Friday, 14 June 2013


Well there are several things about doing and achieving what I do first of you need the tools and these can be listed as three separate things...

1) Have the hardware

2) Have the software

3) Keep calm, be smarter than them.

Then there is the approach to them which works in three steps

1) After above has been in play for awhile keep telling them you have bigger balls or CAHOONAS then they do and this makes them smile and laugh.

2) After the first three steps are way down the road...SHOW THEN YOUR CAHOONAS! This then makes them cry.

Other things you can do is what I was planning to at some point but then did not have to ang get a look at your medical notes and see if they tally up?!

Mine were way, WAY off the mark! Dates on two things switched, four epxert opinions omitted and pain in my groin not mentioned at all while another pain in my chest from few years back they staed they did not know was actually listed with its scientific name?!

They are just the major ones I can recall, probably a couple of other things too, hmm like no mention of hip pains or Achilles tendinitis. Hmm or vomiting, lol.

I have used these methods now for several years and on the following list you can check in the search function I forgot to include...

NHS                       (CURRENT)
Wirral Council    (CURRENT)

Enfield Council   (CURRENT)
DWP                   (CURRENT)

ICE of DWP         (CURRENT)
Merseyside Police (TO REVISIT VERY SOON, could arise in court above?!)

Ombudsman: ASA, FSA, OFT, OFCOM, PHSO, IPCC, OFGEN, Trading Standards and several others
Radicalised Muslims (Grooming and Plotting Atrocities)
Atos Healthcare, or whatever they call themselves these days
Citizens Advice Bureau
Enfield Disability Action
Waltham Forest Council
Community Legal Advice
Epping Council
Victim Support
JBW Group
Freedom Pass

Council departments include Social Services (two councils) Housing Benefit (one council) and a few others like HOUSING at EPPING and PARKING ENFORCEMENT at Waltham Forest Council. Freedom Pass refusals too.

You can also search others I sent data to like

Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
Daily Mirror
Sky News
ITV News
Channel 4 News
BBC Watchdog
Shop Direct: Littlewoods, Very, Isme
Members of Parliament

There may well be some others besides, best to just try and see if I have had involvements with anyone you are looking for facts on or just anyone you have heard rumours about.

What is here and what gets posted onto this blog is just to make people aware of the facts and the truth, forearmed is forewarned, and to help others who have had injustices performed against them.

Now I look back at the two lists they do not look long enough, lol, so must be a few missing. The Ombudsman list is quite short....oooh wait I remember a few now, lol.

Now imagine that suddenly MANY PEOPLE did what I did?!


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