Friday, 28 June 2013


OK well this is going to get confusing and I've spent 30 minutes trying to work out what the FECK just happened, lol.

I just had my appointment with the groin specialist regarding the pain on the right side where the was a black hole on the ultrasound monitor and a hernia, make no bones about it as it WAS a hernia I had it pointed out to be and tips out was a hernia though he did not need to!

I sat down and he said...

"Right well you came to me because of an area if pain on your right hand groin. Well we have looked st your ultrasound and it's clear and showed nothing at all"?!

I then pointed out that this was somewhat confusing as it was not the case st which point he started shuffling through papers rather uncomfortably.

Then after anything that there was he then proceeded to dictate a letter to my GP starting that there was indeed s hernia?!

He have no reasonable explanation what this black hole was even when I explained it confused the ultrasound guy and he also FELT it and that ever since he pressed it with the scanner it had STUNG!


I honestly feared and fully expected to be told that I had top have another, this time DOUBLE, operation?!

Indeed he was going top discharge me even after all they without any explanations as to what to look for as signs of danger so I can report it her looked confused.

I reminded him that when Martin Klein operated on it they did it swiftly because this hernia ifs a killer and he replied by stating...

"Well WHEN you experience pain" like it was an obvious fact but I then stated that I did NOT experience pain the first tone around!!

He then said...

"Well you have and that is why you were referred to me, you told me last time you experienced pain?"

To which I said no that pain occurred only AFTER the operation to which he then interjected with...

"Oooh you mean BEFORE even you was first diagnosed?!"

"Yesss" I replied.

Umm he never really said much lol.

I was totally baffled, surprised and shocked by the whole appointment and I STILL kept it together to ruin rings around another Doctor while recording their contradictory ways and leaving then lost for explanations yet again!

Remember this was a private hospital and the only differences between that experience and the NHS were the suits they wore!!


The only explanation I can give that explains everything is the only thing they can possibly take notice of in your records that explain why I have been treated like I have?!

I am down as not working and therefore am a lower firm of life to everyone else?!

Funny how they miss the fact that I myself have a degree so letters after my name too?!

Fecking morons!!

Recorded and tape of it to be posted on next 24 hours or so.

"no Dougal! These Cows are small while those ones were farrr awayyy!"

"No Mr Haswell, you lost me?!"

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