Tuesday, 18 June 2013



That was quite bizarre. I just woke up thought it was morning looked st the clock and got confused when it said 9pm, lol.

My mind was then all in a spin until I remembered I was out of it but sure what time just yet I Erik have to look st time of the last posting on here as it was only couple of minutes after I posted.

In those few minutes I was attempting to focus on the feelings in my legs which is where I experience most difficulties.

With the about of Gabapentin I had taken, which had been 400mg thus far, I experienced tingling feelings in areas of my feet and calf muscles which feel like they have woken up from a deep sleep and I am feeling areas I have not felt for years. Along with the tingling is s feeling like a light trembling and I now notice it occurs in my thighs too to s order extent.

It is almost as if they are repairing themselves our recovering from something and despite the fact I'm still only half awake it feels almost as if they sure being felt fir the first time as mad as that sounds, lol.

It is also a comforting feeling and as if my mind now realises that this twelve year old plus problem is on its way to s conclusion, lol.

I do pray that this chain of thought is correct! We will see. If the stoned knocked out feeling to this 600mg port day settles down so the high as a kite feeling disappears completely, along with the unavoidable need to sleep then the upping of the doses may get to a happy medium in the coming weeks.

It really, REALLY is a surreal period is this. I have feelings in my legs I have not felt in a long times as well as a few of them diminishing too.

Now I would love to know the intricate and technical scientific details if what exactly has been going on. An understanding if how the pills have worked do to speak.

That nurse I spoke to said two things that have been echoing in my mind somewhat. These ARE a neurological drug and why did they not try me on these at an earlier date?!

It was around 2000 to 2001 when the problems started and fir the first year our two I must have been told by medical professionals over a dozen times it will dissipate in a few weeks?!

Tenosynivitis, Tennis Elbow, was what I was told initially and months later this was changed to Plantar fasciitis. I argued and disagreed with several Doctors and INSISTED this was but what I was afflicted with as the description of the symptoms were the EXACT OPPOSITE to what I experienced but that always fell upon deaf ears.

I am very eager to see what transpires over the coming weeks?! I also feel that getting to the 900mg per day will be damn close to being the optimum dosage for the problems I have long since suffered from.

What I find fascinating about this 900mg is that this was what the Pain Specialist started he wanted me on when he first prescribed Gabapentin for me?!

The dosages given are obviously now from 100mg to 3600mg daily though it states starting doses of 300mg daily, which is what I was first told I would be given, to 900mg daily. Now I find this quite odd for two reasons. First off I now realise that even starting at 300mg would have been DEVASTATING for me and God only knows what 900mg would have done, lol. Would be funny and explain a few things if this was a new drug and suddenly in a few months the leaflet to these Neurontin suddenly start starting a starting dose if 100mg a day, lol.

Yup it certainly is turning out to be an interesting time right now and the next few weeks is going to be quite revealing that is for sure.

If I can get some more content for each of my blogs this next month should be blowing my mind?!?!


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