Sunday, 16 June 2013


Right now Mr Cameron it is more than just sorting out this corporation tax and I am not referring to any back pay either.

Point I want to make here us not only was my disability wrongfully taken away but u was also made to pay back £750, also wrongly, and then attached robbed and defrauded out if £4000.

Tax avoidance had been fat more rife and for far fast higher amounts of money than I could have every have imagined.

So there is something dreadfully wrong with the system. When I say this I mean at its very rotten core.

For there must be something or a just of things that have been giving out very bad messages that made so many people and companies want to go to such lengths to avoid such large amounts of tax. Yes I would likely agree with many things and stating with the councils and then I could lecture about false economies that could last for days.

Or they are just lying evil bastards that should not hold the positions they do?! Lol.

Or it is this shareholders that but into companies out of pure greed, oh cannot help but dig at Dragons Den, lol, I know.

System that is messed up does not inspire, instil confidence not do anything else helpful. Indeed quite the opposite.

Then there is this issue that when a company gets too big, you know like too big to fail big, there always is a series of realisations and that is they get away with murder and able to cover themselves. There is also an earlier point when they changed from being enthusiastic visionaries to evil madmen hell bent in dominating the world and controlling everything their native loyal customers and followers do and even THINK.

By this time they have also become large enough to be a headache to governments too. Unfortunately it seems that just about every single company, including those I never would have thought would do it, do the exact same thing when they become big.

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