Sunday, 9 June 2013


Have nothing to fear?!

Now that IS the part of the statement that GCHQ or the government has issued?!

Do you know what I extract from that statement? Everyone and I do mean EVERYONE has been and probably IS BEING monitored.

This basically states that if you do anything illegal they will know about it which means they were watching everyone?!

Yet the nasty and sleazy goings on that ruins the world wide web continues and no one seems to do nothing.

That goes for everything that is sleazy from sad pathetic people with fake profiles on contact, date and social sites to spammers, phishing, nasty sites if unspeakable and degraded things and many others.

The word 'priority' seems to have been buried long ago and now they are erasing the word 'disability' while the word 'money' seems to be larger than life, above the clouds and in glowering red neon.

At least someone is asking why they were not doing more to block a certain area of unspeakable websites involving children!

I see that low IQ MP William Hague is more using words like 'fanciful' and 'nonsense'?!


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