Sunday, 9 June 2013


Islamic sites patrolled after fires

Hmm. Something that should have been dealt with many, MANY years ago but ignored due to money, handled by morons (or not as the case may be) and now all scribbling possible quotes into notebooks on who they can blame it on?!

I know nothing about either EDL or the BNP. But to think either of these jostling fire public notice and therefore a political presence doing something this stupid and signing there babes all over it?!


Someone racist who thinks this is what a group stands for, whether they do our not is brother here not there, yes entirely possible.

But if someone did it and painted MY NAME on the wall does not mean I did it, asked someone to do it or even condone it!

No I believe these fires have something stupid behind them, or indeed something sinister.

I might remind people that you do NOT make a point about wrong doings and criminal acts by performing an even greater criminal act!!

If do you just leap frogged above them in the crime league and your dead in the water with your claims that no won't get a single decent person behind you.

Therefore...YOU LOSE DUMB ARSE. Plus you hinder those groups you are sympathetic with who will now claim they do not agree with you and call you an idiot, lol.


Well that is if it IS someone sympathetic to the EDL. Which I am not as I stated I know nothing about them. Besides s member if the EDL had been appearing in court by my design and is a jailbird idiot with no brain and a thief!!


But the fact is at the end of the day this feeling and hatred had been slowed to builds and fester and EVEN STOKED UP by many, none of which are those with thesefeelings of hatred.

I know of them deliberately placing people that hate each other right on top of each other right here but 4 miles from me in Enfield Island Village. Indeed I have long since posted about this and this was years before I even STARTED this blog and even included this in my packages of data to the major tabloids and two major news networks.

Err like this one!

They even came down to the Island and out tables and have away free food in the firm of pizzas from local pizza delivery, free prizes, toys and sweets for kids and bi one came out except for a woman I know. Those that arranged it connected that they would not believe no one would come out and were st a lies to know why.

The one woman who did, white English woman by the easy in case you were wondering, turned in shock st their utter blindness and said

'You have deliberately placed a load of different races on to if each other that hate each other and that's why they won't come out even for free stuff!'

Since then the housing association involved have been somewhat unfair on her and she had tried to get off the island several times to no avail.

My mother passed through it once on a sunny day and said it was really nice and she would like to live there. I stated that she would not and that they put a load of different races and rough people that don't get on and at night you're life us in your hands! She could not see it and I assured her that people are regularly stabbed, mugged and even killed within 500 yards of where we were.

Sound bad? Well considering my mother lives in Hackney!!


Funny when English are accused if being racist because I personally have witnesses that most of the worst racism that occurs does not include white English people.

Though this is now worryingly changing and it is becoming harder to see how you can avoid a nasty confrontation. Quite unfortunately as I keep trying to get through that this us NOT the way to do it. Your just doing what others do not have the gonads to do, who I refer to may well surprise you, and those that act in this way will only end up paying the price. The ones without gonads will be rubbing their hands together with glee, that THEY got what they wanted without getting their hands dirty?!

I prefer to be passing through Enfield Island Village preferably on the outer edge on my way to Lea Valley Park to do work for content for one or two of my blogs.


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