Saturday, 22 June 2013


I have noticed an odd spiking in visitors I did not expect. This really was kinda out of the blue and not exactly sure why this is...

...but die ti that and some real chance coincidences with content I am making an effort to push, or make a DASH if you like, to increase content in separate areas over the next few days and have done a few already today.

Now what this will do is a number of things and I will explain part one right now in that it will increase further this SPIKING in viewers on both here and in other places like my YouTube account which now has ....
427 Videos.

SO I have 427 Videos and I know I will be popular among many people with the same interests, this one which is the most [popular of all and among the blogs here I have posted...

14,500 TIMES

Across my accounts I have attracted 

32,000 VISITORS and ...

Using these numbers along with what I already know I know the facts behind all the numbers and the achievements!!

This means that no one at all and no COMPANY can come along and give EXCUSES or lies for why this one did this or why that one did that!!

The numbers will tell me the absolute facts using my own knowledge as a foundation, or base if you like, to work from.

Some numbers I know to be true and some numbers I do not and out of these I can work out the do not numbers and here in is an example...

I am knowledgeable in a number in a number of fields I cover and along with this I know WHAT their popularity is for each and every one.

In a given order I can list from top to bottom the most popular blog subjects I cover leaving those I am unsure about.


However and even though I have not been doing this a WHOLE YEAR as of right now I can tell you this much...

The subject of CORRUPTION within the UK is and by a COUNTRY MILE the most popular of the 14 blogs I currently have?!

This should tell you something, although Mr Johnny13 completely missed it before reacting to the inevitable need to lambaste me twice hmm what MPs have the first name John I wonder?! What this should tell you is two things and that is that there is a real problem in this country that many still do NOT get.

Remember I keep warning you and it is not my fault for those of you that cannot read, do not care or unable to help yourselves, is that the LONGER this continues and you stick your heads in the sand then the worst the repercussions will be when they come about, just like the WORST the recession is, do not even think about arguing the facts of the word recession, whenever that went POP.

It did and it was, deal with it!

It should also tell you that I now have TWO yards sticks or as I prefer to say...


So I have two yard sticks then and this is the beauty of knowing now the top as well as bottom of popularity among a given long list of subject matters.

It allows me to work out in not too long a time the remaining of the biggest cheaters there currently IS in the world of corruption.

I mean I know WHO they are but knowing it is one thing while proving it is quite another matter entirely.

But I like to think I am helping and even at times TEACHING as I go along. I mean most people can go and do a course for a year or teo to get into university and then two or three years at university for a Diploma or Degree respectively. Another year or two for a Masters, MSc, or a Doctorate, PhD respectively too.

Oddly I admitted in a job interview I might go back and study a Masters at some point to try and show them my confidence and it specifically and single handed cost me the job, lol. I decided not to do a Masters in the end due to my health.

Also quite bizarrely I turned down the offer of a PhD, or Doctorate, from my University which would have me working in one area which later crippled me, keyhole surgery simulations with Peter Pasmore of Middlesex University.

Strange then that ten years later I would end up needing an operation that is covered by keyhole and that I went for open as they were obviously still trying to train keyhole surgeons and as a result now experience pain in that area?! LMAO!

You just simply could not make it up and so true of so many things I have come into contact with or indeed been involved with or wrapped up with.

It is not the case of the Mind Boggles but often it is MY MIND THAT BOGGLES?!


Still onward and upwards and the light is not only been seen at the end of the tunnel but getting closer to me now!

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