Monday, 10 June 2013


I am many things while I am none of them

I wonder of things far out of reach and dream of of the end of many

I know much and yet am still baffled numerous things

Allowances of time are not provided to seek and find the answers desired

I fly among the rock terrains of worlds of stars afar

Seeking answers and finding ever more questions

Far from the one that blights the life of many to misery

Chains broken I surf the skyways of interstellar space

In search of new and life and further away from the one that imprisons

Skimming the hot gas clouds of a nebula of colours that fill my view

That called home is far from mind which now fills with useful things

In space one can be truly alone with restrictions nowhere

I long for a far away world better than here

A long journey to reach I long to take

Where rules of physics are easier than Earth's

Is their an existence of like minded beings

Or only to be realised lost in an epoch away.

'Twas this that Old Ken believed to be true.

Leaving realisation of forever searching the void surrounding.

Populated with many beings but none are there.

Dragged along the path lines of life by the oldest parts of their minds.

Not knowing the whys and the reasons to their complexities

Do this, pay that, stick it to them you despise

Follow the ancient mind to do that which has gone for eons past

Tunnel is the vision stretched out before me for as far

Not can I see the writings on The Walls on each side

Must follow the path until the day I ask myself why whe nit is too late

Performed as expected but ask myself why

What number of generations will pass

Before we stop to think and ask

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