Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well despite this report not really shocking our revealing enough to normality make it on this blog it contained a line I very much liked.

In fact I thought that at last someone has actually come close to how badly things have been ruin in this country.

They just failed to mention that there was a gradual decline on running things well and an increase on failures?!

Still I was pleased to see it even if I wondered of it was quite as long as fifty years but maybe it was?!

I do know it has been way over 20 years but st 20 years ago I first had by rib in with this world that then fecked everything up every since.

Oh boy, could I go on about how all this started which literally led to this blog?!

Twenty years in the making really is the real deal and boy an exaggeration of any kind.

Always remember all the necessary files, letters, emails  secret recordings and many others can all be found and downloaded by simply typing on that which is of interest, or indeed personal to you, into the search and see what is on the search results.

Of course those wanting to do there the same there is plenty of ideas but do not goad.

I make a remark that Sparks something off and key them chat!

Indeed I have one to go up from today and there will be another at the weekend!

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