Sunday, 23 June 2013


Ooh that annoyed me hearing this report tonight?!

Right now let me get this perfectly clear!

They CLAIM that their spying on the British public led to the arrests of the Child Sex Rings as well as TERROR CELLS linked to London Olympics 2012?!

Well that is bizarre that they can day that and yet NOT acknowledge the fact that it was I that contacted THEM and gave them the leads to both a child sex ring, VERY CLOSE AND PERSONAL TO ME, and linked to that was two large TERROR CELLS in both Manchester and Birmingham both of which were arrested within 3 and 6 months of my data being handed over and a phone calm from them calling me a GENIUS?!

This was all through a small group also involved in an under age sex ring in the North West all of which should be cooking out in a court case being held RIGHT NOW and has been going on for many months now?!?!

Now either they are only good at opening their mouths when it comes to segregating our covering up their actions or they do not want to admit my involvement and that I was write correct about this and therefore admit that I had to lead them to the culprits to stop another situation of another office, albeit secret services, having their jobs done by a normal, hmm yes OK I am not admittedly, member of the public?!

Well there is a SEARCH option and of course like EVERYTHING ELSE THERE IS a give amount of RECORDED AUDIO taken months to a year BEFORE this blog was even thought about!!

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