Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well what do you know?!

Police have been spying on people that claim the Police are corrupt?!

Hmm wonder if there was a row between them, GCHQ and MI5 over who was going to monitor me?!

Well good luck with that for whoever won?!

I also have to wonder about any other people who had issues with the Police along with any other 'ACTIVISTS' as they refer to them or even those they label terrorists our eco-terrorists?!

The crazy thing is we are obviously note being forced to think right back to Hillsborough and even before that?!

Madness and monstrous and there simply OS bio good reason to do this!

Especially when they want to arrest you and lock you up in any revenge attacks that sure in the area of 'an eye for an eye' which had more weight as an excuse by some considerable margin!

They really are destroying their own institutions single handed?!

In fact I am expecting some considerably high numbers of bring foul from certain...factions next.

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