Monday, 22 April 2013


Here is a good one for you...

I have a blog on ANOTHER SITE!

I had kind of kept this one quiet to theory I had and it does seem to be pointing towards that I suspected.

Now this one is on WordPress and only up about three weeks and it was going mental in those three weeks. Well at least it was until three days ago when it just suddenly stopped and FLATLINED?!

Here is a screenshot of the email I have via WordPress regarding the sheer amount of follower and LIKES which was tkane mere moments ago and three days ago suddenly flatlines and RIGHT OVER A WEEKEND TOO?!

Now this Blogger blog would have gone a damn site longer before certain parties were aware of it. The WordPress one, however, would not have gotten anywhere near as far before SOMEONE started messing with the figures, LMAO.

I have one or two theories, lol, on why this has happened. Well three to be precise and one is that there is a Denial of Service attack going on or something similar. Or it is down to a comment someone placed on the blog or some other outside group is influencing the numbers.

But I had spotted it on this blog and it was a damn site harder to spot. On the WordPress blog it stuck it luck a sore thumb within 24 hours and I just waited and used my email client to HIGHLIGHT IT! LOL.



Oh and while I was working on this someone knocked at my door to do with Thames Water and my non-paid bill of several years, lol.

I explained the situation, first DLA cancelled, then Incapacity Benefit cancelled and now Housing Benefit cancelled and I am going to be homeless and he stood there like he was waiting for me to say 'oh do not worry when I get my £1,500 deposit back I will just give it all to you for proving my with a product that falls from the sky for free?!?!' LOL.

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