Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Well this must be driving people crazy, lol.

Odd out affects a small number of people?!

But then I have seen the innards with differing hardware though this Sotiris have been catered for.

Does make me wonder whether our not my previous posts on this subject have hit the news like that of the drug companies in the very last post?!

What with yesterdays revelation of around half a dozen of my topics and two not tonight I find out really bizarre. Could add a third what with Microsoft doing an about face?

Weird...almost as if they are deliberately releasing them hoping that with all my posting I will make a mistake?!


Say something incriminating? Me? Not unless I can back it up, lol. If they are I can not even say nice try as it was lame, lol.

Very weird and wonder of they have actually been working through those DVDs of data I sent them pre and post Christmas.

Could well be. I did think it would take them months but not this long?! Unless it was arranged to all give out together?

Not sure why though.

Or maybe after a lengthy period pod time when they thought I had forgotten I sent them all that data so kids like they did it all?!

Nahh that would be stupid! I gathered and sent around 30gb data from almost impossible situations!

Now I could hardly forget that!


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