Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Well I will put the photos for this post in last as you have to understand what happened leading up to me taking those shots.

Now FREAKY is not the WORD for it?!?!

As some one you may know I have been having really serious tooth trouble and lo and behold it comes out Monday but I do not care as after I finish this I am down there to pick up antibiotics immediately, HOORAY!!

I do have a couple of those tiny Orajel Tubes knocking around and had been looking for them as they do work better than Clove Oil. Oddly the ones I told you previously where I was sold the strongest one by Lloyd's Chemist only to buy a second one from Boots to find out that Lloyd's Chemist lied to me. So a 10% and 20% strength tubes.

But before deciding whether or not to try a lukewarm tea to take more pills I emptied out a cupboard to put some things away. Now at the back there is a tub with a few bits in, a few suckers for some tropical fish device or other. I see found a white leather lanyard to my old trusty Nokia E71 phone, I miss that phone! But when I looked in the tub I spotted not one but TWO tubes of Orajel?!

You may be wondering what is strange about that but I have not had my Nokia phone for about two years or more and that is about the last time I had ventured into the back of that particular cupboard. I did a double take as the ones I was looking for I only bought a few weeks back. I thought they surely cannot be the same ones but when I looked sure enough one was a normal strength tube and one an extra strength tube.

I scratched my head and thought someone has been in here but why would they do that?! But then I though, no, no...it can't be and as much of a headache I have been to the organisations I lambast on here I do not think getting someone to snoop around someone like me would be a wise decision, lol.

But I kept thinking of the possibilities of purchasing two lots of Orajel of different strengths both unknowingly and having them both in the house and both together somewhere?! The odds were freaky I can tell you that much and I had been looking for the tubes for days to no avail.

I walked over to my table and picked up a piece of cardboard to thro in the bin and what do you know I IMMEDIATELY find the two offending tubes mere seconds after finding the old pair?!

Now if THAT is not a freaky coincidence then I do not know what is?!?!

There were a few moments that were surreal I can assure of that!

Rather annoyingly expensive stuff for such a tiny tube which almost renders the stuff useless?!

I am sorry but Orajel is a wonderful product to my mind but also designed to rinse people of money. The tube is useless especially when you consider how slow NHS Dentists are to react in the case of emergencies. I mean 5.3 grams?! Who came up with that insane amount?!

Can you imagine the conversation around the greedy drug companies board room?!

"5 grams?"
"6 Grams?"
"No we think we will go for 5.3!"

I mean I am not saying I have had a great deal of tooth trouble lately but....well I have since I moved here and the Dentists have been mostly crap or at least the NHS side of it is at any rate and they damn well know it too!

No but the fact that each time I have have ended up with TWO tubes of it and in all honesty with this latest one I could have gone through 20, TWENTY, tubes and at £4 a tube or whatever it is that would have been a great deal of money for someone on benefits, lol.

£80 to soothe a toothache until the NHS get their act together?! LMAO!

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