Tuesday, 11 June 2013



Did not think about Europe's reaction to the spying. Typical that there are immovable when it comes to the UK but America doing something shadowy them and what is it they demand?!

Umm assurances!

Spy outfits: Nah your all fine nothing to worry about.

Europe: Oh OK thanks...bye!

As for the Americans.. What its ok under THEIR LAW to snoop on their allies?!

Feck off, idiots!

So your not snooping on your own public just us?! So we are seconds class citizens then?!

Well from the attitude I've had from American owned companies and the idiots that work for them and the non payment of corporation tax it does not surprise me in the least.

Personally I think they should get out now as they have shown time and time again they have taken the right royal piss.

More annoyingly its the British public have been made to look like right mugs.

Question now is does the labels native and incompetent get added to the list?! Do we act as the very nation that they seen to have of us, bloody stupid and easily bought in more ways then one.

Oh dear this is all becoming worse than I imagined that is for sure.

You have to laugh at all this or anyone sane and semi intelligent would go mad, lol.

Now Mr Snowden was reported to have disappeared and I would wager there is far more to emerge over all this.

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