Thursday, 29 October 2015


Another limbo to work through, lol.

Just getting through a serene week and now with some cash back I have been out and about.

Was fed up with my headphone eartip situation and the fiddly nature of my triple flange tips when I remembered there was a Richer Sounds store in Southgate?!

I'd been past it a few times, not sure how I forgot it was there?

I want sure if they stocked ear-tips for in-ear headphones but they damn well should do, they are audio specialists after all. Didn't think of Audio-T either but don't remember ever seeing anything like that sold.

As is the case of late I was awake early and was too early even for my bank as I had to visit my branch to retrieve my rent money, oh crap!!

Arriving in Southgate ten minutes early at 9.50am I was gobsmacked to discover that Richer Sounds opened at 12pm?! I was over two bloody hours early! I didn't even know if they stocked decent headphone ear-tips, like Comply.

I mooched around Southgate and found a quirky store of cheap and bargain priced odds and ends that had far more than usual stores of this ilk. It was called Discountland ... err I think, lol!

I found several little cleaning brushes, a usable pill box and some very small glass jars complete with little corks. Good for my messing around with Orchid feed, liquid seaweed and other things. Would be good for mixing small amounts of paints, for model building/painting?

Might go back and get more.

Anyway my new shoes were back on and despite stone overly expensive padding for feet from Boots Chemist, my favourite idiot company, it was getting uncomfortable. But I had a couple of hours to kill. So I caught a tube to Wood Green. Bought scissors, visited Burger King and back to Richer Sounds.

Finally got my Comply buds for my RHA T10 headphones and they are perfect. The headphones now for properly, don't fall out and the sound is way, way better. Even Fergie's Barracuda lost its ear bleeding harsh edge and sounded sublime.

Job done.

Since getting home I've been feeling ill, however. I don't know why but it's that sickly ill. I don't feel like this often and just as well because I bloody hate it.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow?

Oddly I was expecting, and dreading, to get drenched today. They had stated several times it would rain from about midday fit the rest of the day. Never saw a single drop and didn't get home until about 3pm.

I've got a bit of respite at the moment for a few days but early next week things are likely to get ... difficult again.

I don't know why I've had these awkward days and never been handed the ... tools to simply blow them away? Won't really matter as long as it's only for a few more days.

I've kind of been expecting something to happen, you see. I initially thought it may occur between Wednesday, yesterday, and next Monday? I still have three days to go but it will become ... annoying again after Monday.

I'm guessing it would have ... sorted itself out by then?

Or it may need another little push?

We will see.

Monday, 26 October 2015


This ... is ... hilarious!

I have been dumbstruck over the different things, both contradictory and downright wrong, that had been said over the Tory, or more correctly George Osborne's, attempt to cut the Working Tax Credits.
I am certain that Andrew Pierce is completely unaware of the most important point in all this and find his anger and frustration over the result as both puzzling and bewildering.

Hmm now I think about it not that much of a surprise really.

Now I would ask Mr Pierce his he can be shocked and disgusted with a result that was clearly reported that not only was the majority of the public unhappy with but most politicians too, including members of their own party?!

So his moaning about the House of Lords was very correct but for completely the wrong reason. He seems to state that there was nothing wrong with the plan and that it's perfectly OK to be voted in power when it was a lie that swung it for them?


Everywhere else I'm hearing replays of David Cameron being directly asked prior to the election if he will take this Working Tax Credit away and him stating absolutely no way.

Does Andrew Pierce think this was OK then? Dues he also believe that's it's perfectly OK to outright lie about politics going to become more transparent while having absolutely no intention of doing so?
Anyone think the country will feel confident enough to start spending anytime soon? No? Me neither.
I don't know what is more hilarious, this story or the one about the memo to do with Colin Powell in America that now stated a year before the Iraq invasion that Tony Blair would back up George Bush no matter what for invading Iraq?!

What will now sound crazy is I was OK with Iraq, because Saddam was a mad over confident twat and murderer. I also don't like the House of Lords and see them as a complete waste of money in a very long list of wastes of money!

What I get irate about I'd the absolute bollocks and complete incompetent way that they go about these things. Also in good long it takes with the Iraq invasion.

I will never understand quite how they continue to get away with these things. It begs belief. Also the man in charge of the investigation over the Iraq war, taking God knows how many years and hundreds of millions to finance, was unaware of this memo?! Are you kidding me?! Seriously?

It seems even when these wankers have dragged the entire country, or countries more correctly, into the mire and kept it there for six years they still don't care about the money they fritter away week after week, month after month, year after year?

So what do they do about it?

Jail anyone? No.

Punish anyone? No.

Make those ultimately responsible to pay in any way? Well ... NO!

So what do they do?

Well what one idiot with an over inflated view of himself is to take money away from those not responsible for any of this to make himself look good, to ultimately become Prime Minister. But how?

Well by taking away Working Tax Credits, I thought a stupid idea when it was introduced anyway. Except I also hear that families affected will lose well over £1,000 per year. I also heard it will affect 3 million families! For those not figured this one out ...

That's 3 Million multiplied by 1,000 pounds.

Or 3 million times £1,400 approx. I can't even immediately work out hire big that is! One thousand four hundred times 3 million pounds! 4,200 million pounds! Hmm now billions are worked out differently in the UK to his it is in America. 1,000 million is a billion. I think in America. That's 4.2 billion using the American scale.

Oh ... yeah and that's each year until the Conservatives bring in something to redress the balance! Which I've heard could be five years.

At the end of it, had it worked, the Tories would have repeatedly waxed lyrical about how clever they are and how good they served Britain by bringing the deficit down! Well ... NO, you wouldn't have been brilliant and no you wouldn't have been the ones responsible for getting it down.

You fucking idiot, George Osborne!

Good God, no wonder people preach that these people are secretly lizard scaled aliens in disguise? They certainly act inhuman and think everyone else is birth inferior and an idiot!

Ahhh ... well ... maybe those that voted then in? There is an argument there?

Maybe now readers will realise why I was so, so surprised when they got the votes they did? I also heard someone state that they believed a very large number of people that did vote then in are now regretting it.

Only taken six years for them to realise. Lol!

Even better is George Osborne's reported fury and intentions of getting back at the House of Lords by more political bollocks that will piss everyone off my putting his lackies into the House of Lords to her the votes he needs.

Mr Osborne, if you had any agreement or fact idea about simply stepping in and becoming Prime Minister in the future ... well you can bloody well forget that now! Lmao!

Someone else in the media stated that now they found Tony Blair guilty ... well the journalists did while it was an absolute certainty that that other waste of money, the Chilcot Inquiry, would not, there will still be no punishment.

A bonafide example like no other of the different laws where they don't apply to one lot, who oddly have the necessary money to hire lawyers to enforce laws against poor people way, way mire tributary than they commit. While the other lot have no right to legal representation against serious crimes, or false allegations or charges, made against them.

Quite how I live in a world where these wankers can preach and lecture others along with other countries about honest, decency and human rights simply has my head spinning in disbelief!
The fact that these two things have both occurred in a very sorry discs of time has me rubbing my hands together with glee. Because happening together shows once and for all that the system is more broken, twisted, wrong and as corrupt as it's ever been.

It also has taken place right now, right on top of my own endeavours going ... around the media lot. Well unless it's ... well, stopped? Lol!

My own country send to never want to cease in both amazing me and disgusting me?

What will they all do next?

What will journalists find and reveal next?

Will the British public ever learn from the constant mistakes they have continued to make for what is now being measured by decades?

The next three years are going to be extremely interesting.

For me these two things alone have surely shown that you just cannot vote the way you have in previous ... decades.

Then you have our stuff coming out followed by a couple more years of even more things hitting the headlines. Surely after all that has gone before and all that will be will make certain that Britain had to follow others lead for once? Surely?!

Or perhaps reveal that the general election is rigged? Because for me and similar result to what had gone previously would have to have been rigged.

Despite the last election I don't think the British public can be anywhere near that naive.

Well I guess I'll be watching it unfold on TV from an overseas country, by the time it comes around?
My own endeavours would have been carved in stone by then and become widely known among most of the public. Maybe even the world?

After all, what do you think of the Chinese leader being asked to invest billions in building and running nuclear plants in the UK, guaranteeing them profit (i.e. we pay if they don't make profit), and then ferrying him around in a horse drawn carriage made of gold?

Umm ... they are aware that China is a communist country, right?!

Don't they have books at Eton other than on his to tell lies? Yeah ... you might want to throw out all the books in your library if I'm right? Lmao!

Jesus Christ! What incompetence will they show next?!

Time always tells me and Mr Pierce? If you plan rid of something it's a good idea to have a replacement ready to go!

You don't get a manufacturer making just one car stopping production then waiting five years to launch the replacement, you dummy!

This came out of the blue, after several repeated promises they would not do it and with no answer to good they are going to replace it which means you don't even have to ask if this is way off! Lol! No answer equals ... way, way off!

Equals incompetence by people running a country?!

Oh dear.

EDIT: Just had a late thought. Where are all the Members of Parliament who voted in favour of war in Iraq? How come none have come out to condemn the blighter Blair and state they would never have voted in favour had they known? Why are the journalists not approaching these MPs to ask their reaction and if they would have voted differently if they knew?

That would apply the inordinate pressure that would be fully deserved!

I shed a tear when George Bush said what he did in Congress, "Thank you for coming friend". Now I feel utterly cheated, manipulated and used and I didn't even vote for the twat!

Tax credits: Lords vote to delay controversial cuts -


Well ... now it will never be a long time to wait.

Previously though that has not been the case. Regarding the ... case! Lol!

However I realised it was pointless saying any more until I was absolutely sure. I was absolutely sure three weeks back but I still decided to wait.

Well Id did initially start by stating I do not trust anyone. I also stated that I was right in 100% of my investigations but was not able to investigate courts and judges. I needed to be able to go through the entire process ... though I did this indirectly ... kind of. Lol.

I could reveal it all but this would be foolhardy...due to the fact that some very unsavoury characters, two in particular involved directly in the case and both shaking with fear regarding me right now, as I made promises I have kept and intend to keep!

I really need to ... well, be there. Prevention is better than cure and all that jazz.

Well I am in the dark right now about this ... I am ... unable to plan and give a date because I suspected that the planning ... well might be taken out of my hands. Not in a bad way.

Recent statements have actually shown that I look to be quite correct in this, though still al little fuzzy in the details.

So all I can state right now is that after several really annoying and lengthy extensions that it is not only over but has been over for a while now. Trust me on that one.

No doubts on that score at all ... just not too sure how it is going to play right now. There could be a waiting period over a ... let us just say 'purchase' and then a surprise might be sprung. God I better act surprised when it happens, having the closest person to you being sop smart that you can actually predict the actions of someone that you are not supposed to know that well might be too disappointing?

Because of this I do not give it much thought into working out exactly what and when it will happen but it has had a couple of days to be put into practise. A couple more days and it might well be in place and I am suspecting that anywhere between this Wednesday, the 28th October, and the following Wednesday at the latest, the 4th November, it will be sprung.

This is the 'taking things out of my hands' I referred to, lol.

I am also starting to think that with each day now that passes that anyone visiting here that have been wondering what in the hell I have been on about will actually find out elsewhere. Like in the News Media. In fact it may even turn out to be the case that visitors here may read about it or hear about it in the coming days or couple of weeks and not even realise that what they are reading about is me and what I have been alluding to.

Trust me when I say that if this does turn out to be the case with some of you that despite all the I have alluded to previously there will be utter shock when the link is made. Absolutely no doubts on that particular score!

In fact once the dust settles there will be stunned visitors, maybe even many that stopped returning for whatever reason, who will then be hit with "oh my bleeping GOD! So this is what he was referring to?!" when they thought I was being over the top or pandering to some goal or another.

No goals. Just straight forward truth and when the time comes it will be abundantly clear why I was cagey about it and did not reveal all the details.

In fact I have spent several days now with my mind turning towards other aspects of all this. The possibilities that will present themselves with the fallout. I also need to advise my 'partner in crime' on what they should do, or ask what they would like to do, now all this is done. Well ... not really 'done' as such, just the very hard and lengthy part is done.

In comparison to the last four years and because things needed are now not so needed any more and that being a very long way off ... things will happen relatively ... quickly. In comparison.

This may well be all relative. It may not appear quickly to some ... umm even me, lol.

Oh God there I go alluding once more! Well not for long ... I just have to make sure that it is safe to reveal things and right now it is not. I need to know a few things first. I need to be somewhere else when the local reveals are made. I need to assess the situation for any pitfalls or dangers.

After all the hard work and the waiting I just want to be sure that in a short space of time it does not all come to naught?!

Umm ... yeaaaah ... when things are revealed you might exclaim as to how this could possibly happen, when your aware of certain ... details? Trust me when I will explain this too ... and I will even point out that most of the details have been on this blog for a very long time too!

One or two smarter visitors may well have worked all this out and know exactly what it is I am going to reveal ... except for the ... details of the final outcome, so to speak?

In fact this is regarding what would be considered the most outlandish story and claims I have ever put on here, make no mistake. No matter what else I have put about anyone else, though proof is provided for all ... I think or nearly all, this is the most fantastic of them all ...

Proof final and ultimate of the outcome of my most outlandish ... hmm was going to put anecdote but that ... just does not come close to qualifying!

My most outlandish and horrific story and claims?

Yeah that sounds better.

All the while for a few years before I started and the 3 years plus I have been posting and all that I have done and all that I have shown and the 4 cases won and my 100% record and all the while something absolutely humongous has been waiting in the wings.

Something I have invested the most time in, made the most sacrifices for and paid out the most money, all my PIPs for the last ten months and then some, to complete.

No exaggeration and there will be others that will come on here and state ... errr things! Lol.

And no they ont be stating them on here exclusively either. Like I said ... a news media ban is to be lifted, if it has not done so already. A solicitor has stated repeatedly for four years that they want to go to the media. A solicitor that has stated all along that the case just keeps on getting bigger and bigger to the point that judges started to say this too.

As i understand it there has been well over 30 court appearances alone, not including meetings with solicitors off course.

  1. Magistrates Court
  2. Civil Court
  3. Family Court
  4. Crown Court
  5. High Court
  6. Supreme Court
These are the courts I have heard mentioned.

I also believe a little squirming and wriggling out of things has occurred but I will not know this for sure until I have read all the legal paraphernalia.

I am not even going top bother to TAG (label if your Google) this one. Just for the regular visitors anyway.

However where one big giant door closes this now leads to many other doors that are not off in the far distance that no matter how fast you run appear to stay the same or get smaller, or further away. There are now several doors and some with both names on and some with only theirs or mine on.

In fact it has been within my power to get one of these days opening, albeit slowly, at any point along the way. As a matter of fact one of these doors has always been a little open from very early on in the life of this blog. Someone who was paying attention to me and the blog, at least they was in the beginning.

Who might this be?

Well that would be a Literary Agent, though I am not stating which one!

I could have started that ball rolling at any point on the life of this blog but I decided not to. In fact I decided that many things that I could do, as I have so often done in the past, will be put off or delayed until things are well and truly over.

Though my love life has been non-existent for soo long I am not sure I could find one now ... or even if I wanted one?! Lol.

So you want to know how sure I am? Well I do not lie and it is a fact, it is done and all dues are paid and if I maybe add that I have typed up both a report and several letters witht he intentions of sending off to several literary agents?

Not ... just ... yet. By the weekend though, most definitely!

There were some ... difficulties ... I could say a couple of dark days about a week back but these were quite unnecessarily caused by people I know and were to do with all this, yes. But that was lived through, dealt with and avoided. Others are now wise enough to keep the greyhounds at bay. Umm look up what they call the ... things they put greyhounds in before the off, lol.

Hmm ... maybe if a literary agents does not reply with blinkers or very dark Ray-Bans on I might get to tell them of my other 11 blogs and their subject matters?! Oops, lol!

Hmm maybe I might even get the time and space to continue the novels I started writing a little over ten years ago I gave up due to .... umm well all this! Or more specifically public services not doing their jobs, lying, refusing to help legitimate people using more lies, fraud and other bollocks.

Hmm stay tuned sounds corny. Hmm so does watch this space. Listen out for thunder might be more apt?


Sunday, 25 October 2015


Fore-note: I typed this out about ten days back, at a wild guess. I held it back a little longer than I thought I would, in all honesty. Anyone remember me previously mentioning anything about the numbers coming up? Did anyone link that reference back to a post that was titled 'TEN'? Oops. LMAO!

Well it is edging closer. To … something. Lol.

After many months of pondering about sorting out my house and clearing out a great many things I have made a big start.

I sit hear listening to Chris Isaak's Wicked Game while surfaces once cluttered are now clear. Most of the day has been spent working on this, throwing out large quantities and cleaning and polishing and indeed have not spent so much time of any day doing this.

I am beat.

But I have to keep going and there are days ahead when other things need to be moved … at the last minute and things I use a great deal.

I glance around the room and imagine my bedroom which still needs work, hence why I have to keep on going. There are furniture items that can be tossed away allowing for far more space to be made available.

There are two lists of things to be done to the house while I am away. One will definitely be done while the other list is a maybe. A definite maybe.

I do not have a date. Yet. Not far away now and absolutely no more than four days. Hmm, four?

Let us just say that I have a gut feeling and a recent text message has me thinking that things will go as I expected they might.

It will only be a matter of weeks before I am working on the final phase.

What that is will remain a mystery … for now.

I am processing collections of my items in my head and working out what can be moved and where to. But two things remain a problem. There is, however, a solution albeit a tricky one.

Not long now for me to see if a group of my predictions start to materialise or not, as the case may well be. Not for all.

Of course there are the various … traps and like leading a horse from a field to a stable I will simply and gently pull on the rope. In a manner of speaking as the reality will be someone stronger than my metaphorical statement might suggest.

There are the possibilities and soon the three main ones will get their chance to happen. Not happening will make things look very suspicious and of course I will be here to explain all that.

Some clues?

  • Paper 'B'
  • Papers 'T'
  • People 'B'
  • Pursuit 'D'

The four P's.

Hmm rather like those sets of four DVDs?! Weird.

I expect a cascade. Like nothing I have experienced before and a great many things too.

Those hooked on dreams and their pursuit and their meaning in every sense of the word are going to gape wide eyed at this blog. Not once, twice or even three times and that I can assure you.

I expect large numbers of people to finally realise it jaw dropping awe.

Those familiar with things I have posted in the past, some I will remind everyone of or point out to anyone new, will start to make a great deal of sense.

I have been sowing seeds. Granted, I have published a great deal of evidence on a great many people and organisations. These were seeds. Hmm seeds you can see but not quite knowing what, if anything, would come of them.

I did warn from the start that I do see things through.

There was never any chance of me reaching my ending, short of dying mysteriously.

The darkness is turning to grey. This process will continue and increase in speed.

Right now I am thinking of the next four days. Damn it! That number four once again! Lol.

I am expecting something within the next three days … though I am expecting a surprise visit to my home. Hmm … I might actually get that visit I expected four years ago?

I am assuming the media ban was lifted.

A meeting took place recently and this was post signing off on a case. This could only be one of three things …

  • Papers
  • Pursuit 'Me'
  • Movement 'M'

I have not been informed of the nature of the meeting which is rather curious and gives my prediction some clout of notability.

I expect something in the next three days. Lol!

After this … a series of posts regarding … my visions.

Also time to come clean … but this could take a while.

Three days to notification. Possibly four and then another four awaiting the necessary transportation to another destination.

Preparation is everything.

Very much expect not to wait very long for some big and very good news. Well yes I already have said good news. All in good time and I will explain why when the time comes.

Timing is everything.

Apologies if you do not like things being ... well, cryptic. Lol.

Saturday, 24 October 2015


The men in suits with the extra button and wavy arms.

The predictions made regarding weather and all seemed good to leave the house.

But water fell most of the day followed by what appeared to be tempest like conditions.

Try they tell to convince us of the distant future.

When the day that follows is light years away.

So that's enough of poetically taking the piss out of the Met Office and weathermen.

Good God, my feet hurt. However, not in the usual way. I finally got some new shoes. Things did not go according to plan. In fact of I was the owner of hiking store Millets I'd feel quite embarrassed by the end of this.

I decided on the pair I had wanted for awhile but ... but in my size. So I decided to look elsewhere. I had already visited both Brent Cross and Harlow and don't remember seeing a Millets. I checked their website and the next closest store was in St Albans?! This was odd as I know ice been to another store somewhere. Just could not recall.

I decided to go to Wood Green and thought there must be one there but no. I had already checked Sports Direct in Enfield and I tried the one in Wood Green along with every other shoe retailer. Nothing.

All those shops selling shoes and all of them nothing more than fashionista stores. Not very functional outside of standing in a question at the cinema or nightclub.


I returned to Millets in Enfield as they said they could get them in, in two days. Only I didn't realise until later that this involved having to actually buy the fecking things. I agreed without thinking of the consequences but was told that they only had size ten anyway?!

So I returned upstairs to look for others, which had to have Ortholite insoles the sand as the pair I had. I picked out three pairs and they stated the same thing they had when I picked out two pairs on my orbits visit ... "Sorry, nothing bigger than size 8"?!

"What the hell?! Do all male hikers and mountain climbers in a ten mile radius of this site all have tiny feet?!" I asked and was met with a smile.

I ended up picking out a pair of Hi-Tec and not the Salamons or Merrels I had wanted. Half the price too. Yeah they bloody well had those in stock. Turned out the were the new version of what I was wearing at the time.

All seemed well until I had then three days and they had dug into the dorsal section of my arches on both feet but the right was beginning to hurt.

Damn it!

How can you walk into a store that sells hiking shoes and the first five pairs you pick out are not in stock in anything bigger than a size 8?!

I cannot wear the new shoes again until the pain eases. It seems to have dug right into my skin to tender a section very tender. Didn't happen with the older version of these shoes!

I hope I don't end up binning these bloody things.

I can't even rest my left foot over my right while lying on my bed, it's that tender.

Still. Won't dampen my mood or take the smile off my face.

Because that last week was bit to become the week of what might have been ... for that was the week that was!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


My word, this was sad and something of a shock.

Backbench Labour MP Michael Meacher had died aged 75.

I spoke to him via email briefly back in December 2012 and he had heard about me and my blog and made a couple of requests.

We never spoke much and I never found out how he had used my data or what data he used.

He was pitching a battle in the House of Commons against Iain Duncan-Smith of the Conservatives regarding a company called Atos who were tasked with getting disabled people off Disability Living Allowance.

Yes that is what I said and that was what they were doing.

I had several run ins with them but they were wise enough in the end to avoid meeting me. A shame as I had collected evidence that they were both dishonest and corrupt. I had several lots of evidence on them but that was not all. Most disabled people as well as everyone else assumed that this only involved Atos.

It didn't, it involved the Department of Work and Pensions and I manipulated them into issuing a dozen letters and documents regarding my years of applications and their constant refusals before I declared something, made a deliberate Freedom Of Information request while requesting all medical evidence they had on me.

They burned it all and no longer existed!

Except that I not only had evidence that they formerly had it but that I knew they would burn it.
It was really very simple. Well once you looked at who was involved and his they did it. There had to be assurances to General Practitioners and Doctors that the lies they put in letters and forms had to be burned in the event that anyone made a legal request.

Done and done!

Not only did I predict to tens of thousands of people how they did it, I proved it too.

That data is all here in the form of letters, results, emails and best of all dozens of secretly recorded audio. Including one Doctor being directly accused by me of faking test results and him admitting it.
Of course those that have looked around would have then realised that despite the serious nature of my endeavours and what I acquired it was just the tip of the iceberg.

I have performed the same ... let's say 'clever' methods to a couple of local councils, one just paid out three quarters of a million in damages over it, two Police Forces along with other public services. 

This also involved mid than half a dozen retail outlets and all the Ombudsman to all the above too.
But as I said I do not know what Michael Meacher used but did hear his wife make a statement that was something I had stated on this blog.

More importantly he asked permission to send elements of my data to the news media. I believe I answered "knock yourself out", and I thought I might find out from him one day what he used.

That was January 2013 and I've heard much of my stuff and some similar, think did their own thing, in the news very regularly. In fact I often poke fun that's it's not news and has been on here for months and even well over a year.

Sad that he died and I find it also odd that the one MP who bothered to contact me remained the only one and had now sadly died.

I thought there might be a possibility of us meeting in the not too distant future as I would not be that far from him in a months time. That will obviously not happen.

But then I don't trust members of parliament so did not know quite how any meeting might go. 

Would have been nice to find out there was someone in the House of Commons with the countries best interest at heart. And by saying 'country' I mean the people. Not Fat-Cats out rich owners of large businesses and even the monarchy, especially after what I have discovered this last year or two.
Not and never will be a good idea to base the countries best interests on a mere few people who have not a clue about real life, the people out indeed reality in general. People like that never have and lately proved they have absolutely no clue. The best interests of the people I'd never found in treating them like children, with contempt or like we are ask village idiots.

Are we out of the woods yet? Well there you go.

It's a shame too, his passing, as I thought I would shock him before very long and hence why I thought he might request meeting me.

Story of my life.

He now joins a list of people I can never, ever prove myself to. Hmm let's see? My father (killed by the BBC), my grandmother (killed by corruption in the NHS), my Uncle (never told real story of his death), old Ken (kidney cancer), Axolotl Eddie (killed by incompetence by a hospital) and a man called Chris (brain tumour).

So six people in that list and now joined by Michael Meacher.

There is one other ... but he is still alive ... somewhere. I think?

I hope Baroness Meacher is coping with her loss. Sorry to hear of this happening.

Tributes paid to veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher -

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


What a strange day.

Water fountains flow in the autumn sun in a place previously hidden.

It is an era of an eve.

Melodies play while voice speaks of the games people play.

Ducks paddle in miniature square ponds.

People stand about enjoying the warm rays of gold while others take photographs.
It is a time for pondering.

To research avenues that may be needed and via no more than through though processes.

Annoying when all one awaits is the next number in a series of numbers.

Watchers whisper to the wind waiting impatiently to be proved right.

While the one wonders to the days ahead with fear and trepidation.

Through life one gambles, the game unfortunate but inevitable.

The gambles on occasion hold the highest stakes.

To succeed lack of focus will ruin the day forcing one to rue.

In the end those who have lost must learn again to live.

Buy they must pay a price.

To some the price is high.

To others the price would be greater and attached with longevity.

It is a melancholy day.

A day of distraction.

For the final outcome is imminent.

The path trod nearing its destination.

The outcome inevitable.

The prices to pay lay patiently in wait.

The truth is nigh.

There remains no more running.

For there are no destinations until the truth will out.

Will this be the week of what might have been?

Not long to wait now.

The sun's fading energy warms the clothing.

I am left wondering if that sun will turn cold?

A winter of nothing more than that melancholy sun.

Monday, 19 October 2015


I cannot quite believe the headline of the story in the BBC that reports hate crimes towards the disabled!

Hate crimes towards the disabled?! Are you for real?!

Hmm now let's see ... there is of course only one possibility... I don't see Blue Badge stealing as a hate crime, though I could guess as to which group are likely to be the perpetrators.

I've seen plenty of evidence without having to go very far from my home location of people cheating the system. Fully fit people with not only Blue Badges but also in very expensive cars paid for by the taxpayer. I have had this pointed out so often just in Enfield alone it's a complete joke.

Oddly enough it is always certain groups of people when one group I know, which is anyone British born, they are given nothing at all while having serious difficulties. Serious mobility difficulties too.

Yet each time I've had various people point out neighbours I often get to watch, as I'm always smoking outside, and see them then left scratching my head.

I certainly hope that this is what the report below states. Even so anyone disabled getting a hard time of it will always get my help highlighting this.

Anyone cheating anything will also get my wrath.

Disability hate crime: New PSNI campaign after 44 reports in six months -


In a what is a very nice excuse and relief to step away from the subject matter of my most popular blog I get a chance to add a long overdue post to this one.

I must say that I have been very, very interested in the new study of solar systems other than our own. Well Pluto, Water on Mars, the James Webb Telescope (primary interest when launched) and new moon missions are a close second.

I have been expecting some oddities to be discovered during this time along with series or realisations that lead to new ideas and technology.

The sudden focusing on these Extra Solar Planets and their systems made me ponder as to the possibility that some other signal might come through? Of course the report popped up with the idea of pointing satellite dishes of large diameter, and multi arrays, towards systems with planets likely to be able to sustain life. Because it is here you are likely to be able to pick up a signal of possible alien life.

Of course you have to remember that no signal dies not mean no life exists. Your looking for civilisations that are advanced enough to have the technology to broadcast signals.

Now to put us into perspective when it comes down to some kind of first contact...

How long have we had the technology to broadcast a signal?

In the grand scheme of things we have barely invented it. Then I ponder to how long any potential contact had been able to broadcast a signal? A thousand years? Maybe tens of thousands of years?

Below is a link to an extremely interesting article that states scientists have reported some bizarre data regarding one of the star systems it's been looking at. Some mixed signals, they say, seem to suggest a civilisation?!

I had thought I might get to hear or read something like this but thought it would likely be in around five years or so when the James Webb Telescope was in orbit.

This early a sign is something of a pleasant and very welcome surprise!

Maybe if I can post more on this on my other blog it might make the human beings behaving like animals and idiots stop and think for a moment?

A little bit of perspective.

'Bizarre' star may suggest existence of 'alien civilisation' say scientists -


I am on a bus I've never been on before.

Going to a place I have only been to once and only briefly but thought about it a lot the last few years.

It's the only thing I could think of to do.

I'm having a bad couple of days ... something of an understatement I'm afraid.

I'm not going into this right now but will at a later date ... except I don't know when ... which is kind of the problem ... sort of.

Many of my usual destinations have been totally ruled out for today and the next couple of days. May possibly be longer than that. Again I'll get to this later ..  umm I hope!

Oddly the place I'm going has a lot of ... shops but I have no money presently to spend. Lmao!

I needed new scenery and the pitstop between bus routes seem to suggest this may help?

I've found myself in a very unusual hole and it's one I simply never foresaw. I suspected something like it which would have occurred in five days time but not this and not now.

To say the wind has been blown out of my sails simply would not do it justice.

I'm both depressed and furious in a manner of speaking but it's the former and not the latter that has been winning that war.

I've questioned my faith in human nature a fair deal in the last few days.

I've also questioned if posting on these blogs is a good idea any longer? I won't know the answer to that for awhile either.

I have 48 hours more of this and my phone is playing up doing this as usual but with a new trick of making the keyboard disappear every couple of minutes, like then, for no reason!

My other phone had been running apps on its own and tried to buy music or something couple days back!

Weird, annoying and worrying times indeed.

I dearly hope the scenery is very much brighter 48 to 96 hours from now?!


Friday, 16 October 2015


Been awhile now since I saw a ridiculous story I wanted to post about but I have one.

Admittedly I have not been looking all that hard.

I have been ... preoccupied and distracted by other things. But I read this story involving an absolutely stupid, childish and a series of harassments and fines to a member of the public for a refuse system that was ill conceived.

Ill conceived just about everywhere.

I am speaking about a local council and once again yet another one I have never covered that shows that it does not matter where in England you are they are stupid, unfair and prance about like they are above the law and preying upon the public they were tasked to serve!

This time around it is Stoke-on-Trent.

It also reminds me of something that I not only need to keep in mind but may also be the very same reason that my situation appears to have people ... meddling.

Because they constantly act in the most ridiculous manner when it comes to money, think they are above the law and that the laws do not apply to them.

Except I have proved that they do.

It also reminds me that where a serious and horrific situation is exposed and failures beyond your wildest imagination occurs that this must, and does occur everywhere. Right across the board.
Now with this on mind ... in the wake of not only exposing something extremely serious that there should follow the necessary checks and changes across the board?

I am going to go with the fact that this is naturally assumed by many visitors.

So if a serious horrific find is not followed by an England wide check and investigation?!

In this instance the story in Stoke is one regarding a man who was taken to court and fined over where he left his bin. Yes, I did type 'BIN'!

What I liked most of all is the victim's one line comment to reporters which was "what is this world coming to?"

It is comments like this I have been both expecting and waiting for, for a very long time. I'm expecting a proverbial tsunami of these in the coming months and throughout the whole of 2016.

Compared to a while series of laws they have been proved of breaking recently and the serious and horrific acts they have taken out really will put their actions in pathetic court cases like these into a very clear perspective that they will never EVER live down even if you gave them fifty years.

I never considered before but in the north of England and elsewhere you can get these residencies with narrow footpaths and disjointed houses along with little in the way of a front yard or garden. Because these wheelie bins van be quite large you see.

This man had trouble moving the thing about and they expected you to keep the wheelie bin inside your home?!

Are they fecking serious?

I think they are forgetting quite completely his refuse collection was started and why it is there?

I am also wondering how long it will be before everyone is expected to turn yo at the council tip themselves with their refuse and already separated so the council can ship it out quickly to get the cash in? By then the annual council tax fee would have gone up another thousand per annum!

Not long after that you will be ordered to drive it fifty miles to a coastal port and place it in the containers on the ship for them?!

Then they will introduce whip punishments for those that don't do it, don't load it correctly or bring enough refuse for them?! Lol!

Yeah. Hmm.

I wonder if these fines are received by other groups within England? I bet not if it was ever looked into.

In fact right there is a hint at something a budding journalist should investigate. Altering approaches regarding laws and fines to different segments of British society. I say this because I know it takes place and is widespread.

Those that can be harassed and gotten away with will increase to tempest like proportions because, put it simply, they can.

What you have then is something that is grossly unfair.

I would wager very big that there is a humongous long list of these imbalances in the actions of the public services and right across England too?!

I would wager also that by the end of the year a while series, or very long list, of these things will be at the starters gate chomping at the bit to get going out of the stalls?


Man fined for leaving bin outside Stoke-on-Trent home -


You know it is always funny.

People and organisations can be read like proverbial books.

This might be confusing for some that are not aware that I blog about corruption and provide evidence? But things always start off easy and then get more difficult. Well … sort of!

There is a waiting time you see. Gradually it gets longer every now and then. What you in effect are doing is waiting for them to get comfortable.

Sometimes I can do this to several groups at once. I kind of suspect that is what I have been doing here?

I should be watching San Andreas right now on Blu-Ray but it just so happens that for the first time ever and by far the worst manufactured optical disc I have ever come across since I started buying CD's in the eighties is sitting around waiting me to take it back to Sainsburys.

You get that annoying sequence where they now force you to watch their clips of other films, or just one film, before you hit the menu area and watch the damn film. By then you have devoured a full on 12 inch pizza by then! PAN was he clip and it seemed to freeze every five seconds for ten seconds!! After twenty minutes of this you get a menu screen but no menu! No film!

Awful … bloody and absolutely awful … Sainsburys and I am almost tempted to ask you if your buying batches of 'seconds' or faulty ones to increase your profit margin?

Now below is a video of me flicking through the memory on my blood pressure monitor and me doing a little monologue to try and make things a little more interesting.

What I have not noted or added on here is that I have known for some time now that I have been getting both high and low blood pressure readings. Think both Hypertension Stage 2 and above down to Postural Hypotension. Hyper means high and Hypo means low.

From all the things I have read on the Internet this is unusual and uncommon. Going to the extremes in both directions rules out the cheap crap drugs they give you to bring it down, like Ramipril. I have been given Ramipril no less than three times. Despite the fact that my blood pressure was dropping so much that I have been rendered unconscious.

Remember this happens while I am standing!

You can make up your own minds.

The NHS may have been thinking for awhile they are free and clear? Oops … I am afraid not!

I have a friend who has been driving me nuts about this, he has seen the readouts being done and seen the … or rather me becoming almost unconscious.

He has driven me mad about going to the GP but I keep telling him I have done so already and even handed in results printed out from my PC. I am going away in around ten days time, or I think I am, and he keeps telling me I should not be going away until I sort out my blood pressure.

He keeps telling me I should have been referred and that the situation is stupid and ridiculous.

I keep telling him that short of holding a gun to their heads there is nothing I can do, it is far too late in the day for referrals at this point and that this is the best GP I have had out of a couple of dozen. In other words if you think this one is bad then consider that I claim the previous ones were far, far worse than this one then what were they like? How bad were they?!

So then … let us just clear that up …

I have had the high readings and now I finally have the low readings of my blood pressure and these have been handed in to my GP and in all honesty I expected a phone-call but never got one. I expected to be told to pick up a prescription for a better drug that is not scraping the barrel and dangerous to me as the NHS so often love to do to patients of late while awarding themselves salaries of several hundred thousand pounds a year or more.


My friend just tuts and rolls his eyes and I explain that I am used to all this by now, I cannot force people to do things and that the fact that they are does not matter anyway as I always expect this now.

I do blog about it too, it plays right into into my predictions, theories plans anyway so why would I complain? The last complaint is two years ago and the PHSO still have not done anything about it and still not asked for the evidence. Umm or they did and did nothing about it and now ant me to fill in the correct form and I keep forgetting! FIBROFOG, which they are well aware of and playing towards! Lol!

In fact my blood pressure readings it doa lot more than that which it appears on first impressions.

So let us do another check then?

  • The high readings mean I should not get stressed out over things so...
  • DO NOT leave me waiting, dont say your going to do things and then not do them and especially with effing lame excuses when mine has a death possibility attached to it …
  • DO NOT do this especially if I am waiting to eat as this I now realise will cause me to fall unconscious if I am not careful and I remind once again I DO have Fibrofog!
  • DO NOT do this under lame excuses from spouses who are clearly insecure and rude and selfish by proxy
  • DO NOT argue with me about my situations in something you have had no knowledge of, experience in nor worked in when I tell you what is happening in my life
  • DO NOT repeat yourself to me with the same things I have heard half a dozen times previously over and over again
  • DO NOT leave me in the dark over something which is close to my heart … err because it can damage my heart ... and other things besides! LOL!
  • DO NOT think you have the upper hand, are a step ahead of me or think you have me on the ropes because I am not in your face over something, this is when I am most dangerous

Do you feel me?

If you do not get it then please refer to the video below for confirmation on what I have now explained and the high and low readings of which I guarantee you have been both higher and lower than those provided.

Anyone getting the impression I am trying to get messages across to people who still feel like they have the upper hand or higher knowledge in a master plan that is as intricate as an Orb Web Spider's ... umm web?

Why would anyone plan or argue in a situation like that?

I do know why but it is something I will get to at a later date … not too far in the future but at a later date of this I assure you.

My GP knows about the legal case and was of the belief that it was this that was raising my blood pressure to high levels and was extremely worried about them and that was prior to discovering it was also dropping far too low.

I laughed and said there was no way it was effecting me and nor did I suffer from what the call the 'White Coat Effect'. The very idea is laughable. To me anyway.

However it is effecting me now.

Because of people in two far away locations and possibly several others.

The case that is.

But this is only because said case has an unusual effect on others. So any pressure, worry, strain, panic or depressing situations will come from both sides. But the stress and pressure from one side is supposed to be something very different. Very different indeed. More of that later on in another post.

However...I do have suspicions that the pressure may be brought about by … let us say interference from other ... factions. Same old, same old.

My grandmother died because of a public service and my father died because of another large corporation. Something I would have loved to have both proved and fought at the time both death took place.

Reminds me of one of the oldest sayings in the book … 'better late than never'.

There was always and still is that the possibility that the same thing, well ... slightly differently, could happen to me and very possibly quite directly too? I mean 'intentionally'. You can never be too careful especially when you have pissed off 90% of the public services and have evidence on most of that same percentage.

I have instilled living fear into a very large list of vastly over paid people that can very really lose both their large salaries and even their liberty.

What I have is not confined to that large percentage of public services either and several private companies are in my hit list.

With every week that goes by more and more opf these organisations and companies become aware of said danger I pose to them.

There are … places were it would be extremely easy to manipulate the scenario too. Except that I had long figured this may turn out to be the case. There are different ways this could be done too.

My phone has been blocking calls, texts and even notifications on Android for several days at a time and then I get a flood of them all at once. Absolutely no exaggeration there at all. Oddly I have now been informed that this is also happening to my 'partner in crime' who is over 200 miles away.

I have never ad this happen before in all the years I have used mobiles and that period runs well over a decade now and I have several people that will testify that eight weeks back it suddenly became impossible to reach me by phone.

I always answer my phone. Well my mobile, not my Virgin land-line which still rings despite the fact no one I know is using it to call me, lol.

This 'disconnection' could be someone meddling to try and cause friction between potential callers and me or it may just be that EE have an absolutely shite telecommunication service? Or at least far more shite then I thought! Well I say 'EE' but it is actually Virgin Media once again but they use EE's network for their mobile service.

Well … Virgin Media's land-line broadband, land-line phone service, computer network and customer services are all really, really shite so maybe it is just them?

The point I am making is that I cannot and do not know for sure.

Until you know anything for certain then all possibilities remain as exactly that … possibilities!

So I held back. I waited to see if there were any signs that someone was ... meddling. Waited to see if the irritable things would start mounting up and increasing in frequency?

Well I have had a week of very irritable things and it is staggering how many there have been and then today there were a whole weeks worth, it seemed, in just one day?!

However not all these are connected. Some are just plain freaky bad luck that just so happens to take place when several other possible connected ones are all occurring.

So yes an unusually high amount and a slow but gradual build up.

Fibrofog is a bloody difficult and frustrating thing to live with … oooh did I forget to point that out? Lol. Yeah every day is stressful to me because of the Fibrofog, six pains in my feet, back hurting most days, knee that can go at any moment along with the pain in my ankles caused by Achilles tendinitis.

Plus my life is fucking boring. Oh and the frozen shoulder and that is without listing several other symptoms that are stressful due to being embarrassing.

I wont mention the heartburn via the Hiatus Hernia or the Oesophagitis. Oh … I just did. Well not in detail then!

Remember I live alone. Partly because I have forced myself too and sacrificed a great deal for so very long a time.

So I can do without know it alls that know nothing along with lazy people or people who just like to complain all the time or unreliable people that state they do something not once but several times over and fail to do them.

This annoys me because I have all the excuses and I never need to use them … until someone ignores my long list of symptoms and expects me to do something that to me these days appears super-human. There are only so many super-human things I can do. Never the ones that they want me to do, that is for certain!

So the pressure, the expectations and everything else I have mentioned are supposed to stop. Except that they haven't. Ignorance over more lame excuses I get fed up with hearing. Funny as I am told people are fed up with hearing things that are always major but I get to hear things several times over that are trivial or could have been very easily avoided.

People end up in bottomless pits of their own creation but it is always someone else's fault. If said pit is bottomless ... then do not fucking jump in!

I know that much of the frustration I am getting is because many are hoping and praying that things turn out the way that they want them to. The way that they expected them too. I will get to that at a much later date too.

Now at the precipice of my own creation I am watching and listening to people doing cartwheels and loudly preaching their expectations on my situations at a time I thought it would now surely end? But no. The protestations just get louder, they get more unreliable, more insistent or anything else that is possible in these situations.

Good grief I finally know how Charlie Brown feels! LMAO!

What are you supposed to do in these situations with people like this?

I do not like using my ailments to put pressure on people in an attempt to wake up but they are so insistent and so sure they are right every single time, even when they have been proved wrong every single time.

My old mate Old Ken would be shaking his head that even after all that I have done in the last 5 years that the people around me behave the way that they do. Especially when now and for very serious health reasons they should not be doing this anyway!

He would say something like "they cannot possibly know and have never done this, why are they arguing and telling you how it is in a situation you have worked towards for 20 years?" then preach and pressure me about attempting to be a Radio DJ and was sure I would get hundreds of thousands of listeners in no time at all. No, Ken! Lol.

Remember this is not their field they are arguing about and have never done anything even remotely close to this before but is something I have worked in and so have some experience and this is something that I had not only devised but spent most of my adult life working towards.

But this accounts for nothing when people with absolutely no experience of this whatsoever want to insist fully upon their opinions of what they think is really going on. *SIGH*

The darkness and Fibrofog I find myself in because of health and because of one particular individual is not helping matters either and has not now for some time.

If I try to amend the situation … try to insist on the situation or point out the flaws in their statements then the vicious circle will be complete once again for the umpteenth time.

I will be a 'twat', it will all be my fault and I will be accused of thinking I know everything and history will repeat itself all over again. 

Once again up goes the blood pressure.

Well ... except it wont. History will no repeat itself again.Because my plans are intricate and always have been ...

I have held back on many things ...

There are a number of actions I could make tomorrow. I could have taken these avenues weeks ago ... no months ago! I have not acted upon these possibilities during the entire duration of these blogs.

If the situation I am in looks like a repeat of history then I will have to take these avenues for I was left with no choice. One of them I would have taken anyway on about a month's time. But for a very long time I have been working hard to build up a proverbial log pile under it's arse so that when the time comes to ignite the pile it will rocket skywards in the shortest time possible.

Well that is one of ... umm ... let me fink?! I think there are three possibilities? Hmm possibly four? Hard to see until I try to put those plans into action.

Oddly these would be easier to do if I remained in London anyway, lol. Well ... if they built up any steam that is.

You ever wanted a good definition of a Catch 22 situation? I just gave you half a dozen intertwined ones!

Sunday, 11 October 2015


It is 7am.

I lie here nursing yet another broken heart.

How did this happen?

It has been fourteen years!

I have had a very solemn twenty four hours which only increased to levels beyond that I have known for a very, very long time. Well on the subject of love, that is.

Yesterday while I was out and about performing various chores while finally remembering to grab some caffeine laden tea for the first time in a week I remembered something from my past. It was something that when remembered was excruciating.

In my university days I had up something of a barrier. A barrier that had started to go up every now and then. I had got … talking to someone at the university … a woman … a very nice woman. Due to a fear that had started to build inside me by way of previous events I was a little too nervous. It caused me to make a stupid mistake. A very embarrassing one.

That was, my word, 18 years back now.

Remembering my mistake caused me to wince internally as if it was just yesterday. I had long forgotten that.

Last night I had a disturbing dream. It involved me falling in love and in my dream this was … simply bliss. I had not felt this for the longest of times. It was involving the woman I mentioned. In fact despite eerily familiar the lady in question was not from my history.

Maybe someone I had seen in the media I had thought was perfect? I do not know.

Just as bizarrely she was knocking on the door of a friend I lost several years back. She had asked for something and we went around to take what she had asked for, think it was pizza? Our eyes locked far too many times to be a coincidence and she enquired about me.

Upon leaving I had only gotten 100 yards and I had to go back … had to give her my number. She seemed overjoyed that I had.

We saw each other regularly and the passion and romance was like putting a match to a field of dried grass and the relationship consumed me and I was only too willing to let myself go. Not something I have done in reality for a very long time.

Then something happened that things are a little foggy about.

There was another guy at some point and we had not seen eye to eye on something. He was jealous of the exquisite beauty I was wrapped up in. He made a series of remarks about her while my back was turned and I noticed she was lapping it up just as she had done with me.

My heart severed down the middle from end to end when I realised that she simply loved attention and what I thought was love for me was nothing of the kind.

I started to wake up. Feeling another heartbreak taking place was likely too much and I had somehow jolted myself awake. As I was coming around there were further flashes.

Briefly I had fast forwarded in time to a point that my lady of exquisite beauty was alone and sad. I was bewildered by the picture in my dream. I delved deeper into this to discover that she herself had a broken heart. As I enquired into this realisation it became clear that her broken heart was over losing me.

I had been different. She had not realised this at the time. She had when I was gone.

I was awake.

I was nursing a broken heart.

How did this happen?

More importantly, why did this happen?

It is 7am.

Walls have little effect in dreams.

Quite why I have been through this 24 hour period of love recollections I do not know. I find it both bizarre and intriguing in a scary way.

I am days away from my life being rocketed skyward.

For many months afterwards a great many things will change. It will take six months to a couple of years before things settle down.

I then have to begin the process of repairing the long list of damages created by various public services they have spent twenty years destroying.

Some will be lengthy.

Some will be expensive.

Some things will be irreparable.

Many things I have divulged. Some things I have not.

But by the end of it all and by the precious little I hold dear I swear that they will all know and that they will have no room for manoeuvre and no where left to run.

The countdown has already begun.