Thursday, 27 June 2013


Well there they are again?!

They know what the darkest areas of THEIR culture is like and referring to it as simply the 'darkest' is an understatement.

But you hear nothing from them until someone out s group of them are caught and they come out noisily like s group of honking geese?!

Why do they not ACTIVELY do something?! I don't mean wait til someone is caught and cove running out to condemn it and I go not mean holding talks, lessons it sermon on the mounts to lecture and teach either!!

They know these types of people exist out there do why not actively pursue them, reveal them of something else?!

Always the same old stories followed by the same routines?!

So we have TAG now put Together Against Grooming?! Do they have a name these ineffective people?!

Mind you I do not know why I ask complaining  have you seen an Omdurman that actually does something? Or a governing body??


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