Monday, 17 June 2013


Well it has been a long while I have been studying and logging the numbers on my blogger blogs and not far off a year for some.

During this time I watch closely to see if I can spot anything and I have noted that there seems to be these TIPPING POINTS which I found a bit odd.

Depending on how many visitors you have received there seems to be an amount of visitors you will get in a given period, say 24 hours.

Once you are over these tipping points the visitors within that period will climb and I am still trying to figure out where these tipping points are. Though they do seem to appear to be in each f the thousands presently.

I must admit I do find this somewhat bizarre if I am honest and the fact this takes place over all my blogs, well bar this one thus far, regardless of the subject matter or amount of posts.

It is almost like when you are being manipulated and it seems to go something like...

When you first start you get promoted for a few days to get a fair few visitors to encourage you to keep at it.

Then this drops off a cliff.

Then each time you have put in so many posts or have amassed so many visitors you start to climb back up a hidden promotional ladder.

What I find two faced about this is these are companies that talk about world peace and transparency in everything. World peace is world peace and transparency is transparency. I find it hilarious that small companies that come up kicking and screaming about the underhand behaviour performed towards them by others then does not get spoken of any more as they now adopt this dark set of tactics.

For me this is the worst kind of people and therefore the worst kind of company. They become SOOO big that they are like the flesh eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors and need to be fed regardless of any new gadgets, technology or offers to their customers and the tricks crawl out the walls like worms, lol.

Strangely enough I find it somewhat hard to go off promoting in places without being asked for cash, lol. So I have not really looked into any promoting in quite awhile and what Networked Blogs and TribePro do I have no idea but very little on the face of it.

The trouble is with all this is that there are patterns in numbers and all you need is enough of them. I have so many different subjects I thought it would be interesting to add blogs to all my other interests and watch the numbers and publish them.

After all I only seek truth and transparency!


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