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OK, OK if I have to admit it I find my blog writing laborious at times.

After realising I can actually make money from writing blogs and combine that with the dream that has been somewhat very long term for me to becoming a write and author and I was... SOLD.

I do not really see this is being an author, oddly, and I really will not see myself as an author unless I get something in PAPER FORM!

Yes, yes I am old fashioned that way and sure yes I could at any point have approached people, I am an Amazon Associate and have had an account (as buying customer and NOT Associate) since 1997.

Yes I could also approach other DIGITAL publishers too and yes they most likely WILL be published digitally in time.

Yes I could have put a donate button on here but I did not want to do that...also I could have sold the three books via here, and as two are related and a trilogy I have not finished and DIRECTLY related to THIS BLOG.... DAMN IT!!! Lost my train of thought, lol.

No today I have been out and about and turned out lots of things I wanted went south for the winter.

Intended to acquire an LED bulb or two from Sainsburys Homebase in Waltham Cross but they did not have the ones I purchased recently or even the Phillips ones. Nor did they have ANY LED bulbs with the small screw mount?!?!

Madness!! I spend m,oney in bus fares to spend my money with British business and in a four mile radius I cannot buy two bloody bulbs and they are two and a half times the price they are on Amazon?!?!

Whatever happened to meeting you half way?! This is something that not only have British businesses have to learn but most of all credit reference companies need to as well.

Whenever Credit Reference companies are mentioned on the news, even Sky News or BBC News, I take no bloody notice whatsoever!!

It means nothing and whatever they have said has amounted to nothing. Best of all I can assure you that these are not worth taking any notice of because they have no legitimacy in them because they are as crooked as everything else and obviously become leaned upon my businesses to work to THEIR advantage.

The odd thing is that as I keep repeating myself on here time and time again and will keep on doing so... well you spent years, moulding everything to your ways and well look around you!! Actually no do not do that as you will just be sitting in a tranquil country setting where you do not belong nor deserve to be and only acquired by way of cheating and lying! Mostly.

No take a trip down to a suburb of any major city in England and speak to people and see what they will say to YOU?!

I have spent the longest time, or it feels like it, baring all to whomever will come and take the time to read. It is after all for them. It is to teach them and to show them there is more than one way.

I started this alone and I have made no secret of the fact that along the way I have shunned away from affiliating myself with any major organisation and of course political party.

Well I am interested in the truth and the FACTS after all.

I knew where this was all leading and I knew what effect the House of Commons and its MP's lies and cheating would have on the public. I also knew that the longer it went on the worse it would get, like that of a pressure cooker!

But think of it like a group of people in the thickets of a jungle and one man has a machete?! He hacks his way through the thickets so in effect blazing a path for others to follow. Once you have walked immediately behind him or her long enough you can see how they do it and when he is tired you can take over for him and continue.

Eventually you come to a barn in the middle of nowhere and you find ten machetes and now everyone knows how to use them and all hack away as you continue on. Only know there are eleven of you and you clear eleven times as much of the thck jungle you were doing beforehand!

As I have, and do not worry I know some of you want me to continue and I will, done what I have and used the things that I do I have in effect been training my readers. Those with little 'problems', or of course bloody great big ones, of their own can use my ideas and go and seek justice for themselves?!

There is no need to show anger, do not show impatience either. DO what I do and smile knowing that there IS AN END TO THE TUNNEL and you will be the first to emerge into the daylight while you leave others unawares and bungling around in the dark.

No civil war, no fighting, no trashing towns and public buildings that they will then use as an excuse to raise taxes, or introduce half a dozen new ones and then find out that years later the money has actually been used for something else, or a large percentage of it has.

When I see, hear or read the word TAX it boils my blood and makes me think of Robin Hood! It is synonymous with oppression for me. The very fact that taxes are forced upon people that are NOT what they are stated to be for is the God forsaken truth and fact of this.

I knew of a guy that did this and the only example I can find of people that were CLOSE to each other. I always called him Pistol Pete! His girlfriend I never met but heard a lot about her and she was called Daria and suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.  Pistol Pete eventually shot off elsewhere, or was fired off from a large canon I cannot remember. What is important is that a friend of mine who ran way couple years back used to help her out. She needed a pack of batteries for something she used, cannot remember what. SHe gave my friend £10.00 and he bought back the batteries and gave ger £6.00 in change.

She asked my friend how can there be change the batteries are £10.00 a pack?!

My friend explained to her that he had told her for years that Pistol Pete was bad news and ripping her off, she could not get out so no idea of prices, and that he was lying about the prices of things he fetched for her?!

He did this to am Irish woman suffering from MS who could not get out the house. She passed away some year back now.

Why did he do it? How could he sink that low?

He was and likely still is a Heroin addict to the point he had half his stomach removed.

A valid excuse but unforgivable just the same!

So why oh why are the punishments for those in power for actions far more immoral than those I speak of here no more than a signing of your name?!

For all intents and purposes I am a headache to those in power and that was my intention from day one... was not my only intention?!?!

Yes I knew that this recession would go on longer than any of them stated and I knew it would grate and put increasing pressure and misery on many.

I have been through that and I know what that can do. It will release the animal inside all of us and the rage and ire can be enough to hurt, maim or kill. Or indeed smash some windows and nick the stuff you just found out you will not be able to afford to buy for the next ten years?!

Oh and those tossers in power and the House of Commons that like to appear on the lassoed news media and point and say criminals?!

Well yes but nowhere near your scale I  can assure you.

If you then you would behave EXACTLY the same as they you are no different and the stress and pressure would force you to do the exact same things.

You cannot tell a generation their entire lives are fucked and not expect a reaction, you ARE the GOVERNMENT and you need to re-educate yourselves on the meaning of the term of government.

Its not a reality show for the upper classes! It is to govern your country and you should be humbled to be in that position and not strut around lording it up, lying through your teeth and calling those that expose the facts are themselves liars.

That era is dead. 

For almost a year I have been laying out lessons on how to get one over on those in power. Reach beyond those before you to those of the higher echolons. Smile and walk away and when diagreeing and arguing do so calmly. Have the confidence that I have had and it unnerves them.

You might find it is kind of fun to do too. But do not go making appointments willy-nilly to get as much audio as you can?! This will not work and remember the one simple and age old golden rule...

'Gently Gently Catchee MONKEY'!

I am the PIONEER and I have cleared the path, now take these machetes and go fly?!?!

(Figure of speech I mean these tools of smart-phones, mp3 players, tablets and even digital dictaphones and NOT machetes lol)

The numbers on my blogs are currently close to 25,000 and rising at over 1,000 per week. Before long they will rise by 1,500 per week and then 2,000 per week and so on and so forth?!

So that is a potential 25,000 headaches to the government each one as big a headache as I am?! Imagine the stress you would put on them?! How could they then ignore the public?!

However many thousands will see this in the coming weeks and all set of on similar ventures to those I have divulged you can be sure that others will follow you in greater numbers as each week goes by.

It will not happen over night as you can see from me and this blog which was started last August 2012. But I envision that in just six months time there will be hundreds of thousands of headaches growing in stature to those that have betrayed us and the positions they hold.

No clashes, loss of life, limbs or anything else. NO businessmen whose livelihoods are teetering on the edge as councils are unforgiving despite initially created to SERVE the public?! Sure I would agree they deserve it, absolutely and completely agree with anyone harbouring anger on this one.

But the one thing I have learned is that by taking the high road and taking another path has done wonders for me and my state of mind as well as the stress. Sure I still have a mountain loads but HELL, have you READ THIS BLOG?! LMAO! I am getting though it and it was bit by bit but now its faster and faster and the momentum is growing faster with each week.

Soon I think I will have trouble keeping up!

Another three to five years of more of the same they say?!

Nahhh.... I don't think so?!?!?!

Also a few tips....if you go searching for the apps I used to do what I did you WILL need to see if it needs a ROOTED phone.

If it does then you will need a program to root your phone as what it is they want to charge you £700 or more for these things and then they set it up with the software, all of which your paying for, to swith off the ability to do these things.

Recording your phone conversation is one?!

They charge you for that too so you actually paying labour charges to these people while they code the Operating System to NOT let you use certain things on the phone!!

The bst one of all is this upgrade con and makes me die how idiots go nuts for the latest update?!

Who gives a shit and for God's sake get a life man?! They are conning you!

As anyone whose followed this for a long time they are all at it, Microsoft, Apple, Google and even Sony with the PS3. Though the latter called me on my mobile and spent over an hour explaining to me hay do not rug the software.

There is a reason that the Anonymous Group exists and your all it!!


I see no problem at all in what Anonymous do, hmm well OK except for one thing they kind of did and the what appears to be obvious reasons for it. I MAY have a problem with that....POSSIBLY, LMAO!

Unless the attitudes change it will only get worse and unless the attitudes change they will only come across to ever more people as being evil, intent on world domination....well I cannot think of any other reasons lol, and the divide between them and the ever growing suspicious public will only grow but worst of all fester.

So try my way?! IS slowly working for me and those that follow will only work faster! AFter all the pattern will be recognised for if like a growing number believe I am striking fear into the icy hearts of the beasts then seeing a growing number in this pattern and design will only have fear and dread spread ever more rapidly amongst the evil ones, lol.

The second half of 2013 is going to be VERRRRRRY INTERESTINNNNNG?!?!

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