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Right that took an inordinate amount of time to get working!

3 Mobile yet again probably?!

Right now... I think there is something I need to clear up and make sure it is all on here and in one place and in one post for future reference and so I can refer back to it at certain....points.

NOW ... When I started this blog way back in August 2012 a few weeks later I then got the idea to start many other blogs concerning my interests, 13 in all, but not ALL my interests. I also started up series of lenses, as they call them, on a website called Squidoo and also did a Weebly webpage. Both of which were pain in the posterior to keep up with and more of a con that anything else.

Right now WHEN I started this particular subject I knew at some point that I would not get through to people and I apologize about that but this is the truth and if people cannot see it and therefore help themselves there is nothing I can do. BUT at least I can say I tried!

It also occurred to me that there may be another ... faction I may have to contend with and these consist of two groups...

1) I will now call fanboys and girls and the term fanboys comes from the Internet to describe people who will praise companies and idolise them for their name regardless of how evil they are or how they could not give a toss whether their customers lived or died, other then losing a semi regular income from them!

2) The others may be people that work for them but under the belief that the companies that work for them, think that young council worker in a David Tennant episode of Doctor Who on the day of the London Olympics opening that utters the word 'COUNCIL' for every fourth word?! LOL.

Now other than those two there is a third and most bright people will work out what that third is because it is plainly obvious.

Just this morning I got two emails referring to two comments on this very blog.

Now before I go through the details I would like to say I had something over on Squidoo and it was referring to the NHS and I realised that the man who commented WORKED for the NHS and in my return assault on him I threw this at him and pulled his essay length bemoaning piece to pieces and made him look a fool.

Now many medical professionals, and sometimes their underlings, are under the impression that if you are knowledgeable enough in one single subject or even just WORK in it this makes you more intelligent than everyone else.

Oddly they fail to ask themselves is it at all possible the person they are having a go at or speaking down to my themselves be educated in an area of medicine?! It also does not have to be medicine or brain surgery or any other medical based science as there are many other sciences and beyond that many other areas all of which any individual can acquire a degree in.

So I can safely say that they safely assume that all other degrees are meaningless as a Doctor trumps the lot and I am now going to state the following...


Now when I checked these comments this morning this chap called johnny13 ripped me for typos, spelling mistakes, my writing called it crap and went on to say that I am not helping my cause any. He said a few other things I cannot remember and in my lambasting of him, as he was obviously trying to leave others with a false impression of me, I pointed out several points...

1) I started off as stating that if he does not like it the simple thing to do is NOT read it 

2) I said he had a bloody cheek complaining about something that someone else takes a great deal of time to do and does it for FREE!

3) I also pointed out that had he read FURTHER he would also have realised that doing this in-between everything else and the pain that I also take two types of drugs that make me WOOZY!!

4) Which cause was he referring to as I have not listed one!! I hint to it but never listed it

5) As there have now been 32,000 visitors and have just under 1,500 each week he is in an extremely small minority of 0000000.1% then said I cannot be bothered working out how many noughts I needed before the decimal point but he gets the idea so his statements and mathematics are up the spout?!

6) If he has read FURTHER he would realise that I ALSO post from my phone and my phone is crap, sold to me falsely as new but second hand refurbished, refuses to work out certain words and often changes them!! I also pointed out that though I had posted about this before maybe I should have also pointed out that when I do this using the BLOGGER APP there is NO spellchecker!! SO Google's fault for being shit and not mine.

7) I also stated that it was my opinion that his NEED to actually come on here and moan like he has seemed to suggest to me there was a possibility that he worked for one of the organisations that I attack and quite possible someone that knew me. His use of 'NOT HELPING YOUR CAUSE' made it sound a bit odd and someone PART of the system.

8) I also pointed out that if he was my GP, whose first name is not only John but the ONLY John I know, he had just made a right ROYAL PRATT of himself and if he had stumbled across this and had not been informed of this blog by his superiors and acted reactionary he had made a serious mistake as if he had WAITED for about two months he would have find out that there IS something in my right groin and that I also have a NEW hernia in my left groin and is it not funny that the one scan I expected nothing there is something when that SOMETHING can kill you and therefore they CANNOT lie about.

For those that did not guess the other group that could comment on here it is of course people within the system that I have come into contact with.

Right now then?!

I cannot make it clearer than it is above.

I do this to inform people of the truth but this started out as a means to allow my daughter's solicitor to access and download the phone conversations I recorded to do with a Council.

It was never meant nor did I claim it to be a highly and well polished expert piece of writing and I was not going to write something and go over and over it and make it look manufactured so I for one do not know what in the world he was complaining about, or why he had to comment TWICE too.

He obviously felt very strongly about something.

Lastly he stated IF they ARE CORRUPT which gave away one last thing.....he had barely read BUGGER all regarding this blogs content or he would NEVER EVER have made that statement.

Nor had he downloaded and looked at or listened to any of my content that I spent years gathering up.

I pointed out that the old adage 'A Little Knowledge is a Very Dangerous Thing' existed for a very good reason!

I also had someone on my YouTube account comment in a similar way about a computer Operating System called Ubuntu. Now he has not seen all the videos nor read anything I posted. The version I was filming going wrong was Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail.

Now he lambasted me and stated that I was basically an idiot for saying what I did and that he always advises people to only use the stable long term support version, or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. So his remarks basically insinuated that I was an idiot. which was ...NICE! He even went as far as saying something like don't do this and on't do that or you will look like a fool ... KNOW WHAT I MEAN, or something sarcastic like that.

I ripped him to pieces also just as I did the surgeon!

I pointed out that had he read and listed to my other videos he would realise that...

1) I had previously been on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and that ALL OF THE PROBLEMS I had with 13.04, only for developers he said and NOT beginner NEWBIES like me, I ALSO EXPERIENCED on version 13.04

2) I pointed out that HAD he read further that he would have also realised that I upgraded because Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the one all the clicky idiots like him and the magazines rave is perfect, actually forced my laptop to shutdown due to overheating?! It has also now done this a second time on 13.04 and I UPGRADED hoping that this would not happen again, it HAS, and that the other little problems would disappear with the NEW version thinking they would have the coding contained within to correct the old problems and BUGS.

It did not and the problems were EXACTLY the same nothing was fixed and the only difference I found was the INCLUSION of fecking adverts for companies and retail that I am getting fed up with on my blogs as they seem to be a con!

So I hoe from now on if someone is tempted to leave something NEGATIVE that they either go way and do not come back and carry on being fecked over a barrel, they obviously like it, by the system or doe a bit more reading and RESEARCH and come up with something a bit more constructive that actually makes sense and I can actually give answer to, references to and even link to a previous post to answer any questions?!

Hmm it just occurred to me that it could be someone who does something similar to me on corruption that considers me a rival and tried to insinuate to others about me?! Had not thought of that but I would happily work with others and many have asked to use my blog. I would imagine that IF this was the case maybe it was sour grapes because I have not even been at it a year yet and have shot way past him with the number of visitors he has often been dreaming about?! If so then he is NOT doing it for 'the cause' and is doing it for selfish reasons and for huts only, oh dear talk about shoot yourself in the foot!

I also FORGOT to point out that if my blog is so crap and I am putting people off as he tried to convince me then why are the biggest names on the internet emailing me about advertising?!

You can cast an opinion about this blog a MILLION TIMES and it will NOT change the facts and nor will it change me or this blog! This is not Harry Potter, you cannot say the right magic words and the reality changes to suit your reality, opinions or ideals.

If you want to use words like 'CAUSE' find out what it is or indeed if there is one at all first?! LMAO!

If you do not like being labelled as blind or naive, or moron, then don't be blind or naive, or a moron, it is that simple.




Still if I have only had THREE idiots, whether just naive, selfish rivals with a goal and not for the cause or people in the system I have attacked?! That is damned good out of 32,000?!

Yes I am well happy with that, it shows people are thinking and go away and every now and then give it some thought?!

Hmm maybe now I can go and edit the content I got a few days back and some I got today now?! LOL.

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