Friday, 21 June 2013


It is my long standing opinion that taxes, among so many other things, have become so antiquated and so messed up that they have long since needed an overhaul.

However when I saw this report I thought how bloody pretty it is. Everyone has been at this for time in memorial but the rage that the public expressed was against the ones who have done this evasion of tax along with blatant squandering of the publics money on private and luxury items.

But the conservatives and others have been so worried and felt so threatened by UKIP and Nigel Farage that they had yup dig back and back until they reached 2003 and ten WHOLE years ago to find something to taint him with!

Astounding as well as looking extremely lame and desperate but o am interested to see how many people ate naive though to fall for it?!

I stated laughing when I spotted the year out took place and I can imagine the disappointment on peoples faces to have to go back that far?!

In a word...pathetic.

Oh yeah like he was the only one?! Of course not a single member if their party did anything like that?!

Nope because most of then did and far worse too, lol.

You waste a lot more money by STEALING IT and buying TVs, Dick Islands and wages for family that do nothing or mortgages our rents that you should party for yourself that Mr Farage could every have hoped to yen years ago, lol.

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