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This ... is ... hilarious!

I have been dumbstruck over the different things, both contradictory and downright wrong, that had been said over the Tory, or more correctly George Osborne's, attempt to cut the Working Tax Credits.
I am certain that Andrew Pierce is completely unaware of the most important point in all this and find his anger and frustration over the result as both puzzling and bewildering.

Hmm now I think about it not that much of a surprise really.

Now I would ask Mr Pierce his he can be shocked and disgusted with a result that was clearly reported that not only was the majority of the public unhappy with but most politicians too, including members of their own party?!

So his moaning about the House of Lords was very correct but for completely the wrong reason. He seems to state that there was nothing wrong with the plan and that it's perfectly OK to be voted in power when it was a lie that swung it for them?


Everywhere else I'm hearing replays of David Cameron being directly asked prior to the election if he will take this Working Tax Credit away and him stating absolutely no way.

Does Andrew Pierce think this was OK then? Dues he also believe that's it's perfectly OK to outright lie about politics going to become more transparent while having absolutely no intention of doing so?
Anyone think the country will feel confident enough to start spending anytime soon? No? Me neither.
I don't know what is more hilarious, this story or the one about the memo to do with Colin Powell in America that now stated a year before the Iraq invasion that Tony Blair would back up George Bush no matter what for invading Iraq?!

What will now sound crazy is I was OK with Iraq, because Saddam was a mad over confident twat and murderer. I also don't like the House of Lords and see them as a complete waste of money in a very long list of wastes of money!

What I get irate about I'd the absolute bollocks and complete incompetent way that they go about these things. Also in good long it takes with the Iraq invasion.

I will never understand quite how they continue to get away with these things. It begs belief. Also the man in charge of the investigation over the Iraq war, taking God knows how many years and hundreds of millions to finance, was unaware of this memo?! Are you kidding me?! Seriously?

It seems even when these wankers have dragged the entire country, or countries more correctly, into the mire and kept it there for six years they still don't care about the money they fritter away week after week, month after month, year after year?

So what do they do about it?

Jail anyone? No.

Punish anyone? No.

Make those ultimately responsible to pay in any way? Well ... NO!

So what do they do?

Well what one idiot with an over inflated view of himself is to take money away from those not responsible for any of this to make himself look good, to ultimately become Prime Minister. But how?

Well by taking away Working Tax Credits, I thought a stupid idea when it was introduced anyway. Except I also hear that families affected will lose well over £1,000 per year. I also heard it will affect 3 million families! For those not figured this one out ...

That's 3 Million multiplied by 1,000 pounds.

Or 3 million times £1,400 approx. I can't even immediately work out hire big that is! One thousand four hundred times 3 million pounds! 4,200 million pounds! Hmm now billions are worked out differently in the UK to his it is in America. 1,000 million is a billion. I think in America. That's 4.2 billion using the American scale.

Oh ... yeah and that's each year until the Conservatives bring in something to redress the balance! Which I've heard could be five years.

At the end of it, had it worked, the Tories would have repeatedly waxed lyrical about how clever they are and how good they served Britain by bringing the deficit down! Well ... NO, you wouldn't have been brilliant and no you wouldn't have been the ones responsible for getting it down.

You fucking idiot, George Osborne!

Good God, no wonder people preach that these people are secretly lizard scaled aliens in disguise? They certainly act inhuman and think everyone else is birth inferior and an idiot!

Ahhh ... well ... maybe those that voted then in? There is an argument there?

Maybe now readers will realise why I was so, so surprised when they got the votes they did? I also heard someone state that they believed a very large number of people that did vote then in are now regretting it.

Only taken six years for them to realise. Lol!

Even better is George Osborne's reported fury and intentions of getting back at the House of Lords by more political bollocks that will piss everyone off my putting his lackies into the House of Lords to her the votes he needs.

Mr Osborne, if you had any agreement or fact idea about simply stepping in and becoming Prime Minister in the future ... well you can bloody well forget that now! Lmao!

Someone else in the media stated that now they found Tony Blair guilty ... well the journalists did while it was an absolute certainty that that other waste of money, the Chilcot Inquiry, would not, there will still be no punishment.

A bonafide example like no other of the different laws where they don't apply to one lot, who oddly have the necessary money to hire lawyers to enforce laws against poor people way, way mire tributary than they commit. While the other lot have no right to legal representation against serious crimes, or false allegations or charges, made against them.

Quite how I live in a world where these wankers can preach and lecture others along with other countries about honest, decency and human rights simply has my head spinning in disbelief!
The fact that these two things have both occurred in a very sorry discs of time has me rubbing my hands together with glee. Because happening together shows once and for all that the system is more broken, twisted, wrong and as corrupt as it's ever been.

It also has taken place right now, right on top of my own endeavours going ... around the media lot. Well unless it's ... well, stopped? Lol!

My own country send to never want to cease in both amazing me and disgusting me?

What will they all do next?

What will journalists find and reveal next?

Will the British public ever learn from the constant mistakes they have continued to make for what is now being measured by decades?

The next three years are going to be extremely interesting.

For me these two things alone have surely shown that you just cannot vote the way you have in previous ... decades.

Then you have our stuff coming out followed by a couple more years of even more things hitting the headlines. Surely after all that has gone before and all that will be will make certain that Britain had to follow others lead for once? Surely?!

Or perhaps reveal that the general election is rigged? Because for me and similar result to what had gone previously would have to have been rigged.

Despite the last election I don't think the British public can be anywhere near that naive.

Well I guess I'll be watching it unfold on TV from an overseas country, by the time it comes around?
My own endeavours would have been carved in stone by then and become widely known among most of the public. Maybe even the world?

After all, what do you think of the Chinese leader being asked to invest billions in building and running nuclear plants in the UK, guaranteeing them profit (i.e. we pay if they don't make profit), and then ferrying him around in a horse drawn carriage made of gold?

Umm ... they are aware that China is a communist country, right?!

Don't they have books at Eton other than on his to tell lies? Yeah ... you might want to throw out all the books in your library if I'm right? Lmao!

Jesus Christ! What incompetence will they show next?!

Time always tells me and Mr Pierce? If you plan rid of something it's a good idea to have a replacement ready to go!

You don't get a manufacturer making just one car stopping production then waiting five years to launch the replacement, you dummy!

This came out of the blue, after several repeated promises they would not do it and with no answer to good they are going to replace it which means you don't even have to ask if this is way off! Lol! No answer equals ... way, way off!

Equals incompetence by people running a country?!

Oh dear.

EDIT: Just had a late thought. Where are all the Members of Parliament who voted in favour of war in Iraq? How come none have come out to condemn the blighter Blair and state they would never have voted in favour had they known? Why are the journalists not approaching these MPs to ask their reaction and if they would have voted differently if they knew?

That would apply the inordinate pressure that would be fully deserved!

I shed a tear when George Bush said what he did in Congress, "Thank you for coming friend". Now I feel utterly cheated, manipulated and used and I didn't even vote for the twat!

Tax credits: Lords vote to delay controversial cuts -

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