Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Well sometimes the choice of words never ceases to around me!

According to William Hague you protect the people by spying in all of them?!

I can only presume that this is down to the exist that to catch a tiny fraction of society they have to spy on 100% of it?!

Nahh sorry that is baloney as I am probably not the first not will be the lady to say this either?!

No let us look at over simple fact, to posses data on everyone is an extremely valuable commodity indeed!

It is also not necessary to possess everybody's data for the reasons they claim! You could do this with a series of algorithms that would spark downloads based on a series of keywords!

Added to this is the fact that with the amounts of data they will possess that will grow at an incredible rate will take a fecking long time to search through and this will get a great deal slower exponentially too as the population grows. Not forgetting the amount of people they keep letting in the country that have no right to be here!

Then there is the part that will now make everyone on tender hooks while angry at the same time? Well that is the fact that now we feel like we cannot confuse anything on each other and feel like we have to watch what we say via a whole series of communications.

Then of course I had not thought previously of those odd GPS aerials on the street lights everywhere that had the lame explanation of switching off lights, utterly expensive, also ruling out their excuses unless shit at maths, this Erik start to look more like surveillance of the pubic too.

So you have to watch everything you say and everything you do because you know it will get abused! Of course none of this will be pointing at them as they are classes as a different species?!

They are not hampered down by wants, needs and the R-Complex of the brain like other poor souls?! Luck bastards!

Or they will have access to it so they can delete any offending items.

Oh and then there is this ever increasing number of rules and regulations and good damned ridiculous fines and taxes for things that have no right, foundation or shred of evidence to back most, if not any of it up?!

Little by little it will get used until we are unable to look left or right our wipe our arses without being filmed and fined?!

Hmm 'filmed and fined' sounds like a good title for a post?!


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