Monday, 10 June 2013


Damn right too! Too good for them I think.

I think e should bring in special laws that THEY would use in these cases, death.

Such of these bleeding hearts that think that the can cure the incurable and use talk therapy with the devil's minions?!

Is it not bizarre that if we are to take the Bible literally then the only people willing to treat others like dogs and take the lives if women and children can only be compared to that of the work if the devil!

There are no excuses and it does but matter which way you cut it. My father always taught me that 'two wrongs do NOT make one right'?!

If you claim you are furious, and I mean genuinely so, if the taking of innocent lives in the middle east, and I see no evidence of this fact, then you do NOT use that to justify taking even jute innocent lives!!

That's it and that's all!!

Doing so can ONLY be compared to the imaginary figure and description of the devil and his actions.

No DEITY if any kind, if he DID exist would trouble himself over the lives of the insects, as they would appear to him, below him. But would any deity want anyone killing in his name...

..will except for, that is, the devil!

So they do it in the name of God but they will never convince ANYONE that they are doing this for anyone else but the devil.

Howe long have they behaved like this? How long have they treated their fellow man, women and children like this?! How long have the attempted to best into people, torture our even kill them to drum home what they want people to do or say?!?!

Is it 500 years? Is it 1,000 years?! Is it much longer than this?!

You would think by now that they would realise that this way does but work and it is time to try another?!

Maybe in 100 years it may suddenly occur to them? Maybe in 500 years it may dawn on them?! Maybe in a thousands years it may hit them like a hammer that hundreds of thousands were killed, maimed and tortured throughout their horrific history and all for naught?!?!

But slow, eh? Takes me s few minutes to a few days to realise I am wrong!

Misguided morons. The Devils Pawns.

I despise anyone that is not only planning to take innocent lives but also those who SECRETLY want the taking if innocent lives.

I do sometimes wonder which of the above is actually more depraved.


I know I mentioned the search function previously and I apologise as it was but included and IS NOW.

Before this these groups like the EDL and BNP were already being antagonised. This would have just lit the touch paper and what happened to that poor young soldier lit the powder.

I am amazed there had been more trouble than there has and many must be struggling to hold themselves back and contain themselves.

Let us hope that continues.

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