Tuesday, 25 June 2013



Well they figured that the NHS' name its on tatters and its more or less finished in its current state.

More of the corruption that had been obvious to many, our just me, for some time now and I would estimate well over a decade.

As I had predicted here is a clear example of the pressure which Carries on down the hierarchy that becomes shrouded in a web of lies, deceit and misinformation along the way down to the Jobsworths that think for too highly and fairly naively about the organisation they work for.

Well that is the short version and effete are several much longer versions on this blog going back to August 2012!

Only remarks to make is out does not matter who it is the result and the posts appearance is always the same.

Based on what we have had.

Must be a way of showing them the buck stops here where the line is drawn and no further. Time to head back as the tricks are exhausted, the deceit laid bare and the dark corners to hide and skulk have been demolished?!

You go no further!

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