Saturday, 22 June 2013


Well bloody hell...


Honestly the media are so bloody late to the table and so often too that you have to wonder why this is.

So many reports on TV and tabloids are her these days with the common reaction of a sarcastic...
"ooh...REALLY?! YOU DON'T SAY?!"

They never learnt that with certain things EVERYONE is affected because EVERYONE needs a Doctor.
So if EVERYONE has a Doctor how the hell did the news media take so fecking long to report it?!

More to the point there is a bloody long list of health bodies that would put the arms of an Orang-Utan to shame!

So how have NONE of they our the NHS our the UK Government failed to spot this. Now from my experience this must have gone on for twenty years out more?!

Maybe these are late reports being rushed out the door before they give to light and people ask why they were not reported on before hand?!

Ooh maybe it is me and this blog?!


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