Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Well what a strange day.

I had to go and retrieve a prescription from my dentist and while there he asked which tooth it was.

Now I reminded him that it was next to the tooth he had previously removed and that because I did not flinch he said he would send me to the orthodontist.

He stopped me to correct new and said no he did not he sent me for...and I interrupted him for interrupting me and said yes obviously because I had an under bite. He then said yes but one statement does not follow the other.

At that point I thought I am not getting into this but could have embarrassed him extremely easily because one statement following the other is exactly how it occurred.

You did not flinch!! Hour getting tooth out that broke in two and you hardly moved.

Look you have an under bite that roll cause you problems and pain when your older, I can send you for free work to Chase Farm Hospital for treatment, students blah, blah, blah!

That is one statement following the other!!

But I was very high and had warned them. Due to yesterday and the amount if pain I had I decided that this morning I would take two Gabapentin, 200mg, and two Tramadol, 100mg.

I had the easiest walk I have had in over 12 years! Albeit high as a kite and still am  lol. Also I used to not take the tramadol until later in the day going that it might esse the effect of the gabapentin but did not think it had.

Do I was probably taking less tramadol than I normally did. Oddly I have had several drinks throughout the day and this time it was immediate throbbing but the combination of the two drugs seemed to be working on the tooth pain.

This really surprised me but I could very well be wrong. Even the Dentist got confused st how this was acting up and said i did not need antibiotics because I did not have an infection and I asked well how come the metranidazole work then? He said "well how do you know I have not given them to you?!" I said "well I have already stated on the phone that I had just finished a course s few days do and the pain had returned done the course ended!"

The receptionist, who could be his wife as I know she works at the practice looked sideways at him then at me and rolled her eyes and I smiled.

I do like him and he is a nice enough chap but today he really thought very highly of himself and obviously thought the fact her was a Dentist makes him more intelligent than his patients in all subjects but just Dentistry, lol.

I normally react to statements like his which is why just about every office and a few private companies across the UK walk around on eggshells when they gest my name our see my face.

Today I was NOT in the mood to turn around and point out that what he stated not to be the case was in fact exactly how it occurred!

I spent the entire day in a daze and floated around the place high as the proverbial kite!

Felt a bit uneasy when crossing Roads our must be said. Hopefully in a few days that will settle down. Bit too much right now.

Right now I'm fighting to stay conscious, lol.

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