Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Well look at that, right on cue?!

Just posted the latest in a long line about getting prescription drugs you do not want and being refused the ones that work for you and bam! A report comes out!

As well as the problem of the Primary Care Trusts leaning on Doctors to spend as short a time as possible, no treatment our expensive tests if they can weight out of it. Lie about it all if they need to and do not prescribe expensive drugs.

Then on the OTHER SIDE you have the drug companies giving back handers to Doctors everywhere to take certain drugs.

I believe the latter had certainly been going on a couple of decades.

There must be absolute hoards if people out there with this knowledge of being fiction to this practice? Possible many with evidence too?

Eerie how time after time those that I have focused on are appearing in the news one by one?!

Hmm wonder if I can make a short list about what is left?!


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