Saturday, 15 June 2013


Well here we go then and a little earlier than expected I must say.

Was bound to happen though, someone had to decide to go first with this. Possibly damage limitation or to get the media focus onto the next company our indeed both, who knows.

National Security yes local crime .... Hmmm well this is where the grey areas ALWAYS get abused by the powers that be and the feck it up with incompetence and lack of forethought. Every frickin' time!

Local crime sounds like everything including pretty crimes?!

Now let's be honest here and ask ourselves how many people have never broken laws or rules?! Not many and I have.

If your going to just be STUPID and state crime will that will cover about 80% if the population so therefore everyone who voted you in is a criminal and OK to snoop on?! Nice! Real NICE!

You see how they always get the opportunity to screw it up and take it every time?!

National Security threats no one would have batted an eyelid over but no, like everything else it gets abused while their own criminal acts get bugger all in the way of punishment.

Laughing stock of the globe we must truly be?!


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