landlord came and then I watched a, very interesting film called Source Code which also got me thinking, lol.

Yes so he was all confident and matter of fact when he sat back in his chair and said the ultrasound showed nothing and was clear, God my face must have been a picture of confusion as indeed his was when I pointed out that this was NOT The case and what WAS REALLY on the ultrasound.

DO you know that before I put the link to the meeting in, and a long section of me doing a walking monologue where you can actually here the cogs in my brain click into each other as I babble, I asked my mother who was herself complaining that she was being messed about by the NHS and I told her I knew but she was not letting me speak.

I kept telling her and trying to cut her off from one of her explanatory stories, which never reach any conclusions, that I can explain why she is treated like she is and that I had figured it out. After several times of me attempting to interject she finally sighed, that I had tried to cut her off mid story as always, and said sarcastically "go on then?!"

I then told her it s because she does not work and had she noticed as I now have that every time you register you are asked if you are working and that this question is not relevant in anyway?! I said if you work up tall buildings and fall off then cause of death is going to be obvious. They do NOT ask you if you work around substances which could be toxic whether this would be in a short or a long period of time.

Very rare you can say anything to my mother without getting fifty daft reasons why you are wrong but this time it was different. When she heard the words there was a realisation on her face and her eyes went wide and a single tear rolled down her right cheek!

She leaned backwards and turned her head as if she was going to burst into sobbing and stated about how her party, the SWP and a Socialist Party, would have known all this and put a stop to it. I then stopped her and said no they would not because they have the wrong attitude and no one takes them seriously. I also stated that for this blog it is vitally important to me that I do not sound like I am affiliated to any party at all! I am not a politician and nor do I want to be and I do NOT understand why some beliefs belong to one camp while others another?!

It is what it is and the truth is the truth and nothing and no one can change that no matter how many times they scream, shout and complain. Every course and every avenue that you traverse has an inevitable outcome.

What I chose to do here has an inevitable outcome! There is no avoiding it as the wealth of information once taken in and seen and heard by enough members of the public will have an unavoidable effect. There is no stopping that as long as this blog exists and can be seen by anyone who wishes to see it and read it.

I just do not know what the tipping point numbers are for certain...effects to take place and nor do I know how long it will take to get there!!

But get there it most definitely will.

It is possible that by the time this blog has been live a year I may be able to tell you? Hmm annoying but like everything else I cannot say for certainty until I...GET THERE?!

Now it could take a few weeks, doubtful as I have been held back on so many things by the weather, my health problems, hospitals, Doctors, mechanical failures on my cycle, DWP and Council doing there meddling so a couple weeks is doubtful.

But mid August this blog would have been live for one whole year, which is not long in blog or website ages, but that I think the numbers would have been reached by this time if not before.

Also and just as I tried to guess with the tabloids and TV News Media when I sent them the four DVDs of data it would take them 3 or 4 months after that to get through it all.

I decided that if all the above fail to contact me in four months then they either rather incompetently and stupidly discarded it and binned the discs or gradually and one by one would investigate and therefore get a whole long list of scoops that, in words that I put to them, well keep them busy for the next 5 to ten years?!

Basically stealing it without even saying THANKS!!


So when I see stuff that I cover on here and provided evidence to which I acquired LONG BEFORE I even started the blog then I think 'oh yeah that is mine!'

It is a bit surreal when this happens three or four times in a week, lol.

The funny thing is when I stated that they could use it as they wanted I did not think I would not even get a bloody mention or even a single email of thanks. Not NO acknowledgement whatsoever, lol.

But id did show me of the type of world that we live in and the attitudes that are held towards human beings and that you can be a brain dead moron but if your on TV and make or posses lots of cash, no matter how you got it, then your important enough to do things for and help.

But if your a bloody genius who saved the lives of his family and hundreds of others, helped locate and catch two terror cells and a gang grooming and having sex with young under age girls, foil a plot against the London Olympic Games, catch out corruption in all the major public office and organisations three Councils, the Police and inadequacies behind a while string or organisations wasting hundreds of millions of pounds each year ad who possesses a degree?

Nope, non of that matters because I have not lied, cheated, made a spectacle of myself, stole, conned or embezzled lots of cash and got away with it as this is how you have to do it for the most part.

Nope none of that matters and therefore you do not matter if it is listed down anywhere than you do not have a job and you do not have money!!

And now that link, lol...

I keep stating this since I realised it was missing and put it in but there IS a search box!!

The data I provide is in a public access cloud service and you are fully allowed to download it all!!

There are letters, emails and best of all are the secret recordings of most of the above!!

There are several of the Police LYING and on is four hours long!! LMAO!

Doctors, Specialists, Heads of Departments and then some.

It really is all there you just have to hear it for yourself it really is that simple.

There is not really a great deal more that I can provide on the NHS in all honesty and I will get a couple more things but it really will dry up after that, meeting or two with GP and some more awkward questions a lot more to the point.

There are other things, like my daughter's court case. But some things are out of my hands as to acquiring evidence. For instance I was told that the court case was to be held on the 26th or the 28th June but as today was the 28th June and I have heard nothing, despite texting, I am thinking I must have got mixed up. Maybe it is July?! Until I hear something I will remain in limbo!


OK well this is going to get confusing and I've spent 30 minutes trying to work out what the FECK just happened, lol.

I just had my appointment with the groin specialist regarding the pain on the right side where the was a black hole on the ultrasound monitor and a hernia, make no bones about it as it WAS a hernia I had it pointed out to be and tips out was a hernia though he did not need to!

I sat down and he said...

"Right well you came to me because of an area if pain on your right hand groin. Well we have looked st your ultrasound and it's clear and showed nothing at all"?!

I then pointed out that this was somewhat confusing as it was not the case st which point he started shuffling through papers rather uncomfortably.

Then after anything that there was he then proceeded to dictate a letter to my GP starting that there was indeed s hernia?!

He have no reasonable explanation what this black hole was even when I explained it confused the ultrasound guy and he also FELT it and that ever since he pressed it with the scanner it had STUNG!


I honestly feared and fully expected to be told that I had top have another, this time DOUBLE, operation?!

Indeed he was going top discharge me even after all they without any explanations as to what to look for as signs of danger so I can report it her looked confused.

I reminded him that when Martin Klein operated on it they did it swiftly because this hernia ifs a killer and he replied by stating...

"Well WHEN you experience pain" like it was an obvious fact but I then stated that I did NOT experience pain the first tone around!!

He then said...

"Well you have and that is why you were referred to me, you told me last time you experienced pain?"

To which I said no that pain occurred only AFTER the operation to which he then interjected with...

"Oooh you mean BEFORE even you was first diagnosed?!"

"Yesss" I replied.

Umm he never really said much lol.

I was totally baffled, surprised and shocked by the whole appointment and I STILL kept it together to ruin rings around another Doctor while recording their contradictory ways and leaving then lost for explanations yet again!

Remember this was a private hospital and the only differences between that experience and the NHS were the suits they wore!!


The only explanation I can give that explains everything is the only thing they can possibly take notice of in your records that explain why I have been treated like I have?!

I am down as not working and therefore am a lower firm of life to everyone else?!

Funny how they miss the fact that I myself have a degree so letters after my name too?!

Fecking morons!!

Recorded and tape of it to be posted on next 24 hours or so.

"no Dougal! These Cows are small while those ones were farrr awayyy!"

"No Mr Haswell, you lost me?!"

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Well there they are again?!

They know what the darkest areas of THEIR culture is like and referring to it as simply the 'darkest' is an understatement.

But you hear nothing from them until someone out s group of them are caught and they come out noisily like s group of honking geese?!

Why do they not ACTIVELY do something?! I don't mean wait til someone is caught and cove running out to condemn it and I go not mean holding talks, lessons it sermon on the mounts to lecture and teach either!!

They know these types of people exist out there do why not actively pursue them, reveal them of something else?!

Always the same old stories followed by the same routines?!

So we have TAG now put Together Against Grooming?! Do they have a name these ineffective people?!

Mind you I do not know why I ask complaining  have you seen an Omdurman that actually does something? Or a governing body??



What else could they be?!

Like a scene from Rosemary's Baby with the evil deceit and coercion?!

They should bring back capital punishment for heinous crimes, manipulation, plotting and Beijing such as this!!

These pawns performing the devil's work gave up, their choice, being human and therefore their human rights are forfeit, despite what that utterly useless and biased organisation bleats on about!

Being in Oxford I had nothing to do with the locating of this ring, unless they were found via other Muslims growing under age girls in the North West of England that is?

Life imprisonment? Too damned good for them and I how this of the start of putting out foot down?!

I will take being in a locked room with all of the members for an hour?! Just them and me!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Well it seems I spoke just a little to soon.

I do not think the magnitude of the situation has quite sunk in yet but hey, why break the habit of a lifetime?!


Come to think of it it's amazing it made the news inside of three or four years?!

Hmm unless they have been at it for three or four years that is, lol. No honestly this is one thing it would be unfair to place on the shoulders of the media.

In fact I am now wondering how this came about? Did Edward Snowden just approach them of did the Guardian acquire the inspiration from somewhere to find out?!


Lmao, of will time will probably NOT tell!


Well sometimes the choice of words never ceases to around me!

According to William Hague you protect the people by spying in all of them?!

I can only presume that this is down to the exist that to catch a tiny fraction of society they have to spy on 100% of it?!

Nahh sorry that is baloney as I am probably not the first not will be the lady to say this either?!

No let us look at over simple fact, to posses data on everyone is an extremely valuable commodity indeed!

It is also not necessary to possess everybody's data for the reasons they claim! You could do this with a series of algorithms that would spark downloads based on a series of keywords!

Added to this is the fact that with the amounts of data they will possess that will grow at an incredible rate will take a fecking long time to search through and this will get a great deal slower exponentially too as the population grows. Not forgetting the amount of people they keep letting in the country that have no right to be here!

Then there is the part that will now make everyone on tender hooks while angry at the same time? Well that is the fact that now we feel like we cannot confuse anything on each other and feel like we have to watch what we say via a whole series of communications.

Then of course I had not thought previously of those odd GPS aerials on the street lights everywhere that had the lame explanation of switching off lights, utterly expensive, also ruling out their excuses unless shit at maths, this Erik start to look more like surveillance of the pubic too.

So you have to watch everything you say and everything you do because you know it will get abused! Of course none of this will be pointing at them as they are classes as a different species?!

They are not hampered down by wants, needs and the R-Complex of the brain like other poor souls?! Luck bastards!

Or they will have access to it so they can delete any offending items.

Oh and then there is this ever increasing number of rules and regulations and good damned ridiculous fines and taxes for things that have no right, foundation or shred of evidence to back most, if not any of it up?!

Little by little it will get used until we are unable to look left or right our wipe our arses without being filmed and fined?!

Hmm 'filmed and fined' sounds like a good title for a post?!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well what do you know?!

Police have been spying on people that claim the Police are corrupt?!

Hmm wonder if there was a row between them, GCHQ and MI5 over who was going to monitor me?!

Well good luck with that for whoever won?!

I also have to wonder about any other people who had issues with the Police along with any other 'ACTIVISTS' as they refer to them or even those they label terrorists our eco-terrorists?!

The crazy thing is we are obviously note being forced to think right back to Hillsborough and even before that?!

Madness and monstrous and there simply OS bio good reason to do this!

Especially when they want to arrest you and lock you up in any revenge attacks that sure in the area of 'an eye for an eye' which had more weight as an excuse by some considerable margin!

They really are destroying their own institutions single handed?!

In fact I am expecting some considerably high numbers of bring foul from certain...factions next.


Well Mervyn King seems to have rather surprisingly been honest and summed up what I knew for sometime.

At least one name within the corrupt system makes sense and states out how it is?! It is a relief...

Ooh wait out was his parting speech so actually turns out to be somewhat worrying.

This is especially true as there seems to be a growing fashion of rich Americans ruining UK companies and I have had as well as witnessed and read about very bad experiences of this and discovered scams, lies and rip offs of the British Public going on.

If this had been noticed by more people than even I realise then this could be going down at the worst possible time?! I for one will not be spending money with companies that do not pay taxes, are American owned or run  or that sell shoddy overseas goods as brand new British goods.

Three companies, three products, all several hundreds of pounds each and all shoddy and refurbished!!

Motorola Atrix, HP Pavilion DV7 and a Nikon Coolpix L310. None of which were either what I wanted or needed and among with the crappy 3G network I am on (which is actually the best one) I barely get by.

All are used along with a couple other items, all also inferior to my needs and all are faulty save except for my Olympus SP820UZ Bridge Camera. Though I love the later there are many occasions when I cannot get what I want without an SLR and all that I get would be better with an SLR.

So I work with what I have and at times of i needed something someone would go without, lol.

This amounts to around £1,400 worth of goods on special offer costing £1020?!

Be careful out there! Argos, Very and PC World on case anyone read wondering, use the search function, lol.


Well here are just a couple reported about but no doubt there are many more, a but curious they are not included in the report?!

God knows how many countries there are just in Europe that must all be wanting answers. Then there are the human rights groups, privacy groups and the Data Protection Act is looking somewhat redundant right now.

Funny that the country claiming to very the hand of the free and harp on about liberty are looking like the biggest hypocrites and becoming 4ever mitre do with each day.

Now where will it end I wonder?

Be interesting to see what the American public say about all this, that is IF it ever gets reported on?!



Well they figured that the NHS' name its on tatters and its more or less finished in its current state.

More of the corruption that had been obvious to many, our just me, for some time now and I would estimate well over a decade.

As I had predicted here is a clear example of the pressure which Carries on down the hierarchy that becomes shrouded in a web of lies, deceit and misinformation along the way down to the Jobsworths that think for too highly and fairly naively about the organisation they work for.

Well that is the short version and effete are several much longer versions on this blog going back to August 2012!

Only remarks to make is out does not matter who it is the result and the posts appearance is always the same.

Based on what we have had.

Must be a way of showing them the buck stops here where the line is drawn and no further. Time to head back as the tricks are exhausted, the deceit laid bare and the dark corners to hide and skulk have been demolished?!

You go no further!


Ok this is worrying and send to have been a few of these but first explosive device I have read about in the UK.

Also of note is this kind of device being taken up by the people who have felt pushed out, treated like third class citizens and spent a number of decades in fear of these devices from two factions and in a possible intended turn of events have more decided to use the same tools they feared for so long.

Seems almost like they are sending a message?!

Hopefully it is just one message to get the point across and there will be no more of this?!


Well you can not expose your head from the safety of your home without being hit square on the face with yet more revelations?!

On think the word revelations send to be the apt word in this case what with one group of previously over zealous religious visitors to but give stating that 'it is like devil worshipers are running this country'.

Not surprising at all to me to hear this about the Police. Unfortunately for them it was incompetent to even do the two things they have now been exposed to doing?!

In fact the full implications of even the last one concerning the cover up over Hillsborough if yet to have been realised and now this?!

I only needed one officer to visit my house after a while bunch of brain dead paper bag Police who actually argued with be like out was I that was dunce?!


Ooh wait a minute I forgot how I had to explain about tax fraud, actually and physical bodily harm assault and lastly thirty minutes explaining why and how hard tap water kills insectivorous plants?!

Ohh dear, but the key comment was the Met Police turning up to take a statement only they obviously were not as there was only one copper!

He also was impatient and did not want to be there and made really lame excuses and lies for everything I said.

Of course the things I am always looking out for is not WHAT THEY ASK but instead WHAT THEY DO NOT ASK that tells you all you need to know!

I can only imagine the disappointment, shock, disgust, ire, confusion and last but not least...RAGE that will be felt by so many over this?!

Many institutions I can honestly say would find it a challenge to present the public with an individual that is not a disgrace to the uniform or institution they are meant to represent and have turned the various words and acronyms of these institutions into objects that fill people withe hate, fear and dread on an ever increasing scale?!

I think I have said several times throughout this blog and because, and likely explained, it was repeatedly said to me...

... I have been too honest a person to get a career with any of these as well as probably being smart enough to have them WORRIED about it.

Well I only wish Ken was alive today if only to see how right on the money he was!


And we are back to the fleeing hero?!

Yes here we go and rather bizarrely not even hiding the fact that they were performing threat acts on innocent members of the public of OTHER countries but their diplomats too?!

Tossers who vision on others being bigger tossers therefore out is OK to do some dreadful things towards everyone else and innocent people because we have carte-Blanche to duo whatever ewer want but will lock you up if you do much as curse?!

They do not even care how their attitude appears and for me this is utter incompetence beyond measure as they are going to lose much of the friends they had and no one will trust them anymore.

I certainly would think twice about ever giving then the benefit of the doubt our anyone else who starts to throw their weight around like they are 'the master race'?!

I mean has anyone else had this master race impression from the blasais attitude to all that they have done?!
Seems to be toning off on is and has been for sometime now and I wonder how many Americans work be in powerful positions on the UK in about 3 years time?!
Did not think it wise of Barack Obama to user the phrase pursuing all legal channels in pursuit of him?! Making hon sound like Assad our Hussein or done other evil figure performing cruelty upon humanity?!
He did something, it's done...get over it!

A man that acted based on the thought that what they and he read doing was immoral and possible illegal and shadowy innocent members of the public?!

Now making strong statements that these actions are their God given right to do when they have didn't months screaming to the media about China listening in?!

You fucking could not make this shit up, you really could not!!

They complain that a country that is NOT by any stretch a close ally is spying on them when America is doing the same not just to the Chinese but there closest allies in Britain as well as Europe?!

Sorry but the words 'MASTER RACE' keeps ringing on my ears and the largest problem with these words and possible labelling is immediately obvious but my mind is already thinking that this obvious thing was USED by the snoops to be able to act like this. After all who would dream of giving then such a label?! Not current but maybe BEFORE the last election yes, but now?!

God knows where this will go next but I am sure out well reveal a great number of things.


Well despite this report not really shocking our revealing enough to normality make it on this blog it contained a line I very much liked.

In fact I thought that at last someone has actually come close to how badly things have been ruin in this country.

They just failed to mention that there was a gradual decline on running things well and an increase on failures?!

Still I was pleased to see it even if I wondered of it was quite as long as fifty years but maybe it was?!

I do know it has been way over 20 years but st 20 years ago I first had by rib in with this world that then fecked everything up every since.

Oh boy, could I go on about how all this started which literally led to this blog?!

Twenty years in the making really is the real deal and boy an exaggeration of any kind.

Always remember all the necessary files, letters, emails  secret recordings and many others can all be found and downloaded by simply typing on that which is of interest, or indeed personal to you, into the search and see what is on the search results.

Of course those wanting to do there the same there is plenty of ideas but do not goad.

I make a remark that Sparks something off and key them chat!

Indeed I have one to go up from today and there will be another at the weekend!