Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well as ever here is yet another recording and this time of me having my tooth out, lmao!

It was done in the hope of a conversation and he did kind of wrongly correct me over something. Well I got the conversation and some admissions and along with that a very big clue to something.

Now to this clue you need to note WHAT was said just prior to the tooth being removed and then just AFTER the tooth being removed!

That will be alkl I shall say on this matter and it is down the the reader and listeners to make up their minds for themselves.

I do sincerely hope that I have done enough in the last ten months or so to show people how to spot things better ad to read between the lines. The goal of this is to hope that people see more of the wood and less of the trees?! ;)


Oh and YES from the grinding caused by the NHS and the inaction and INCOMPETENCE in the first place I now have lost my second tooth!!

Oddly that is now the TENTH tooth that the NHS had removed and 90% of them perfectly OK?!

Go figure that and come up with a good explanation?!?!


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