Friday, 12 April 2013


God I am getting really bored today as I have spent it all sorting out their shit!

Hm that will be my answer when they ask me why I cannot work...well I spend all day sorting out your fecking crap, lies and paperwork.

After all I emailed them, posted a letter to them and will phone them too, the DWP that is, and now my Housing Benefit, which is odd as I actually get Local Housing Allowance, which they talked me into swithing over to and then robbed me of a weeks money for as it was soime bumb rule to rob you of a weeks cash when you switched over.

In other words it was not unique to me it actually WAS a stupid rule!!

Anyway I though you the readers might enjoy a letter I typed out and will send off the the Department of Work and Pensions and Enfield Council in a couple of weeks.

Another bloody battle and conveniently not earning any money as yet, lol.


Dear Sirs

NR 74 68 64 D

Though you do not deserve that title due to the absolute inhumanity that you and your overlords display to decent and honest people.

You cannot keep denying that you have heard from me as all correspondences between us are plastered and passed around all over the Internet. I had and have for a very long time been keeping an online diary of events with all necessary evidence to prove what an evile, amoral and careless organisation you are and changing everything to something else is not going to help you.

Interestingly I am pretty much certain that whoever reads this and has been told to screw with me has NO IDEA about the Internet page I refer to with 20,000 people on it and growing?! No I bet not because the need DUMMIES to lay the blame at and while your still their doing the jobs of pawns instead of making money as a whistle blower you will end up in prison or being chased down the street by an angry mob if you escape prison?!

I have told you over and over and OVER AGAIN exactly WHY I did not turn up for the assessments, oh and I saw your little set up in BBC News with Nick Barry of Atos, will not do you any good I am afraid to say, and all records and every details inclding all letters of me explaining it are on the Internet!

You see I am not one to throw thngs in your faces and blurt things out. Organisations have come and gone that thought they could outsmart me and the best bit is if the disregard the letters they sleepwalk right into my traps.

I wanted to record you and everyone else every step of the way through everything so that all the lies, tricks, cheats and cold heartlessness showed to the very public that pay their wages can be seen by one and all.

I am succeeding in doing that in in just a few months every single person in the UK will know the truth and already many countries around the world have had people take all my data from my web-pages from everywhere including here!!

So sorry but everyone has read that letter you sent me, they also heard the entire conversation of what went on on the Job Centre and how that chap knew my name though I did not tell him it. They have seen and copid all the letters as well as all the emails from yourselves and Atos and I have kept it very quiet because I wanted the media to do something for me and they rcenetly did EXACTLY as I thought they would.

You see everyone mistakenly thought I was playing for attention from the media when the reality was they themselves was also on trial in my eyes for being as corrupt as you. Do not think so? Do not think your organisation is evil and corrupt or setting you up? I do not care and there are 20,000 people and rising that think you are wrong. In several months ime that will be a few hundred thousand and towards the end of 2013 and into 2014 this will be millions of people if not reached that milestone a lot earlier.

As for what the public think that is what you should have been concerned with and not me. I mean imagine the media circus that will explaode now as all parties scramble around in an attempt to not look like the villain, or at least the WORST VILLAIN, of the peace? Do you think that of each of the organisations I have told you about and attacked that each one will want to take the full anger of the British Public?!

It is absolutely astonishing how easy and naïve you all were to manipulate. AS for that media circus?! Oh well can you imagine who would come out on top? Let us recap...

  1. I have told the truth all along and done everything you have asked at least 6 times over except the one thing I am UNABLE to do, and KEEP giving you reasons for when you OWN REASONS for FAILING to turn up here were all easily proved LIES I have already done so on my web-page and still have more proof to boot for the most stubborn and naïve of people!
  2. I do have all the things wrong with me I told you for years that I have
  3. I will soon prove thatr I have all these things wrong with me and...
  4. You have done this at a time when one thing I warned you would happen if you failed to provide the necessary help the fault of both YOU and LOCAL GOVERNMENT and ten years earlier than I expected in all honesty
  5. So I am in a hell of a lot of pain now and EXTREMELY ANGRY AND STRESSED OUT
  6. I have just filled in and handed in a DLA Claim, as there is no PIPS yet available for me, as the DWP always states to be informed of ANY changes so good timing, lmao!!
  7. On that DLA form are the names and addresses of NO LESS THAN SIX, COUNT THEM SIX Hospital specialists over to seperate hospitals?!
  8. Oh and by the way Local Government has now CONTARDICTED YOU in stating that it s not down to CARE but down to DIAGNOSIS and basically stated TWICE and I have it RECORDED that if a soldier comes back from Afghanistan minus his legs he will be FUCKED because his arms and hands still work and he can dress and undress himself and that they cannot do ANYTHIN without a diagnosis?!

So between the two of you, yo have ALL THE BASES covered?! You do not act unless needed care and GP's and SPECIALISTS ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Local Councils do NOTHING WITHOUT DIAGNOSIS and GP's and Specialists are shit scared to do either and have been bribed/paid/forced in someway NOT to do things...

...oh yeah I have that on tape too. Do you know for the last two years the one thing that people meeting me should have done is...check my pockets and NOT allow me to sit there with a smart phone recording their every word... would be amazed what people are willing to tell you when they think there is only the two of you around, or just plain dumb-enough to blurt out while speaking down to me like I am some kind of imbecile and they are really brainy or for more important or special then I am.

Oh and in case you have not worked it out...that has all been downloaded and listened to by thousands upon thousands of people. This is also a BONFIDE way of trying to make money. Unlike other help organisations I DO actually help people by explaing in great detail how to go through various applications and procedures and what bullshit they are going to here and dunce remarks along the way?! This is a full blown KISS YOU ARSE GOODBYE many making CAREER that aas your reading this 20,000 people would have read it and growing and shall I tell you what it will look like to them and thr rest of the country as well as anyone claiming to be performing an inquest in the best interests of the British Public?

Do you know what both THEY and the PUBLIC will all think?
That you have shown yourselves up to be liars, they will think that complaints about any threats or bad language I used would be laughable when you behave like people who worship Satan, even a damned Jehovah's Witness told me at my street door that it is like Satanists are running this country?! Oh yes that is how you little civil servants are all perceived and it will not be your bosses tha get the blame..oooh no. They will point the fingers at people like you and state it is all your fault?!

Well I am trying to stop that, so kind of IRONIC don't yeah think? I am trying to swerve around and get my messages BEYOND the pawns and to the people that matter. So that I can actually EXPOSE THEM FOR WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE?!

Yep it is ironic and I am sure that thousands of people have burst out laughing by the time you have read this?!

Ask yourself something simple?

If I was lying..or cheating in ANYWAY, would I be stupid enough to push it THIS FAR and THIS LONG? Yes? No?

Hmm would you like to hazard a guess at what the general consensus to this will be on the 20,000 viewers I have already?

Would you like to know, as I have held this back now, how many NEW VIEWERS I get each week? That is NEW viewers....probably about the time you read this anywhere between 1,500 and 2,000 as like all government organisations I am willing to bet that this will sit in a tray somewhere for three weeks?!

My page has been live for 8 months...that is all and started from SCRATCH.

Due to everything that you evil doers have been up to and what you have taken away from me, despite the fact I have spent two years doing the jobs of Detectives, Doctors, Secret Services and Life Savers and done all that for free, ooh its all on the web-page believe me on that lol. So ihad had to find a way that I COULD make money after all what was it you said it an enquiry?


Have you paid attention to the House of Commons? I have not but I can tell you that IF you have you may have noticed that you and Atos have been getting attention from a Michael Meacher and Baroness Meacher?!

Now I will gie you THREE GUESSES where they have been getting their information from?


I have the email requesting if they can use certain ..elements and data from my website and that was back in early January 2013. Baroness Meacher speaks about UK Unrest?! TA-DAAA!

My god you could not even BEGIN to think what trouble your in and what is coming despite my many attempts to clear up the crap and cool down the anger you created?! Mad am I? Well you carry on convincing yourself as that and you had better stay away from my website than as I do not think your heart could take it and you would end up with a coronary!

Now I am going to tell you what Wirral Council did a little while before Christmas and you will do very soon and this year is for certain...

A number of people, when they realise the magnitude of the situation that stands before them, will run around the place looking for all relevant documentation to me. When you all find it and collect it together on a big table a number of you will be soo scared of going to prison for crimes against humanity and the British Public that you will burn the midnight oil to gather all data in the hope of protecting yourselves legally, if you do not I know your bosses will be finding a way to look clean while you look incompetent and guilty as charged.

Then you will go over it all and say the following...

“Ooh crap” He has been telling the truth al along, everything has happened just as he predicted and we are sunk!! We will go to prison/be burned at the stake by an angry mob/flee the country for our safety [delete as necessary] all because we did not listen/did not bother to read/lied for our overlords [delete as necessary].”

By the way when you contact me in the future can you please include in the envelope and send to the above address proof that you are telling the truth and proof that you are NOT SATANISTS?!

If you require this proof back please inform us and provide a Stamped Addressed Envelope and FOUR STAMPS!


Martin Haswell BSc


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    1. My friend got stitched by ATOS and DWP go to Citizens advice and also see your MP in person.

  2. Did that. Saw comment about spell checker, sorry but just like right not I am either really tired or in a rush. In fact I am in alot of pain and a rush and have to pick up paperwork from GP and then drop round Dentists so they can send me up to remove second molar tooth that has crumbled away because I started grinding them few years back due to the pin I have to deal with. If I have done it from the used and second hand American phone I was sold as new then it probably will be pretty bad, lol.

    If you type in 'Citizen's Advice' or 'CAB' as well as MP in the search field you will note I have been to both of them in the past and in fact you may find several letters from MPs who seem to be able to do nothing in recent times.

    There should be a recording on here somewhere of me with local CAB for an hour telling all the stuff in this blog including the things that sound whacky, trust me they only SOUND whacky lol.