Sunday, 16 June 2013


Hmm I cycled to my friends Pet Store today as I often do on a Sunday. Not many come in and it can get boring and sometimes it is like this Saturday to, much to their dismay.

To pass the time on boring days we like to chat about several things and of course reptiles, amphibians & fish is one topic and I have a blog on that. I often tell of the stories of how I found several rare species and several alien and exotic species that breed here. I started that when I was about 12 and continued that for several years, pain in the arse when your not old enough to drive, and only stupidly stopped when women became an attention.

Indeed the last thing I did is stand by the very pind that Tree Frogs had bred in, in the UK from about 1870 until at least 1947 when an author of a 1950's book counted 18 tadpoles in the pond. It was too early when I was there and too cold but I found it even if I failed to capture a single specimen which was the only time I failed at doing that out of the half a dozen or so I went looking for.

Well that was until recently when I was at the lakes for American Bullfrogs only to find out that they were indeed Marsh Frogs, oooh the names me and my brother called the idiots that called them Bullfrogs, lol.

I had hoped that this venture would have helped me vastly and hugely with my blogs. It could not have gone more wrong that night as they weather turned very bad, whipped up a strong wind and was very cold. My brother and my nephew were scrabbling around the car for hooded jumpers and what was I wearing?! A sports vest and shorts and nothing else save for my military backpack filled to the rafters with torches, tools and gadgets!

It was damned cold. I froze my cahoonas off which the single solitary Marsh Frog I heard calling probably made a short meal of?!?!

Plan A went south for the winter....quite literally in fact!

Other things we talk about are the films we love and what is or they are thinking of putting into production. Mostly this will be comic book movies and of late we have discussed how dreamy it has been for the Marvel characters what with a whole series of X-Men movies and one in production and The Avengers. The current topic and this is the opening weekend right now is that of The Man of Steel, Batman, Green Lantern (how we both loved the film) and the dreamy possibility of the production of the rumoured Justice League movie.

Is that the pills making me light headed?! LMAO!

Other subjects are out other favourites which is Doctor Who and some of the odd rumours about the new one being a different race or sex. We have both found it funny that when these changes happen and they are increasing in frequency it only seems to go and has been one hundred percent....ONE WAY TRAFFIC.

We are hoping that out favourite characters get used to ram things down our throats that we do not want to know about. These things are mere escapism and enjoyable but now even that is becoming tainted, interfered with and political. Yes take it all away from us why don't you?! We both feel strongly about this and the same and that is that we will ABANDON the things we love the most if it will be used to be a message or weapon to be used to force us into change.

No thanks, these characters were invented and are what they are. Sex, colour and race were all created long ago and I said to my friend, well will the change the character of Luke Cage? Err or was it Power Man from Power Man and Iron Fist?! Or the later Ms Marvel who appears with the Avengers? Or Black Panther?

STUPID. It is really simple keep politics and race, gender issues out of entertainment please. You have destroyed everything else please do not destroy this. IN these rotten times we NEED this escapism and if you start messing with it in the name of political correctness you will destroy some things and take it away from people that need it?! Like me and Steve, lol.

There ARE other characters based on other gender or race go and use them for their own thing. As for Doctor Who bring in a NEW character, a NEW timelord. You could call him Doctor What?! LMAO. Pr maybe Doctor WASSSSUPPP?!

Who is next I ask you?! Superman? James Bond? Robin Hood?! King Arthur?

Change all that and not only will me and Steve have nothing to talk about to forget the woes of the world but these things will BOMB OUT. The very few things that are actually making money when all else is not and those PC idiots want to destroy that too?!

EDIT: Well were hopeful for the Justice League movie and maybe Wonder Woman and Flash ane even a Teen Titans down the road?! lol

Morons. The world is what it is and you cannot change it overnight. Well you cannot with your idiotic methods and self righteous attitudes along with your bull in a china shop and slapping around the face until it is accepted routines!!

So with this all in my mind of what they will destroy next and the hilarious idea that the PC people will actually bring about a lawless society and therefore end up with the very hell they have been attempting to stamp out by smashing you in the face with it all I then cycled home!!

I had taken two Gabapentin and am now a little high, trying to get myself used to taking 200mg at a time three times a day, and not enough to eat.

As I cycled I suddenly noticed something?!?!

The cycling seemed effortless?!?!

I had not cycled for a few weeks due to the weather and was worried I would have to get back into it and even cycling a mile and a half to see Steve would be an effort?

But NO!!

I was actually moving along fairly swiftly?!?!

It was almost unbelievable and I wanted to cycle over and visit a friend in my least favourite part of Enfield to see how it would continue and will the longer journeys now not be the problem they were slowly becoming?!

This has been quite a worrying fact as due to the fact that I now have 14 blogs to FEED content I was needing to get further but my range seemed to be getting smaller. MY thighs and calves were having ever greater difficulty and it was something I had wanted to bring up with a GP for quite sometime!

But I had noticed those aching thigh muscles had not bothered me in a while, indeed since I was on about 200mg of Gabapentin each day it had more or less mostly disappeared and since around 300mg I do not think I have been bothered at all with it and I had not noticed!

This aching thighs and calves had become a daily event for me since around March or April, maybe longer I cannot recall. But every night in bed my thigh muscles would ache and I had been through several tubes of Ibuprofen over it which was meant to be for my back, lol.

Oh crap! I am suddenly VERY high right now and have just grabbed a Potato and Leek Soup can I am eating cold hoping to ease it off a bit, lol.

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