Monday, 17 June 2013


Well, well, well.

I could not quite believe what I just heard on the news?!

Co-Op Bank, one of the last if not the last name you could trust, in trouble and upset a customer who appeared on the news and said how utterly disappointed he is in the company.

What made me realise just how naive people can be was when he said that they are just like any other bank?! Four years into a recession, bollocks to the numbers, and someone actually thought you could trust a bank?!

Oh my God maybe I would like to stay poor if having money means I can be that naive?! Or to put it another way too many people live sheltered lives that makes them naive?!

Question marks and exclamation marks galore in that previous paragraph. But consider how close to the truth it may be and how many there may be and that all these NAIVE people get to vote?!

Maybe I always knew this was a problem and why I could never be bothered to vote. No matter what you're feelings are I thought you end up with a Donkey our a Muel do why bother?!

I was happy when Tony Blair got into power...for about a year and then you start hearing that they have inky been in power a year and well you only have 3 more years?!

Then before long I realised nothing had changed and there was no difference at all between what was now and what was before.

As I saw people jockeying for position in the runnings to take over political parties I had realised that all the shit reality shows had spilled over into serious and real life that has consequences and the voting came down to looks. Which meant party members from each new that the public had become shallow and voted in the person they thought the public would vote for?!

Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and David Cameron which was almost followed up with David Milliband?! The Political Reality Game Show and if you LOSE it is your job, house, family, car and in my case pain...a lot of pain!!

So there you are, despite the involvements I have had and the companies and organisations I have exposed as corrupt there is a point in time of realisation.

Point of realisation, yes will when time after time each company if public office involvement is identical to the last you get to the fourth one and start to think....

...everyone I contact is going to go the same way?! Surely not everyone is corrupt and someone somewhere must have an ounce of compassion and decency and do something for the budget they receive our money they charge?!

After another couple I would then think 'you know son you are not gonna find bloody anyone do the right thing?!'

After awhile I realise my way of thinking is a bit much and over the top and realise that along the way there are surely industries that will be mobilised into action.

That entire industry shows about as much life on it as a modern day Dodo, dead and buried.

So the over the top prediction I had as a gut feeling after just a handful of public offices and private companies actually turned our to be spot on.

Two entire industries that exist to go into overdrive over this instead go into hibernation. Oddly I find that no one in either of these industries have realised for One second the ultimate consequences if going into forced hibernation?! I can tell then what it is and STILL stick to the wildlife and evolution references which I can do with aplomb... leads to extinction!

Only the webs that were weaved are so intricate that out would be like waiting for a sloth to finish its tour of Britain?!


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