Monday, 8 April 2013


Well I have never in my life seen such an appalling and bad bit if journalism than that the BBC have just done on the Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments and even Atos.

The spoke to Nick Barry of criminal, fraudulent and lying firm Atos. Nick Barry was quite obviously lying and the BBC could not even ask the one simple basic question that should have been asked and screwed themselves a far as I am concerned.

In a room where people were 'assessed' you WOULD have thought they would ask just WHO is doing the assessment?!

But no.

Also despite my contacting them for over a year I just heard the line..."many people have not turned up for the assessments" and they were only talking to SCOPE?!"

Now I was informed of the existence of Website called Biased BBC plus my father died as a result of lies by the BBC but this is arrogant and shockingly obvious?! Obviously picking brain dead or heartless people, addition driven only, to give these positions to is all the rage at the BBC.

I also understand that Ian Duncan Smith is being called, if I understand it correct, to live on £53 per week?!

Oh how I laughed art this and was going done bright Sparks would come up with this.

He has claimed it is just a stunt?!

Yes a stunt to sure you up for the idiot you are. Bloody hell no wonder the tories have not got into power in over ten years, you're not now in reality though you act like it!

Anyway Ian Duncan Smith I think you and your friend are already seeing the writing on the wall and so early in the month of April too. Just couple days of mild weather too?! Wait until this has been three our for weeks if increasingly warmer weather, hahaha.

Oh and if the cameras are because you are expecting unrest similar to an uprising or revolution you think that wasting all that money that we would all spot what they are would be if help?!

Do you not think that this many members of the public acting as one around the country might not come up with the idea of first spotting them and then dealing with them when the time comes?!

In the form of a large collection of people the larger amount if intelligence invariably goes to the much larger group. That is if the listen to the ones they should do and work as a team?!

It is a time when EGOs should be cast aside as they are a thorn on the side of society and will only be a hindrance. Now if you consider that in the government and cabinet the egos are large enough to fill the vacuum of space itself then they will no doubt lose.

Also large enough number appearing would make it difficult, in my estimation, for any groups requested to...herd the masses, but I am more inclined to think they any request to act against the public in those sorts of numbers they will be told to "feck off" through...

1) Fear...due to amount they are outnumbered...

2) Unwillingness to act against there own people...

3) Or Sour Grapes over Pleb Gate

So I would imagine their chances are looking thinner and thinner and they must be getting concerned right now, lol.

I would say in the coming Weeks the need for any fibre in their diet will rapidly diminish, lol.

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