Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Well just when I have expected these things for many years two come along at once?!

I have to admit I was horrified but not glued to the TV like a blogs thirsty moron over this. But what I did see I found stomach churning and that was only the knives and what they had on them.

What I failed to realise until days later was what they had done to that poor lad.

The trepidation of this was then followed like a brick in the face to the fact that these images were sprayed and portrayed absolutely everywhere and every five minutes?!

I then thought how THE FOUR DVDs of data I sent then all were ignored, our used without thanks or mention, though each subject had a wide implication to everyone on the UK but that pictures and film if a poor lads brutal demise at the hands of men who are write obviously mentally disturbed they are on like flies to shit!!

So I have to about to finding it hilariously anything when their journalists question the morals of others and often quite sternly and act as if they are holier than thou?!


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