Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Britain was asked to spy?

Hmm who by I do have to wonder NOT!

Well they have been alienating themselves from the rest if the world for years and now despite starting the obvious they have only sped up this process.

Hmm the word LACKEY now springs to mind.

Not Her Majesty's Loyal Terrier but more America's Hunting Dog. Makes a mockery if the story in Quantum of Solace where we act AGAINST the Americans because they get it wrong?! The reality now being somewhat different where we actually carry out their mistakes for them.

I might have my opinions on different cultures and their naive ways, convenient excuses but those issues are here. Spying on delegates of foreign nations to get leverage is the exact behaviour of that of many companies now as well as public offices. Very American in other words.

This country is unrecognisable to that of 30 years ago and it was not too brilliant then!

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