Thursday, 20 June 2013


Had that scan today but turned out to be Ultrasound and not MRI.

He found something he could not fathom in area of pain which bloody hurt when he pressed hard on it!!

I kept coughing and he kept looking but he could not work out what he was looking at. There was no returning hernia though that seemed sure enough.

He them got me to stand instead and examined it a great deal more and then he did something that had failed to occur to me...he scanned the left side of groin?!


I previously posted and stated this was the scan I was FULLY EXPECTING to be negative but with the way my luck has gone will end up showing something!

The odd thing is they could will have lied about sol the other scans, and it certainly points to them lying, but they cannot lie about this as this hernia is a killer!

So I have an appointment end if next week and maybe the specialist may know what the dark areas are in my RIGHT groin as well as telling me whether I should have an operation on my left groin?!


I also told him that Martin Klein who performed the repair did state st the time that my left side was weak and that they would get me back in a years time to put a mesh on the left side.

It never happened like everything else and i wonder what would have happened had it not been picked up on the scan?!

Also I wonder if the refusal of a freedom pass had exacerbated the hernia on the left?!

You just KNOW I ask now going to sling that accusation at everyone involved!


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