Saturday, 29 June 2013


This I simply could not have made up and I am somewhat surprised of I am completely honest.

This really and truly is something I would not have foreseen. It of not something I could have come close to even predicting our taking a wild guess at! If I had read someone claiming this without anything to back it up I would have thought them looney tunes!

I mean...what IDIOT spies on friendlies?! 

Unless they are NOT seen as friendlies!

Anyone who has a good memory will remember that when Europe was talking about unification of certain things America was dead against it!

They even scalded the UK about out and stated that us becoming a fully fledged member would disappoint them?!

So though it is a surprise that they have been doing this it should not really be!

Even bugging of the United Nations offices too?! Crikey it really is OPEN SEASON in the US of A?!

At the rate they are going they well start to look like the new master race?! Ooh.

I do so wonder what the implications are going to be with the American public?!

I do so hate talking about a country like I am referring to their people when really it is their government I am bashing!

I do see this a great deal in the news media too!

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