Tuesday, 18 June 2013


So Edward Snowden is on the ball with the obvious and glaring mistakes American politicians are making.

Yep he is dead right while a load of big mouthed politicians topically act without thinking, which if what they are complaining about with Mr Snowden oddly lol, and call him a traitor.

Yes key me know how that works out for you.

I would ask traitor to who?

In my opinion and just as the British Government are doing I believe that the American authorities are acting against the American public. To act like this is to risk alienating the USA and it's public towards every other nation on Earth. The danger being that this reckless action, if ever found out, would place every American citizen in danger both abroad and at home.

They write honestly did not care and out of them and Edward Snowden it is plain to see which one is the traitor.

I will be honest I did find it somewhat disturbing when his father appeared on TV and asked him to STOP revealing anymore leaks?!

He did not speak like a caring father to me and that leaves the following reasons...

Was himself former spy

So yes it was a bit odd as it did not seem quite natural. Well I am sure Mr Snowden will have his father's TV request out to him.

Was it Fox News by any chance?! Lol.

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