Monday, 17 June 2013


Well if I was to post about everyone I experienced pain there would be four times as many posts than there are.

But today, it target this afternoon and evening, I went through enough of it to post about it along with asking how this had come to be.

I have been waiting four many weeks now for the removal of a molar tooth. I have been through two courses of metranidozole with a long gap between them and no several days without any.

While in Enfield Town centre I had to take some pills, Gabapentin and Tramadol, so bought a can of Root Beer, pleased to see that they had it in stock, and a chocolate bar.

After finishing the chocolate bar I unlocked my bike and walked with it while I finished the last third if the root beer. I then got on my bike and cycled down Silver Street towards Baker Street before getting caught at a red traffic light. After a couple of minutes I cycled on down Baker Street to my friends Pet Store as I had some news for him I had discovered while in the town.

When I got there I dismounted my bike but then realised I was about to get some serious pain from my tooth yet again. So I searched my backpack looking for something I can place in the gap of the tooth I have had extracted previously. This allows me to apply leveraged pressure directly on the offending tooth!

Tracey, my friends wife came and asked if I wanted a bar of chocolate from the nearby newsagents and I said yes please. When she returned she found me still kneeling outside and asked what was wrong.

"My tooth is playing up" I answered.

"what again?! Have they not sorted that out yet?! This is ridiculous it had been weeks and should have been taken out immediately and I do not understand why they have not removed it. You should be careful as this affects all if you're jaw if this is left!"

Oddly enough the throbbing pain does now hurt in the hinge of my jaw right around to the middle.

I am often tempted to punch my jaw very hard our hit it with a brick....and I DO mean literally.

Now the reason I told the story as I did is too explain TWO THINGS I have tried very hard to get across to my Dentist to get across to Chase Farm Hospital...its an emergency for the following reasons.

It hurts....a great deal! But it is also impossible to control or predict. It always comes on between 5 and 10 minutes AFTER I have consumed LIQUIDS.


More annoyingly when it started hit drinks were a big problem while cold ones not so much.

Then it swapped around so hot or lukewarm fluids were fine but the colder they were the worse three pain would be!

Then it changed again and now it does not matter what the temperature of fluids are and found that out when I drank a can of Shandy Bass coming back from Sainsburys and I was still in pain when I got in the house which is a twenty minute walk.

You might be thinking how horrible that is that I had two lots of pain like this in the space of just four hours. Only an hour after I got in from the first attack I decided to have a can of Cream of Chicken Soup at room temperate thinking that would be fine and KAPOW!

I have tried Clove Oil but it had no effect other than burning my skin and testing awful.

When I got indoors I got fed up do took 200mg of Gabapentin along with 100mg of Tramadol and I sent a very stern email to my dentist. Pointing out that I have been messed about with the promise of Orthodontic work and my time wasted for two years and then told I need to spend £200 on a dental hygienist I should not have to pay for and now left in agony for weeks on end.

Remember it was down to me requesting they now take the tooth out which is when they asked dirt what drugs I was prescribed sure to a reaction I had to the local anaesthetic for the filling I had in the offending tooth that is now painful?!

(sharp intake of breath! Lol!)

I did also point out one other thing too these medical professionals I should not have to... a human being consuming water is more important than consuming food and us something I have to do...

...i also have to do this more regularly than most for two reasons and first off I take a long list of pills and now have to three times a day.

So I take a shit load of painkillers of which now cause and even greater amount off pain than that which the trip different drugs are designed to DEAL WITH!!

I really cannot think of a more fitting scenario or story that could possible shower just how bloody messed up, incompetent and badly run the medical profession and the NHS truly is.

Now quite what the FECK the organisations NICE and the GMC are fecking doing I really have no bloody idea but surely now it is only the most naive of idiots that fails to see that a great deal of organisations many of which exist to serve the public are getting large amount of money our big budgets when they are NOT doing ad they should,b looking after people and patients properly and have no compassion, intelligence or right to receive what they are and need a damn good kick up the arse and force fed a large dose of reality pie?!

When I went back to my Dentist over yen days ago where I was given ANOTHER COURSE of metranidazole I told them that this was supposed to be an emergency appointment and that I cannot believe how I have been left in three pain I have had and NOT even heard from the hospital?!

I did forget to tell them that on the online booking there WAS an opponent that was made from around 4 to 5 years ago that I never heard anything about and was from 3 GPs back?!

Oddly enough I did book this and thought how fecking funny it would be if it did indeed get booked. St the end if the day it was to do with my feet and the pains and as I have not had convulsive diagnosis from any if these so called experts I thought maybe this Doctor may know?!

I did not expect them to make the appointment.

Couple days back I received a confirmation letter that this appointment for a July date had actually been made?!

An appointment I never had a letter about from 4 or 5 years ago I am now about to have in about 4 weeks time?!

That is going to be one hell if an audio recording!

Can you imagine the reactions when I tell them that this appointment is from years ago and I have been through three GPs since then?! Hopefully I will get some choice statements from a selection of people on the day?!


Tried NHS Direct online and all it said was make appointment with your Dentist?! Duh! Except I need the HOSPITAL and NOT a Dentist!! As told to me twice now by my Dentist!!

Worrying is that I am now convinced that when the receptionist stated in what seemed like a response to my Dentist "you know what they are like?! They are always losing stuff and claiming they have not received it!" Whereby I smiled and said "that conversion was not about me was it?!" Then received odd looks and no response.

So the dental department of Chase Farm Hospital have now struck for a second time in a month by not contacting me at all after eating my time for TWO WHOLE YEARS previous to this in a scam to get me to pay £200 after telling he it would all be done for free?!

I am now going to rip a great deal of second arse holes for many people.

This had been excruciatingly painful and highly distracting. I have even thought that this had been done to me deliberately reason being sour grapes over this blog?!

I simply cannot believe anyone could be left in this much pain?!

If I were a dog or a horse I would have been shot or given a lethal injection and in all honesty after the last would have been preferable to me!!

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