Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Just a few days ago now, and while I decided to stay offline before realising I did not have a choice in the matter anyway, I was contacted with a message to say that my big day was coming in the following week.

I told a few friends about this message and was asked what was meant by it and I said that I do not have the foggiest idea. The phone does something annoying and my friends tell me that their daughter's phone does the same thing and that is every now and the the phone annoyingly connects to the Internet briefly. SO emails and other messages creep through and often these are ones that you want or need to respond to but when you go to do it suddenly you are inundated with screens reminding you that you have no connection and lease pay more money. It is like a wind up quite literally and I cannot help that think that teenagers, like my friends daughter, must go nuts at times wanting to respond and rive their parents 'around the twist' for money to get the connection back to respond or call someone. Nice!

Oddly this was about to happen with me over several days that was to lead to confusion and a discovery or two that was going to somewhat surprise me with the timing and a feeling of coincidence that was just far too great and realise that it was nothing of the kind.

You see this message about my big day or week come through over the weekend and at the time this meant absolutely nothing whatsoever other than making several people scratch their heads. Well that is until this morning when another series of messages seeped through one of these convenient holes!

For a long time I have been concentrating on a number of things while others have been on the back burner and I had stayed...QUIET on them. This is often the best way at times and I can keep various people and groups in the dark and in so doing sometimes other things end up emerging from the darkness and allowing themselves to be seen.

This particular subject is that of my daughter on this occasion and lo and behold messages from her came through the hole in the proverbial net and reached my phone. A couple of hours later I received a phone-call from someone that had nothing whatsoever to do with my daughter but did my NHS and health subject.

As it turns out I discovered just this morning between 9am and midday on Tuesday 30th April 2013, just so everyone is clear here, that not only DO I have a bid day this week but I have two big things that add up to 4 big days?! I was therefore informed by an extremely well informed person that I did indeed have a big week coming up. Well that was extremely clever!

Right first up is the fact that my daughter's message, the first in many, MANY months I might add, requested several times for me to ring her followed by one stating that SHE WAS IN COURT?!

No realise I have been told nothing about this and sometimes I do prefer to stay in the dark on things as it can be...beneficial and like I told my daughter today I am a strong believer in a very old saying and that is that 'NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS'!

Now there could well be a whole range of reasons why I have been kept in the dark but in all honesty it was not important as to what these reasons are be they good or bad because this could only be good or bad for me and not my daughter and if she was not on the phone crying or wanting to do something silly to herself or someone else then everything must be proceeding as I had intended. Due to some quirk I ended up reacquiring my Internet connection 24 hours earlier than I had thought and I ended up calling her. We then spoke a second time and as it turns out this is not the final court hearing except for one small detail, it was not ending today. As a matter of fact neither was it ending tomorrow or the day after that and I was shocked to hear that this was a FOUR DAY HEARING?! I did tell my daughter that this was most unexpected and that normally only when it is a very serious case does it get booked for several days and she said she had thought the same thing like in the case of a murder. My own court case over custody of my daughter in Liverpool High Court barely lasted a day despite all the documentation, accusations and evidence. So this was somewhat of a surprise and fingers crossed it is a very good sign.

Now there were some things I was told that was a cause for concern but like I stated to my daughter, who stated she did not get to say anything at all, this is the first day and it will swing around all over the place and she is not likely to have her say until day three or even four. She did seem calm and composed so it did look to her, at least, that it was going in her favour but what concerned me was the fact that it had been remarked that her children had now lived where they currently do for so long now, with basically crazy and evil people, that it would be too much of a wrench to remove them and place them back with their mother. This was a really stupid thing to state, whoever it was that stated it, as it was not the children's fault nor my daughter's that the children are where they currently are as it was suggested by the council to do this and everyone decided to leave it as it is, which made me suspicious at the time. Also and quite obviously it was not the fault of my daughter or my two grandchildren that this case had taken as long as it did. It sounded to me like everyone that was in the wrong, broken the law, hidden from view some heinous acts were all going to be handed an excuse or get out of jail free card because the justice system takes too long?!

Quite where the common sense in that statement is God only knows, lol. I did say to my daughter about this and I said that that this should never even have escaped anyone's lips and then said 'do you see now why I cannot place my trust in anyone?!' to which she agreed. I felt a little guilty that I have told my daughter that once she had been to a solicitor and got the ball rolling she was home free and when she did the solicitor basically told her as much too and has done every step of the way. But when the stopped for a recess because some evidence had come to light regarding the father of the younger boy who had beaten his pregnant English girlfriend to a pulp, diagnosed has being unstable and violent and to cap it all had told everyone for years his mother was dead but had in reality been lying and returning to Iraq to visit her for years that the judge stated that the Wirral Social Services, who should be the ones on TRIAL HERE, needed to look at this evidence?!

But then when I had given it some thought maybe this was because it reflected extremely badly on the council, which it does as he actually has the boy living with him currently, and they had to be allowed time to come up with excuses...sorry I meant a plausible explanation, lol. I mean if I was to discover that the judge was requesting ADVICE from Wirral Social Services who had gone out of their way, and I mean ACTIVELY, to prevent me from finding out my daughter's whereabouts when she was in care so I could bring her back to London BEFORE she went on to have two children by the age of 16, used and abused by her mother who then stole the children from her so she could sit on her arse and claim money for them....well you could not only see how bad this would look to any decent human being but also it would prove without a shadow of a doubt exactly WHY I do not trust anyone in government! THE END.

So you see to actually go and SEE my daughter, well when I was FIT ENOUGH, I first need to know where she was residing and they did not even respond to letters from my solicitors who themselves were utter shit. I would not have just seen her either I would have brought her back to London with me and in so doing I would have stopped a great deal of the horrors that she had been knowingly put through by the Social Services and Wirral Council from ever taking place! These are facts and the foster carer that had my daughter is not only on my Facebook list but would tell you himself how Wirral Council conspired against his family and knowingly came up with false allegations they came up with after conspiring with my evil and mad ex girlfriend!

You really could not make this shit up.

Indeed for the longest time now I have fully expected … contact from someone pretending to be somebody they are not to...muddy the waters where my daughter was concerned and therefore another good reason that being in the dark, incommunicado, was of great benefit. Indeed even a little outburst just prior to the weekend now looks like someone...whose time was running out which I would not have realised at the time because I was unaware that the court date was right on top of me, lol.

SO there you have it and for those smart ones who have been paying full attention may be wondering why I have not stated a certain..something during all this typing?! Well you do not think I FORGOT, DO YOU?!

OK well yes and once again this damn feeling I had about the four week period between mid-April and mid-May has cropped up yet again?! LMAO!

Oh but wait?! I have … FORGOTTEN SOMETHING! It was not only the text messages from my daughter was it that I referred to at the start?! There was indeed the small matter of a phone-call too?!

Yes a couple hours after my daughter text me I was standing in a friends store when the phone rang with a with-held number. Chase Farm Hospital's Pain Management people called me and stated they wanted to see me this THURSDAY?! What is more I do not have to travel to the Hospital either and they want to meet me at the very first surgery I was registered with when I first moved to Enfield?! One I left because I was being messed around and the one where my GP stated to me that the government have wasted all the money they have taken by giving it to all the wrong people?! That statement was said to me about a year or two BEFORE the recession started!

Now I have no idea if the lies and tricks used by Merseyside Police will come out or not or the 7,200 page file and my attempts to try and contact and why they have a pile of my Christmas and Birthday Cards to my daughter going back for many years. My daughter seems to think so and there has been mention of it all.

First day of the four days (well four days PLANNED) down so we shall now see what transpires over the next few days and hopefully it will be satisfactory for my daughter and me and finally be truly over. FINGERS CROSSED!!

Suddenly becoming more and more curious.

Also beginning to appear to be on that tipping point on a fair number of matters too along with this very blog, LMAO!!

This could turn out to be one hell of a week?!


Due to really bad and wast of space digital banking leading to a unforeseen turn of events that meant that I would have to either decide to eat food or go without and get my internet connection.

I decided to take a break from the Internet and slaving over the blogs, or more specifically this one.

It turns out that there were several errors that the digital banking made and I went without either and this digital banking, well with the Royal Bank of Scotland at any rate, really cannot be relied on at all.

At times like this I cannot help but wonder about people that deal with larger amounts of money and who earn a half decent salary to others up in the higher echelons?!

Still as ever I will survive and I wonder what the six days of being offline will bring as I am never offline that much and with the subject matter of my last post and this being an unplanned departure of sorts as well as the fact that my absence was spotted even after a couple of days by members of the DPAC group this is...longer than anything in recent months.

Still I am able to get around to do other things I have been putting off for many, MANY months and though I have re-arranged my house and tidied it in the past I have never...fully finished what I started...or if I am honest I always plan to get over the last hurdle and never do.

One of the things was a broken glass vase that has sat on my dining table, never used for dining, which has sat there since a few days after I bought it from TK Maxx when it exploded n my hands. I finally got to get rid of it and re-arrange the house as well as re-pot a few plants too. My Aloe plant and a Cactus which were each sharing a pot with a Silver Squill now have their own pots as do the Silver Squills.

The laptop was never even switched on at all until I became all philosophical in thought while I was attempting to do the many things I always tend to put off.

Oddly and may come as a surprise to some I hate an untidy house and it does not help that my house is quite small either and the smaller it is the easier and faster it becomes untidy.

Added to this my house looks pretty with its hard pine veneer flooring but it is not good for my feet but I was just so desperate to get out of where I resided before I never thought twice. In fact I did not really think it would be that much of a problem but it has been a bigger one than I had anticipated but I have managed to get by.

During my spring clean I overheard a few things and one of these was an interviewee who worked as a Fireman, I think he was, were he was answering to a remark of a colleague being called a hero after a car crash because he had been injured or maybe even died. I did not really catch the whole news report it was more what he said that caught my attention and started me thinking as I laboured.

“He did what any of us would do” was what I heard or something very similar. It almost seemed as if he was miffed that everyone was harping on about this one man when there were indeed many men. At first I thought it was amusing as he would likely get a backlash for saying it before it suddenly dawned on me that I had misread what he was actually insinuating. Or maybe it was just me reading more into it than is actually there. Even so the things that I realised still stand just the same.

This man who was injured or killed was called a hero but this only came about because of an injury or death. I have a huge admiration for people that put themselves at risk to help others and I DO MEAN HELP OTHERS. DO not take this to mean that because someone wears a uniform that insinuates that they do help others to those that actually DO. There is a big difference and the waters have certainly been muddied by behind the scenes meddlers in recent years.

The sad fact is that these people are taken for granted until their sacrifice costs them either seriously or ultimately. This is a sad fact and this has not been lost by the people who put their lives on the line. This was picked up by me on hearing then end of the news report and it sounded like it was picked up by others too. An example of the media being blunt, thoughtless and seemingly blind to a bunch of people who work for the emergency services who were obviously run ragged at the scene.

Yes I could fully relate to that and even more so in recent times too as lack of any kind of acknowledgement for the sacrifices I made did not even warrant a thank you email from any one single person I contacted. I also say that even though I did not expect a response and indeed went on contacting as many as I can while spending much of my Incapacity Benefit to highlight the things I knew and the data I had to see how many would not acknowledge me.

Indeed this lack of acknowledgement caused me a great deal of difficulties and I then went on and non thinking of more and more genius ways to get things out and knew I had to keep going. You see I was involved in a whole list of things each of which could have gotten anything from a small column to prime time news and the fact that one individual did all this would have garnered a fair deal of attention. It did not and it was not the lack of acknowledgement that was a problem it was the knock on effect that this had on others around me.

Instead of getting trust and support individuals decided that I must be bullshitting and never once asked to see any of my data. In fact one friend ran out of my house like a Gazelle and moved north to the Newcastle area when he saw one government document that I had actually told him about 4 to 6 months before hand.

So I discovered the hard way that the Police, the NHS, Local Councils, the DWP and even the media that includes all the major tabloids and TV News channels were so utterly trusted that it was I that was doubted. It was highly likely that this was indeed the plan of the powers in hand but this was going to end up being an extremely bad choice to make.

There were two problems and the first being that there was no way on earth I was going to rest until I had proved my point and that I had been telling the truth all along and it was a double edged sword that not only did I have an obvious way of doing this available to me but that I could reach a lot more people. This blog.

I had stuck my neck out and took what could have been and still turn out to be the ultimate sacrifice and yet I found myself slap bang in the middle of a system that was set up to punish me for doing the honourable thing. The right thing. Before this all started I felt persecuted by the public offices, the civil servants, and even the Doctors and was struggling to know why this was and how it worked. After I spent two years doing all this and then after it was, or at least appeared to be, over I then started to feel persecuted because I did all this and did not get a wage for it.

It is just totally insane from my point of view and to me it is as if the world has gone mad.

For those that have read a fair few posts you would have noted that one of my pet hates is sound bites. In fact Pet Hate is something of an understatement and it infuriates me when people want to make snap decisions based on as little information as they can take in because they are bored or do not want to take the time to understand. It is not hard to get me to react to...comments that have obviously been made on this basis and especially when it has been worded in such a way that the individual posting the comments talks with a kind of authority that they simply do not have or even a knowledge or wisdom that they simply do not have. When the answers to their comments are actually all here and found with a simple search it is worse.

My point in all this is that nothing is as it seems, nothing actually works and it is all a charade and I say this WITH authority as I certainly been through it all and taped it all to boot.

The need to back myself up via this blog long since passed by a long time ago so I do this for others.

I have been down all the paths for advice and help and it is totally lacking while they have attitudes developed from delusions of grandeur. This is the worst kind and in my eyes it will always be the worst kind of waste of public taxes. Large amounts of money for organisations that do not do what they claim to. In fact it gets worse for me when on their websites they talk themselves up at how much good they have done and I wonder if the ones that come up with these lines actually leave the house, but a newspaper or own a TV?!

All these help and advice agencies and yet these are the worst times I have ever witnessed in my 45 years. I also know it is far from over and not quite rock bottom just yet, unfortunately.

As scaremongering as that sounds it happens to be the truth and it really does me no favours at all. After all if next month we start rocketing out of the never ending slump and people start to spend money and the government then thinks it can stop kicking people when they are down for me it will take off. The fact that I thought it should have done before now is neither here nor there.

Because people will visit my OTHER blogs and click more links and there will be more purchases and this means more income for me where I get none right now. I would be like that of a surfer riding the crest of a wave.

But this will not happen any time soon so my path to an income to replace the disability money I lost, well at least that at any rate, has been a long drawn out one. Best of all the income that I may or may not acquire would be done based on honesty and openness and no trickery, illegalities or misleading. A good honest income based on my abilities to help, write, capture peoples attention and imaginations and help them to see and maybe even teach them a thing or two.

I stand by the claims about the numbers present to me on my blog accounts but I will make a great deal of noise on here if I think there is the tiniest chance I am being played or used as cheap labour. After all I have no one to CONTACT about it so I will make a great deal of noise so that the hosts or possible perpetrators will think twice, change anything that may be in place to fool me and maybe do the decent thing and open a line of communication so that I can correct anything that is wrong, though I was told that all is fine.

Of course the one thing I was sure of was that I had gotten noticed before I started this blog. I was also well aware that I would cause a great deal of waves that would grow to Tsunami like proportions and that this would make a great deal of people...very uncomfortable. To counter act this I would often insinuate that if any one of them was to take some kind of action that this would only serve to make themselves look very guilty and added to this would make them a target of chatter and as there were 17,000 visitors when I had last looked would have a great deal of tongues wagging.

You can not buy off the Internet and this was always going to be my ace up my sleeve where all this was concerned. When all else had failed I would turn to the Internet to finish what I started so therefore I used all the avenues that are available to people who are suffering and when none of it worked I came on here. I would be pretty stupid to come on here and talk about this without doing the obvious things first and indeed I have traverses many avenues that very few people are aware of.

It is … quite simply … BAD. There are a countless amount of organisations and help agencies and they are not helping people, or at least are biased about who they ARE helping. I have had a few highly professional people admit this to me. Without inviting them to do so too. “The government have all this money and give it to all the wrong people” was on line that burned into my mind and left me speechless.

When the recession started the one thing I knew is that there is far too much money being wasted in this way and was part and parcel to the problems that the UK faces and that this would need to be addressed before we could ever come out of this mess.

Nobody spends money and no one borrows money because they do not trust the system though I am sure for the most part they do not even know WHY it cannot be trusted but it clear nevertheless than it CANNOT be trusted. No dodgy courts and no dodgy judges can do a damn thing to change that but are quite probably part and parcel to them problem.

Many things I have touched upon has likely probably touched upon by others of this I have no doubt. The difference I thought I could make is that while each person has followers to do with this particular subject. People become narrow minded in develop tunnel vision.

To cure a patient you need to know all the facts and all the symptoms. If a Doctor is not familiar with ALL AILMENTS then it stands to reason that all symptoms throughout the body need to be logged and studied to see if there is a link, not one symptom at a time as is currently the way it is done.

So groups pursuing their one 'thing' or focus and pushing all their time and energy thinking that this one thing will solve all problems are misguided and wrong. You need to know all the problems and then have a course laid out to deal with each of these symptoms in turn. AS each ailments is cured so gradually will the patient be cured.

Hanging on to the old ways out of fear or bloody mindedness and even purely amoral reasons because you think that YOU will lose something is NOT the way and will only ensure the suffering is long and prolonged.

Wile this long and protracted hell continues the more often the pressure cooker will boil over and that escaping steam will scorch and destroy things around it with varying degrees.

Depending on whereabouts you poke a savage Tiger will ultimately have varying effects of getting away with some deep scratches a few dozen stitches can put right or it will take your head off. Plus there is all the possibilities in between.

I have memories of conversations with people that span many previous decades that always led to the individual I was conversing with coming to the conclusion that I was here for a reason. I had brief connections of areas of the occult to along the lines of divination but was never one to believe that fate was mapped out for me as that meant no matter what path I took I would revisit that one way path that would lead to some preordained destiny.

I could never really quite go with that even if an age old theory of mine was that the multi-verse only consisted of the same universe but with its different 'lives' based on the idea and theory of the universe repeating itself. From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch and so on and so forth with only slight deviations allowed by some cosmic rule from one of these dimensions to the next. Then of course this could explain that this 'divination of the future' was just some way of tapping into a pre-existing universe that we already existed in?!

Brr the thought of constantly re-living my life is enough to want to make me take my own?! Oh no but wait, if that is the case then I will only return to the beginning?!


Coming back down to earth from my philosophical meanderings of life, the universe and everything I am therefore able to more easily explain away my lack of understanding of the general reluctance of the wider public to want to understand or take in too much detail?! Do you have a wedding to get to? Perhaps you have just been diagnosed with the Big 'C' and only have mere weeks to live?! Perhaps people think that they have something so vitally important that seeing the bigger picture is not and that dealing with this one thing, which will only return in another guise. Will solve or your issues. Well until it returns in another guise. Hmm did I not just say that? De Jevu! Or IS IT?

No the truth is I have always been able to tell my stories and philosophise and draw a crowd of willing listeners. Once I get started it will go in into the small hours and has done so on a great many occasions. There was a time when I was deliberately prompted at gatherings by people that had previously heard them and because there were people I had not met before present that had heard rumours of them. I have been told a great many times that I would end up being a great many things and one of these is a successful writer but like the others this never came to be. Well for one thing my life never seemed to go very long without turmoil sometimes created by some unsavoury individual that entered my life whose cares never spread very far beyond their own needs and wants as well as death to someone I either knew or was related to. Never getting a diagnosis for my list of ailments never really helped either.

Several times I started a book on both fiction and non-fiction but it always become shelved because of one thing or another. Indeed the very odd thing about these partially complete books is that many years later I went on to start 3 separate books and nigh on finish them. Then I got wrapped up with Literary Agents who all seemed lecture about the industry and what was wanted and with each saying something different to the last and then me finding out that a vast majority of the time they and the publishers they dealt with seem to have very differing ideas on what was wanted.

Namely the smell of money led many literary agents to go after something that had already been done, the sequels are rarely as successful as the originals unless your James Cameron. So many waste their time looking for the next Star Wars, the next Harry Potter and even the next Shawshank Redemption and the publishers know that the next truly big hit that will become a money spinner and franchise will have to be something...NEW.

Mind you I always think that it must be hard for many as often there can only be so many stories to tell and many must already have been told.

Currently I am awaiting the 'next big thing' to come out that might encourage some people to spend money and I quoted this over a year ago and stated it is what it would take and stand by it today. We need one or two new things at least. A couple of 'wow' factors and something that makes us want something so bad that we would do almost anything, within reason, to own one. I very much doubt it will be the Play-station 4 or Xbox 720 either as we kind of know what to expect with that. A recent report I read stating that they had created artificial skin that can sense touch and the amount of pressure that would do wonders for prosthetic limbs, MUCIS TO MY EARS I CAN TELL YOU, and obviously robots too. This could well lead to the next big thing or things and indeed there could be many different possibilities with this technology.

However technology has been increasing and improving at a rate of knots for years...we just have not seen it. Or more accurately allowed to see it! I believe most of this technology has been locked up under wraps by the military in various countries. I suppose it stands to reason that there must have been a point in time when the military decided that not too much technology should be available to the public. Well they would lose their...'edge'. I also wonder of there were things that did come out that the military did not realise at the time just how far reaching these things would become. After all there was a point in time when an ex military man started working for Microsoft.

Now despite not really being able to speak of any technology they may have, because we simply do not know, I do wonder how different things would have been had they not held back a lot of things. This is for my money a very bad thing to do and stifles the human race's progression along with one other thing and that is inventing a company to get money out of nothing, or for nothing. Here in the UK we have an old saying 'Made in Heaven, sold on Earth!' which we use to describe the greedy water authorities and heir humongous annual bills for something that falls out of the sky for free. I remember a Jasper Carrot sketch years ago when they started charging for water and as he walked through the hallways to get to the stage he would pass various people with pump dispensers looking identical to that in a petrol station (gasoline pump) and when he was almost at the stage there was someone selling AIR!

If you base society on a system whereby you get used to acquiring a vast amount of money and taxes on something that either IS free or SHOULD BE FREE you are doomed to failure eventually. The longer it goes on the more confident and greedy you get and the more you get used to having so that when a time comes that you suddenly do not have all this available wonga coming in any longer you will run around screaming at everyone because it is not there any longer. Well you should not have had it to begin with and you only have yourselves to blame.

Another one of these is fuel, or more accurately energy. This is a commodity that has become ridiculously relied on for extremely large amounts of cash. But we have had solar power for bloody donkey's years! There is a huge battery floating out in space and life itself exists because of it and it powers most natural events on earth! I read quite some time ago now that a new solar panel had been invented that would collect and charge batteries for times as rapidly as they were currently charging and this was impressive. Where are they? Come to think of it the maximum amount of energy that can be squeezed into a rechargeable battery has barely changed in a fair few years now and any that quote a higher amount of Milli Amps per Hour normally...DON'T!

Anyway...we need these wow factors that is for sure and even so I am not sure it would get anything really started and even if it did I am not sure how long it would last. It is just that they have built a society that we entrusted to them out of lies and deceit and it has got to a stage now whereby it is too far to go back and yet there is no more road to traverse. Sideways motions are also off the agenda too and my mind wanders at times with the possible alternatives that simply do not exist. As some tried to convince me of let there is no solution that involves removing anyone or two key elements/people/leaders and in so doing all that would result from this is that these stubborn people who believe that there way is the only way while the world and societies crumble at their feet doggedly stick the these outdated plans while driving societies into ever more depraved depths of suffering and anguish.

Someone, somewhere is needed to teach them while THEY themselves need to be humble and this is the only way out failing this 'wow' factor theory. The trouble with the latter is that you will wind up back to square one at some point, maybe not in our lifetime but maybe our children's or our children's children's children.

No it truly is a right pickle we are in and as we have seen already how long it continues for and how bad it will get is solely down to how stubborn and how greedy a minority of people truly are.

I sometimes wonder if I will even see us out of this predicament in the remainder of my life and in all honesty … I simply do not know.

After all I do NOT know everything....just MOST things, LMAO.

Now I must remember that when I have my Internet connection back up and after posting this I must start looking up companies behind these robotic prosthetics on the cutting edge of the technology and as of them if they are in need of a 'guinea pig'!


I took a SLIGHTLY planned and much needed temporary leave of absence, sorry, lol.

Sometimes these can be...BENEFICIAL and indeed they have been on this occasion in the most unexpected way.

I have now returned and while uploading a great deal of videos to my YouTube account I shall now do a couple of posts one I just typed out and the one to follow this I came up with the other day...

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I was thinking about that last post I typed out while staggered at how blooming hour it was today.

My tooth was playing up and I was chewing on a own like a baby teething with one of those rings to help them.

I was thinking about that last post and done if the comments made and thinking how do I stop people making errors before they make them?

So how about telling them that the while system us a charade?! Explain that everything they think that is in place that makes us able top claim to be a civilised society is NOT what they think it is. It our they do NOT do what they think they do.

There is previous little you can suggest that I have not been through and posted the outcome our recording and/our replies up on this blog. Our even on other blogs?! These are facts and almost everything is here to back it up.

Take that shortened....VERY SHORTENED version of my medical records. I have notes on it about mistakes and things missing, right? Well those documents are on here and I should be long past the stage whereby if I state something is not the case in my past the chances are that 9 times our of 10 it will be on here. If bout then I could probably post it on here.

That is why I did the blog because I'm pretty smart and yet I've found that the system is a minefield of a deliberate design and designed to fail. I am aware of the obvious and I have travelled that route and most of the time many, many times too!

I will even know a few types not known about, like the Disabled People Against Cuts or DPAC who often give statements to the used and lobby government jade never heard of ICE, our Independent Case Examiners who the DWP tell you to go to if you are not happy. In fact spook the people you are directed to go to are either their own people (ICE has a DWP server email address so hardly independent and cannot open attachments when everyone else in the same server can open attachments).

This means they were either ruse or completely incompetent. Well they have taken over a year and have done nothing at all and they say I will hear from them in two months or three months but I NEVER DO until I email then and rock then off for doing bugger all.

Yet no one asks why that departments gets oasis our how much our points the finger and accuses them if bring spongers on society?! Its you're taxes paying for this office after all!

Now consider all the options of someone like me who are taking you're taxes. What do they do for these vast salaries? Nothing is what they do.

Done make noises now and then that somehow makes it into the BBC News which is feck all if I am honest. Done lobbying goes on so they can say they are doing their jobs and the government fools people into thinking their us a check our watch in everything but there is not.

A case in point?! Well allrighty then...

Done years back the CAB people lobbied government that different ailments of one person was treated sad if each ailment was a sole ailment and each time a new individual...stupid...incompetent and the work of tricksters. The Conservatives and namely David Cameron stated that this was wrong morally and he would out a stop to it?! This was not only my main obstacle with many civil servants but also the fact that they were trying their utmost to deny that my long list could new linked you each other and I was told not possible many times.

Each time this was a lie.

Everyone thought the Conservatives were humane and that CAB was doing something useful and everyone was happy...except that lobby and promise came to nothing. NOTHING!

The subject had bit been mentioned by government ever again, CAB have not turned to the media and said that David Cameron us a lying cheating bastard and NOR have the media ever touched on the subject ever again?!

This begs the question what is the point and told if the media?

They would come down on anyone like a tonne of bricks if a celebrity lied too them about anything. But despicable behaviour towards disabled people with terrible lives?

Don't care or bought off our even bribed.

There are you're three only possibilities!

But I love the way that on their websites they do live to talk up about how much help and good they have done.

Oddly and not just in my experience but I know not if a single good or positive thing that has come from anyone of recent times and only church leaders words have actually impressed me lately.

Church leaders have impressed ME?!

If you had told me that a few years back I would have burst out laughing, lol.


I did not know what to title this one as I was not really sure what it was that was attempted upon me as it seems to have been several things.

But whatever it was if it were just one it was impossible anyway so I called it that!

In all honesty I had suspected that once a larger amount of people had seen this blog those that are...wrapped up in the shite I speak of would think they could now get brownie points by running to their bosses and informing them of me and this blog. Sometime I do not know which ones are worse the ones that are ignorant to the blatant bullshit and treatment, the perpetrators themselves are the ones going out of their way to do their biding for them.

For me personally it is the ones that I was recently told to leave alone and they would be the ones that WE the public, well not me personally because I have never done it, vote into power who just act as the faces of the people behind the scenes, as this is really how it is today, and therefore do their bidding and willing to look like complete twats on TV every time or at best every other time they open the pie holes and when they are not lying or bullshitting they are moaning about the government salaries, lmao.

So the answer to an earlier question is NO...I wont leave the government alone as they are the ones placed in the target reticule so they have to take the flak. Despite what I posted about Serco and what it states on their site I have no positive way of identifying them as the ones responsible at the moment so the government will be put through a grinder until such a time that I know I can target someone else.

Everything is a theory until you can prove it, or like this blog is supposed to do but only seems to attract the very people I am trying to get thrugh to who come out with comments (as they have worked the 11100 posts all out and everything I have tried form just one single solitary blog ans says things that are already covered-not my fault you did not check first lol).

I am not going to go flapping about stating things that can quite easily be disproved. There is a common link between Serco and the public offices that does fit nicely and does indeed look suspicious but until I acquire more that is all that it is and nothing more.

Nor can you either go around telling people to 'wake up' you think your not getting through to. *SIGH* It is a good job I did not do that after ten posts and then after 20 posts?! I would have given up and gone home...oh wait I AM home, lol, long ago.

Sometimes I sigh *SIGH* and just shake my head in disbelief at people I really do. I do all this and I get people come on with nothing to back them up whatsoever and decide all these things and feel they need to tell me how to solve it when the entire blig is here because I HAVE DONE EVRYTHING, which had they followed they would know and even if they just typed their suggestion in the SEARCH BOX would pull up half a dozen things about what they are to suggest and can read several letters from the people they are suggesting and have quite obviously never tried it themselves.

So many people seem to miss the point that this blog is to help THEM. It is to point oyut, show, reveal and POVE that the safety nets that THEY think are there (sorry your comfort zone) are NOT THERE as I have done it all.

The fat bloke down the pub has not told me everything I have put on here and I have NOT collected this from a load of different victims either!

So before any bright sparks start typing CAB and suggest features available to me on this blog editor here are some of my own...there is a SEARCH FIELD at the top...GO USE IT and SEE if I have TRIED what you are about to suggest. That is the one keyword and press RETURN before you go typing out a couple of paragraphs save yourself some time, lmao.

Also if at a future point in time you have taken no notice of anything I have said here and fallen victim what I tried to warn you about please do not come running to me about it, lmao. I tried to tell you and you took no notice. I am helping people but I am not going to jump through hoops for those that cannot and will not be helped. After all there is a reason that old saying exists...


SO do not complain that is effing hot when someone has just told you not to walk into the fire, your not children!!! Oh does not apply if you are a child of course. Hmm young and naive I will let off the hook too.

Unfortunately people have largely turned in to the worst kind of humans for me, well in all honesty I struggle to actually refer to them as humans.

Brain-dead, bullshit shovelling and bullshit believing, heartless morons who have no idea that they are walking towards a cliffs edge to protect their masters who will then scream once over the edge all the way down when at that point its a waste of time screaming as no one can help you when your plunging a hundred miles an hour plus to your death, lmao.

I wonder if these people watch Homer Simpson and then laugh when he does something that is not only STUPID but should have been OBVIOUS to him and he shouts 'DOH!!!!'

IUf you did I find that amusing because I meet Homer Simpsons all the time in public offices. Talking down to you and I am sitting here thinking 

'your an idiot and a bigger idiot if you actually believe that bull your shovelling?! Now if I try to interrupt the bullshit I will then get taken down a notch or two by the headmistress and if she then does the same to me and I pull her on it she slam her door shut and refuse to converse any more! If I use an anology to show that the statement just put to me is utterly stupid they look at me as if to say 'How dare You with no money and therefore no BRAINS pull ME of all people being a CIVIL SERVANT/GP/Police Officer/Social Wroker on it as this title places me within the same league as Stephen Hawkings while having no job places you on the same level as those in NURSERY SCHOOL'?!


Every now and then you need to take people by the scruff of the neck and give them a bloody good hiding to 'WAKE THEM UP'.

Oh yeah, that is how you 'WAKE THEM UP', lmao.


Here is a copy and pasted email I sent to some Direct Payments Department of Enfield Council.

Oh and I have been accused of being part of some top secret eloborate plot or society to make people 250 miles away homeless by someone who has accused me of working for the government that in all honesty I thought worked for the government and I am CERTAIN they were out to befriend me, get me speaking online and make me look as if I was stark raving bonkers, LMAO.

This was either going to be achived by making me look like some looney conspiracy theorist or a bible thumping maniac trying to convince people that the non existent being commonly referred to as THE DEVIL was alive and well and walking the earth?!

Umm NO!

Nice try but no cigar and I was alerted to something not being quite right very early on I am afraid. But if there is one thing I have learned is NOT let your enemies know that you are ONTO THEM, LMAO.

What was odd about me being accused though as well as being told sto drop the Cloak and Dagger crap was that it was the other way around and that they were masquerading under three pseudonyms while I only had ONE, lol. Now I wonder IF put to the vote which one of us would acquire the most votes for the one behaving like some government lure?!

Oh yes and I KNEW you were Kate on the Wordpress blog as you see it is ME that hates the Cloak and Dagger bullshit!! I knew that by posting what I did that you would react and give yourself away as Kate. If I asked you you would just say 'no its not me'. Unlike alot of idiot reporters working in the media (and I do not know quite HOW they find work) I do nt bother asking the questions that I will not get answers to or just lies. I prefer ...ALTERNATE methods to find out the truth, lol.

If there is something...ELSE going on that is legitimate, or medical, then fine but do not play games and do what you do. YOur not going to convince anyone of anything and you spent rather a long time trying to get me to stop doing this blog. As you have probably realised this is not going to happen.

YOu also reacted after I posted that I got hold of a very altered medical records and in all honesty the rage you experienced was more like someone had had been found out, lol. You have mentioned about Serco, would it turn out that you in fact work for Serco?!


Dear Sirs

71 Mahon Close Enfield EN1 4DQ

I was sent details about you via post from the Social Workers Department though I have to confess I found the whole things a trifle strange, not to mention contradictory.

I have several rather annoying and debilitating problems that affect my feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and right arm and hand. On top of this I experience a stinging and aching in my groin from an Inguinal Hernia Repair, suffer from fatigue and dizzy spells as well as sudden vomiting without warning and extreme heartburn.

I have struggle for many years in pain doing things I should be getting help with and up until several years ago I was in receipt of DLA and Incapacity Benefit and held a Freedom Pass and owned a car. These have all unfairly and immorally been taken away from me and over time this has had a speedier as well as detrimental effect on my conditions to the point I have gone from REFUSING to take pain killers to being on the maximum I am currently allowed in any given 24 hour period.

I have run out of road entirely.

When this all started several years ago I started keeping...RECORDS of everything as I started to hear the same lines come from various civil servants in various different departments and in different organisations?! I suspected that the BOSSES of said departments were up to something and had brain washed their staff into BELIEVING certain things but actually setting things up so that when the proverbial hits the fan it will be all the front line staff that get the blame while they get away with it scott-free!

It got to the stage that the people I was met by, spoke with and assessed by were completely clueless to any of this while I was hearing the exact same line and excuses between local councils (all I have dealt with), the DWP, NHS Hospitals and Clinics and various other organisations too.

Now despite the excuses and the lies being used over and over again between the differing organisations this could only mean that one single solitary company/outfit/person had a hand in all of the organisations. It simply was not theoritaclly possible that vastly different organisations could adopt the same tricks as each other. They also started finding things out from each other too and I duly noted that. Things they would not have found out unless the individual in question specifically told them.
It all pointed to some very questionable and bad things I am afraid and was very easy to discover and reveal what was going on.

SO you can imagine that with this in mind with each and every naive and clueless pawn that I poke to that said things to me that made no bloody sense whatsoever, like if you can dress and undress yourself you are not eligible for help when I do not and cannot walk on my hands to get to Sainsburys?! More to the point whenever I have pointed out these errors and oversights I have then had these people get shirty with me for pointing it out an even hang up the phone.

I do not have much in the way of patience and do not suffer fools I am afraid and I really do not appreciate it when people look down at me or talk down to me like I am a child or an idiot as has become absolutely RIFE in the UK of late and so bad that there is an enormous amount of pressure and anger building up with the public at large towards these organisations.

The latest one is that everyone, both Enfield and the wider UK, have noted that the streetlights all have WIFI antennas on them and think they are being watched everywhere they go and everything they do including n their homes, bedrooms and gardens and ohh boy do you have no idea what you have blindly walked into there but of course it will be everyone else's fault but your own.
RIGHT! Now I have gotten that out of the way as a forewarning as I am sure I am deliberately being provoked to blow up with front line staff so that I lose my temper and hurt someone so I can be arrested and locked up and therefore SHUT UP, I would very much like to request that retrieving my SHOPPING of FOOD has very much become a painful experience and has been for sometime.

Now before all the ERRORS are stated to me by the pawn willing to throw themselves to the lions for their masters I will point out something that SHOULD BE very, VERY obvious. Or TWO...

1) A soldier comes back from Iraq with his legs blown off, your not going to tell him there is NO HELP are you now?!

2) A man with no legs who gets around in a wheelchair is only in a wheelchair though he does need help. Your feet and legs cannot hurt you IF THEY ARE NOT THERE!!

3) My legs ARE THERE and they hurt a great deal and it varies but is NEVER absent and in different parts from the soles of my feet to my ankles, knees, hips as well as my back, right arm and shoulder.

4) To emphasize what I said in that having no legs means they do not hurt...UI would happily have mine removed and placed with mechanical and robotic ones if I could and will start to press for this alot me from now on and HAVE mentioned it before.

5) I know that the same outfit behind the LOGISTICS of government departments have also tampered with my NHS records and have changed the dates, swapped dates around and OMITTED things and oooh boy that was a mistake. This is going to create a frenzy over the next 8 weeks or so.

6) I ONLY need help for around 6 months as researching all the above and keeping all the records of staff of councils, dwp, atos, nhs, police and many others os going to make me VERY wealthy by the end of 2013!

So in the meantime or at least until I can fund things for myself and buy my bionic feet and legs can you please provide help while leaving out the incessant one liners and excuses that have quite obviously not been given any thought about?!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


Well I am thankful that I received some money, though I am asking myself how long before they pull this stunt again after already pulling it TWICE.

This is mainly because I was coming home from Sainsbury when my Regatta shoe on my right foot felt all flappy and I looked down and realised they had started to SPEAK!

Unfortunately the only other pair of shoes I have are these flat soled Karrimor which are not good for walking in but have had them 3 years and use them primarily for cycling and even then I should not use them.

So there I was in Sports Direct looking at the specific running shoes with high arches and I had a pair of Nike Air AVORD 10 in my hands which were £35. Just ast I had done the year before and the year before that...well for quite some years now I think about it I was looking at the gel soles of the Asics at around £100 with envy. I even stated to the sales girl that I would be back to buy them in a few weeks time.

I said that last year too!

I thought maybe this year would be different though and not just for the shoes I should be buying but also so that any purchases I make from the cash I should already well be making from my blogs goes towards things that also ADD CONTENT to my blogs and YouTube account. Spend money to make money seems to mean spend money and work for free to big American companies and no longer limited to sweat shops in Asia either.

Still they cannot manufacture figures forever or it will be grossly obvious even to the most stubbornly naive people. A total 0f 17,000 visitors and a rise of 1,500 per week and rising will soon be 25,000 and a rise of 2,000 per week. A month after that, which is a months time, we could be looking at 40,000 and 3,000 per week rise. Then 60,000 and 5,000 per week...well you get the idea.

My current balance states £4.90 so can I expect my first £60 payment in the Autumn or Winter when there are 250,000 to 500,000 while rising at 10,000 per week or more?! LOL.

Currently and even though physios have often told me to spend over £100 on trainers as if money was confetti, I baulk when I see £40, I have not even received enough money to pay for the laces of the Nike I just purchased.. LMAO.

Really what I should be doing is using the Nike as my cycling trainers and buy the Asics for when I am on foot?! This way it should stop me having to buy trainers or shoes every 5 or 6 months?! Also the PROPER and more expensive trainers bought specifically for the walking problem do not get destroyed by constantly being used for cycling!

As well as this I have now seen and ordered a pair of Continental Vapor Tyres for my bike as the old tyres really ned replacing as the rubber is splitting with age and I have had two punctures in as many weeks. I do not get punctures in as many years previous to this lol.

If there IS another and eventually successful attempt at stopping my benefits then I will need the tyres on my bike to be tip top condition too! Now normally the Vapor tyres I would expect to pay about £40 to £50 for them and indeed the last tyres I bought for a bike were Schwalbe Racing Ralphs and these cost me £80 a pair?! SO the fact that including a charge for postage I saw the Continental Vapor at £26 for the pair and with me racing around trying to get photos and videos for these blogs and my YouTube account I thought I had better do it.

After all fixing punctures is bloody painful and therefore bloody frutrating for me, lol.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well this was a turn up for the books.

I really did not expect to get handed a cut down version of my medical history and I was supposed to take this around to my Dentist. So during the walk I was looking at it when I noticed some glaring errors and a few omissions to boot so I pulled my camera out of my rucksack with the intention of studying it when I got home.

I have just finished doing that and though I am surprised to see some things included, like the sciatica, Restless Legs Syndrome and dizziness there is something in there that I personally was never given an answer to, other than 'water on the lung' after a scan at Homerton Hospital in London.

I now know for the first time ever that this is called Costrochondritis and listed as chest wall pain and sems to be pretty spot on and I can tell you it is pretty nasty. If anyone reading this had experienced this they will agree with me, well I presume so I could hardly breath for days, lol.

Anyway what is shocking is that the dates are way way off and they have got some things back to front and to cap it all it is in itself contradictory!!

Well it WOULD be if it were not for the fact that a certain diagnosis that took place on the 8th February 2012 at Barnet Hospital where they diagnosed PES CAVUS and therefore contradicted the earlier observation that there is nothing abnormal about my feet.

Come to think of it nor is Raj's comments that 'your toes are ALL WRONG'?!

Curious in the omissions of these two things, should NEVER hand me a piece of paper like this I wall pull it to bloody bits, lmao.

That was just 20 minutes of looking though it, will likely spot more in time but you get the general idea!!


Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Well there I was sitting on my bike a few yards from my house.

I had re-entered my home to my utter annoyance several times, forgot my trouser clips, forgot my pain-killers and forgot something else I have now forgotten about?! LMAO.

My military backpack had a whole series of hospital appointment and test letters along with the letters of the cancellation of my two benefits!

I was going to the local Citizen's Advice Bureau to pick up a voucher for food and if they did not like it there was going to be grief. I tend to get really annoyed with organisations that are supposed to do things but do nothing. This is especially true if they talk themselves up on their own website and not only have the failed to help me in over half a dozen times of asking I have never met anyone that thay have actually helped.

Indeed from my own experience these places are normally filled with non English speaking people and that is all most of these help organisations do, help people who are not to bright and those that cannot speak English. I have been in the one in Walthamstow a few times, one in Dalston a few times and one in Hertford once. Only once as that was over 20 years ago and the only time that approaching the CAB was ever a nice experience and actually received help. But like I said that was over 20 years ago and around 2 years before my daughter was born. Indeed, Hertford is where I was living when I met the mother of my daughter.

I had long since run out of money by about five days and had now ran out of food and had emailed the CAB Office on Friday. I had hoped that I could pick something up on Saturday morning but I knew it was likely they would not open again until Monday. Well I posted the email response I got so you know what happened there, lol.

SO there I was perched upon my saddle and the piercing sunlight looking warm and inviting and a nice feeling enveloped me and I thought how that feeling would shortly be ruined by a bunch of people who will likely speak to me like an idiot, speak down to me (as they did both these before and then apologised when I reacted the same way)and want to someone who is not only in pain all the time anyway home and return again another day but also suffering from a toothache  and I am now being referred to hospital to have my rear molar removed next to the gap where I had another one removed because I have been grinding my teeth these last few years due to the pain. Which only ended up causing me even more problems and even more pain, LMAO! (sharp and long intake of breath)

So I was perched upon my saddle with my shades on when something told me to chck my digital banking. I had the laptop on for a few hours before I had left the house, as it was one of those rare occasions when I was on the Internet at around 7.30am roughly, and I had not thought of checking it. Well I did not see much point in all honesty. Anyway I just thought whet the hell I will just check it and...

..lo and behold and surprise, surprise the money they told me in THAT phone call I would not receive until mid May had arrived in my account?!

I had to look twice, I really did...a double take on a phone!

Crisis averted.

Now what it was in my letter that caused them to do this about turn is anyone's guess I am just glad they did.

NOW?! Enfield Council seem to be extremely good and finding out very early on, though they always ask to be kept informed of these things, that my benefits have changed and then changing my rent, or this time around cancelling it altogether.

Now they have had the exact same letters that the DWP has now let us see if they are JUST AS GOOD at finding out things when it means they have to pay out as oppsed to the times when they have an excuse NOT TO PAY?!

They had better had, I can tell you that for nothing or the absolutely GRILLING I will give them while recording it will turn the air blue in their offices, lol.

Monday, 22 April 2013


Well I will just put this up, I have not been trough it all as yet but I have spied a few interesting names thus far.

But thought some of you might want to flick through it yourselves as it may be that wherever it is you are located that these people may be closer to you and indeed all of us than you might think.

They certainly fit perfectly into place for what I had guessed a very long time ago and seems to be here in black and white, so to speak.

But it will take a great deal of research on my part and I know not if I will get the time or EVER get the time as I am now counting down the days to being homeless completely out of the blue and highly probable that it is sour grapes becaue of the existnce of this blog?!

Crikey sour grapes? God help me if they ever get angry, lmao!

Is anyone else beginning to think that some arse-wipe sold the UK's soul to the devil?! Figure of speech you understand, LMAO.


Pensioners to do community work for pension to stop being a burden on the STATE?!

Hmm so basically WORKING THEN RIGHT?!?!


So your going to make pensioners workj but NOT CALL IT WORK?!?!

 You pathetic piss-ants, lmao!!



I never thought of this before and due to an upgrade that is currently going on I cannot check.

I also need to do a HELP GUIDE post to do with my DATA n here but CAB is now a GOOD EXAMPLE to use to describe how muach and how confusing it can get for me and it was I that collected all this.

Now just as a snippet there is a SEARCH FIELD available to you so you can SEARCH RIGHT BACK to specific things.

Keywords you may choose are...

The Police


Local Council





CAB or Citizen's Advice



General Practitioner's



...and so on and so forth, but these are just the sunject matters and NOT ALL OF THEM! Only an example.

You could also type in the search field






or even something else I cannot think of the get all the data I provided in groups of similar formats.

ALso and I know I have said this before but you are free to any of the data if it can be of help you you or others, ;).

NOW! Not all of it is here and as an example of this and the fact that I can get lost and lose track of how much I have I will tell you that I did have a meeting with CAB some time ago and I DO BELIEVE I recorded them!!

But I have no idea whether I put it up on here or not?!



Right it seems the rude and arrogant attitude of the help organisation that does absolutely nothing I have ever witnessed, outside of helping illegal immigrants claim things they have no right to.

As  result and just like last time I have torn strips of of them and you will note that in the email specifics I have two names of Janet and Denyse so speaking with someone with a multiple personality?!

Those that do not see the problem do not understand the English language as well as I do whchthese people quite obviously do NOT!

First lack of acknowledgement about my BLOG or what I have done to help people, more than they effing have believe me, nor even a thinks for offering them the data I possess. No a ticking of like a little boy that sounds a great deal like that of everyone else I research and investigate, like teachers talking to very your children, or big brother or GOVERNMENT, LOL.

Since I last had a meeting with them I have seen precious little of them in the media at all as far as the lobbying is concerned.

Someone stated to me only today that the CAB office are only concerned about their own jobs and IF true, and it loks to be, it is because despite the absolute mess we are in and the blatant disregard for human life CAB are worried that they will be shown to be the toothless wast of space organisation that they ARE!


Unless of course you just climbed out a rowing boat that got lost off the Straits of Gibraltar and do not speak a word on English and only Arabic then they will help you?!


The Needle and The Tap


That is who it was that stated the following...

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
- Edmund Burke

Just see it on The Needle, nice blog..


& also interesting but need to read more of it is...




Well here you go...

Was walking up Baker Street in Enfield when I see this guy who looked Turkish our Arab jump out if this Mercedes like a Springbok in the mating season!

He looked in his twenties and had slicked stylish hair ths had much time and money on it.

If you look closely at the car you will note what caught my attention in that he was fiddling on his dashboard with something and I realised it was a blue badge?!

I know the flat above the power shop and there its no one living there with any disabilities whatsoever. Indeed often I an in the store I hear the ceiling banging about very loud sure to people running about upstairs and sewn then go into the flat with football gear on including boots.

I cannot even get a bus ticket from Enfield Council?!

If this is not a clear indication to them provoking a race war and unrest in the UK between British and Foreigners them I do not know what else people would need?!

There is no other reason to explain away how unfair they are towards British people currently!



Well this IS a bizarre page indeed and I do not know what to make of it.

It also states some pretty bizarre things about Cliff Richard on this sight The Tap.

the tap: The lady who tried to stop the BBC perverts


One of the things I setup the Wordpress blog for was to strart to publish and over time publish all my screenshots and findings to do with my online activity being...tampered with. I did not wanto do this immediately and wanted to cllect a fair amount up first.

After all I did not know for sure who was behind it though I had a list of possibilities and not very long and could only be one of those listed I could not mention them.

Purely because had it been the OBVIOUS one then this blog would have likely disappeared very quickly soon after divulging it on here. So I went over to Wordpress to do it there and have been doing it for seval weeks with a few weeks yet to go. BUT something has already happened and very early on on the Wordpress blogs life so I am switching one to a double post both here and my Wordpress blog?!

Also I want to put something to the test, lol.

My WordPress BLOG: http://allnightsblog.wordpress.com/


Here is a good one for you...

I have a blog on ANOTHER SITE!

I had kind of kept this one quiet to theory I had and it does seem to be pointing towards that I suspected.

Now this one is on WordPress and only up about three weeks and it was going mental in those three weeks. Well at least it was until three days ago when it just suddenly stopped and FLATLINED?!

Here is a screenshot of the email I have via WordPress regarding the sheer amount of follower and LIKES which was tkane mere moments ago and three days ago suddenly flatlines and RIGHT OVER A WEEKEND TOO?!

Now this Blogger blog would have gone a damn site longer before certain parties were aware of it. The WordPress one, however, would not have gotten anywhere near as far before SOMEONE started messing with the figures, LMAO.

I have one or two theories, lol, on why this has happened. Well three to be precise and one is that there is a Denial of Service attack going on or something similar. Or it is down to a comment someone placed on the blog or some other outside group is influencing the numbers.

But I had spotted it on this blog and it was a damn site harder to spot. On the WordPress blog it stuck it luck a sore thumb within 24 hours and I just waited and used my email client to HIGHLIGHT IT! LOL.



Oh and while I was working on this someone knocked at my door to do with Thames Water and my non-paid bill of several years, lol.

I explained the situation, first DLA cancelled, then Incapacity Benefit cancelled and now Housing Benefit cancelled and I am going to be homeless and he stood there like he was waiting for me to say 'oh do not worry when I get my £1,500 deposit back I will just give it all to you for proving my with a product that falls from the sky for free?!?!' LOL.


First sent on 19th April and then one today, 22nd April, and will have too see this through this time!

This one is to Citizen's Advice and hoping they respond today, lol.

I have emailed them again today, Food Bank too, in case they needed proof so now they have attachments of BOTH cancellation letters as well as this blog address.

Sent same thing to Food Bank too so they MAY be able to contact CAB about having one ready?!*SIGH*


First sent on 19th April and then one today, 22nd April, and will have too se this through this time!

Mind you last time I needed a voucher from a Priest in a church which was weird.

I have emailed them again today in case they needed proof so now they have attachments of BOTH cancellation letters as well as this blog address.

Sent same thing to Citizen's Advice too as you can get the food vouchers from them?! Grooooaaaannnn, how embarrassing?!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


When I was a kid and right up to adulthood if there was one thing I hatred it was being sick.

If there was one thing that kids did that I did not it was spinning on the spot to make yourself feel queasy, not me.

Roundabouts in children's playgrounds and local parks were something I never went anywhere near. In fact I remember getting on a ride at a fairground with a couple of cousins on the seat in front and it was horrid and terrifying and I wanted to jump off, despite being 12 feet in the air.

So to think these days I feel sick and am sick a hell of a lot is pretty much a nightmare for me fairly often.

That is how it is right now and I have a damned headache too boot! I am fighting off the urge to go running to the toilet to vomit everything up...

Oh dear..


Oh dear.

I seen to be emerging from that previously described intoxicated like state and I an stating to feel dreadful.

Feeling sick and have a king size headache to boot.



OK that is what I currently am but it is somewhat weird.

I took my last pills, tipping me into overdose territory around 2pm. The feeling of being high started about 5pm, 3 hours later and I am till experiencing it now.

Bloody hell that is a cheap way to get stoned?! Certainly a great deal cheaper than Cannabis, lmfao!

So I find it completely bizarre that the stoned feeling came on three hours later and remained for several hours.

Definitely feel drugged up to the eyeballs and lack of anything to eat a large contributor to that.

My word that is going to take place a hell of a great deal over the next 3 weeks until I get paid IF I get paid at all?!

It has also just occurred to me that I had better watch myself to as this could be highly dangerous especially now I am on my bike a large majority of the time?!

Hmm come to think of it is there a law against riding on the road on a Mountain Bike while intoxicated?! I have been left with little choice in the matter if this is the case, lol.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Hmm now that is interesting...

Further to my previous notes if who runs this country, our more exactly which COUNTRY runs this country, I spotted an interesting article on BBCi.

The richest man in the UK is Russian and called Alisher Usmanov. He currently has £13.3 Billion. More interestingly is the top three also appear to be foreign.

Even more interesting is that the combined wealth of the top 1000 richest people in the UK alone is £450 Billion?!

This is just the UK?!

An old friend of mine often used the following statement, until hey got money of his own, that..


Now of course this statement could never actual work. You cannot have a society where too large portion are wealthy because you would not have a large enough working class to keep them there.

Also if the top 1000 alone have that much combined wealth and earning those figures them how is it that this country cannot get the deficit down?! Why is it that all the inhumane lies and tricks placed on the working classes and the pressure and strain they have ensured now go around 4 years had not done a damned thing to reduce the debt when the blame for loss of all this money has been continually and write unfairly laid at their door?!

What would the tax bill be just on the top, say, 2000?!

Very interesting article that and a bit of an eye opener for me.


 Unbelievably shocking list of suspects...

Poke it with a Stick: List of Names Connected with the Savile Case


While out at a friends store something has occurred to new while e street talking about how quiet it is.

He was just explaining how he had taken £40 in his store by the time I publish this, around 3am on Saturday, which in all honest should be over ten times that amount on a quiet day!

I was talking about how I would have to leave if the local council refuse to budge and that ferrying no money for food means you are not worthy if being provided a home either and that I am now concerned about getting my cash back from my deposit.
But then it suddenly occurred to me that I remembered that by law there are notifications that need to be given!

Now I do not recall in which direction it is but that this notice to quit or cancel tenancy is two months and three months though I cannot remember between who or which direction this is.

I did not read the entire letter that was sent, though I posted it on here, do will have to read it and see if there is a notice period!

Of course if there is no mention of one I am going to have to pull then to account and ask why this is when there are the two months and three months notice for others in this triangle!!

Now let us see what transpires from this!

Of course no notice is tantamount to ensuring that I first cannot move on and secondly have no money to survive on until this illegalities had been brought to account.

I do do wish they would and had taken me to court and accused me of fraud like they do in their many TV adverts and tabloid adverts?!?!

But then they know they would now get a great deal of attention and be shown to be more corrupt and a waster if the publics taxes than those the insinuate are!

No doubts on that issue and they can get solace from the fact they would not be alone either.

Happy Days!



Well I passed the Path To Nowhere that I reported on previously that has no doubt had my Incapacity Benefit cancelled but more to the point my rent payments by Enfield Council cancelled as a knee jerk sour grapes reaction to what I put and said.

This is the other side of the fence I was passing on my bike today which is the 20th April 2013. As you can see this part of the path looks the same and you can see much more clearly that it is indeed... A DEAD END, LMAO!

This is by Maiden's Bridge and they was already way into starting to build this path way back in December 2012?!

They still have a way to go at the other end too. That is a cost of £35,000 just in wages so far and does not include materials, machinery, fuel and anything else needed. LMAO!

Friday, 19 April 2013



I have gut wrenching pain as I do believe I should not have eaten those sausages that had been knocking round my freezer for over 6 months, lmao.

Oh dear I do NOT think this will be a good day, lol argggg! LOL!

I have been SAUSAGED and I am not even a big lover of sausages, lol.



Here is THEIR EMAIL, pure and simple!

What a crock, how they hod this was ridiculous, lol. They ask you to put kin YOUR POST CODE and you end up thinking well now that is only going to give me my local office who will do jack about my problem.

Si I ended up doing it with the intention of emailing my local office as I have now gone 48 hours with no money and have bare traces of food left and no milk or even sugar and have not had the last two for two days.

I was taken to details of my local Job Centre where I recorded those two visits secretly and the clicked o the email button and was given the CENTRAL EMAIL?!?!




Well that was somewhat weird.

I woke up this morning to a ringing phone at 8.45am from an unknown number and it seemed I had one late last night too.

But I felt somewhat different as I woke up and was finding it difficult to come around and every part of my body felt is if it was ten times heaveir than it was the previous day?! Even lifting my hands alone seemed difficult and as I looked at the phone I then dropped it.

After awhile as I put more effort into rising I felt some soreness down my spine and eventually I got to my feet and felt some soreness on my calf muscles too.

With all that and my heavy head and real woozy state I wondered why I had felt like this and then remembered the EMG needles and that the parts that now ached and seemed stiff were parts that has a needle wriggled about inside them.

The woozy head and heavy feeling was a bit weird but I realised the test yesterday was to do with most of it but had not had one placed in my head, though not far away with my right shoulder.

I thought I had better read the notes that came with the appointment letter, well beyonw the part stating what was required of me before the test that is. AS I descnded the stairs I thought well if that guy was no Doctor and was indeed WORKING for another group and has poisoned mme at least I have been put out of my misery of starving to death or being made homeless!!


Sure enough when I read the EMG notes it did stat bruises and sore ness that would last a day.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Here is a scan of the results to the Electromyography test. Might as well be Russian to me but someone somewhere might know what it all means, lol.

Well it has been a strange day.

After many years of waiting I thought today was the day when I would finally find out what it is that afflicts me. Being convinced of what I had read due to the incompetence and lies of a great many Doctors, maybe all one reason and maybe all the other.

But it turned out not to be the case and looks like Maya will not get to hear from me again telling her I have this exotic condition after all.

Told I must have a neurological condition and insinuating that Restless Leg Syndrome was the key to this along with a hammer of my heels that gave no response that wasted appointment I waited months for led me down a garden path to nowheresville!

I have spent the day in a kind of limbo. I have felt not only very tired by deflated to and another brick wall. Now that I think about it I cannot help but wonder at the sheer lack of professionalism of all these people you are supposed to bow down before fo them giving you their time?!

That Podiatrist called Mark I was referred to by a guy 15 feet away from his office, he tells me I should not have been sent to him, then insinuates that I am making things up, then says I have a neurological disorder hits my heels with a hammer and is shocked that he gets no reaction from either heel.

Everything he has said has first been contradicted and the prove wrong.

Te odd thing is lately is that, ad believe me when I say that this has NEVER happened before, is that all these Doctors seemed to know each other personally and speak as if they all spend Christmas day together?!

Mark says that mg GP Dr Gubbay is one of the best GPs around, Dr Gubbay says this about Mark (the Podiatrist) and today the Doctor that performed the tests said this about Dr Mort, my Neurologist, who caused me to realise he was the Doctor I was about to meet 100 yards away from where I was to meet him because he looked at me and did a double-take of me. So he KNEW me and had seen a picture, either that or Dr Carl Sagan was wrong and there IS something to Psychic abilities because there is simply no other explanation. Added to this is that there would be NO picture of me in my medical records.

Also I noted the other day, I rarely read this things through if at all, that Dr Mort referred to me in his letter back to my GP that I was a pleasant man?! An odd thing for a Doctor to remark about?

I cannot recall a time previously ever meeting two doctors that actually knew each other and it has happened several times, oh yes Maya and Mark knew each other well too.

So I just so happen to be living in an area whereby the loal hospital has one of the worst reputations around and yet I am lucky enough to have all the top people in their fields in the areas I have been referred to.

In my dozey, hazy, depressed and deflated state that has been playing on my mind!

Not normally a good thing as it normally means I am picking up on something and have no realised all the data yet, lol.