Thursday, 25 April 2013


Here is a copy and pasted email I sent to some Direct Payments Department of Enfield Council.

Oh and I have been accused of being part of some top secret eloborate plot or society to make people 250 miles away homeless by someone who has accused me of working for the government that in all honesty I thought worked for the government and I am CERTAIN they were out to befriend me, get me speaking online and make me look as if I was stark raving bonkers, LMAO.

This was either going to be achived by making me look like some looney conspiracy theorist or a bible thumping maniac trying to convince people that the non existent being commonly referred to as THE DEVIL was alive and well and walking the earth?!

Umm NO!

Nice try but no cigar and I was alerted to something not being quite right very early on I am afraid. But if there is one thing I have learned is NOT let your enemies know that you are ONTO THEM, LMAO.

What was odd about me being accused though as well as being told sto drop the Cloak and Dagger crap was that it was the other way around and that they were masquerading under three pseudonyms while I only had ONE, lol. Now I wonder IF put to the vote which one of us would acquire the most votes for the one behaving like some government lure?!

Oh yes and I KNEW you were Kate on the Wordpress blog as you see it is ME that hates the Cloak and Dagger bullshit!! I knew that by posting what I did that you would react and give yourself away as Kate. If I asked you you would just say 'no its not me'. Unlike alot of idiot reporters working in the media (and I do not know quite HOW they find work) I do nt bother asking the questions that I will not get answers to or just lies. I prefer ...ALTERNATE methods to find out the truth, lol.

If there is something...ELSE going on that is legitimate, or medical, then fine but do not play games and do what you do. YOur not going to convince anyone of anything and you spent rather a long time trying to get me to stop doing this blog. As you have probably realised this is not going to happen.

YOu also reacted after I posted that I got hold of a very altered medical records and in all honesty the rage you experienced was more like someone had had been found out, lol. You have mentioned about Serco, would it turn out that you in fact work for Serco?!


Dear Sirs

71 Mahon Close Enfield EN1 4DQ

I was sent details about you via post from the Social Workers Department though I have to confess I found the whole things a trifle strange, not to mention contradictory.

I have several rather annoying and debilitating problems that affect my feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders and right arm and hand. On top of this I experience a stinging and aching in my groin from an Inguinal Hernia Repair, suffer from fatigue and dizzy spells as well as sudden vomiting without warning and extreme heartburn.

I have struggle for many years in pain doing things I should be getting help with and up until several years ago I was in receipt of DLA and Incapacity Benefit and held a Freedom Pass and owned a car. These have all unfairly and immorally been taken away from me and over time this has had a speedier as well as detrimental effect on my conditions to the point I have gone from REFUSING to take pain killers to being on the maximum I am currently allowed in any given 24 hour period.

I have run out of road entirely.

When this all started several years ago I started keeping...RECORDS of everything as I started to hear the same lines come from various civil servants in various different departments and in different organisations?! I suspected that the BOSSES of said departments were up to something and had brain washed their staff into BELIEVING certain things but actually setting things up so that when the proverbial hits the fan it will be all the front line staff that get the blame while they get away with it scott-free!

It got to the stage that the people I was met by, spoke with and assessed by were completely clueless to any of this while I was hearing the exact same line and excuses between local councils (all I have dealt with), the DWP, NHS Hospitals and Clinics and various other organisations too.

Now despite the excuses and the lies being used over and over again between the differing organisations this could only mean that one single solitary company/outfit/person had a hand in all of the organisations. It simply was not theoritaclly possible that vastly different organisations could adopt the same tricks as each other. They also started finding things out from each other too and I duly noted that. Things they would not have found out unless the individual in question specifically told them.
It all pointed to some very questionable and bad things I am afraid and was very easy to discover and reveal what was going on.

SO you can imagine that with this in mind with each and every naive and clueless pawn that I poke to that said things to me that made no bloody sense whatsoever, like if you can dress and undress yourself you are not eligible for help when I do not and cannot walk on my hands to get to Sainsburys?! More to the point whenever I have pointed out these errors and oversights I have then had these people get shirty with me for pointing it out an even hang up the phone.

I do not have much in the way of patience and do not suffer fools I am afraid and I really do not appreciate it when people look down at me or talk down to me like I am a child or an idiot as has become absolutely RIFE in the UK of late and so bad that there is an enormous amount of pressure and anger building up with the public at large towards these organisations.

The latest one is that everyone, both Enfield and the wider UK, have noted that the streetlights all have WIFI antennas on them and think they are being watched everywhere they go and everything they do including n their homes, bedrooms and gardens and ohh boy do you have no idea what you have blindly walked into there but of course it will be everyone else's fault but your own.
RIGHT! Now I have gotten that out of the way as a forewarning as I am sure I am deliberately being provoked to blow up with front line staff so that I lose my temper and hurt someone so I can be arrested and locked up and therefore SHUT UP, I would very much like to request that retrieving my SHOPPING of FOOD has very much become a painful experience and has been for sometime.

Now before all the ERRORS are stated to me by the pawn willing to throw themselves to the lions for their masters I will point out something that SHOULD BE very, VERY obvious. Or TWO...

1) A soldier comes back from Iraq with his legs blown off, your not going to tell him there is NO HELP are you now?!

2) A man with no legs who gets around in a wheelchair is only in a wheelchair though he does need help. Your feet and legs cannot hurt you IF THEY ARE NOT THERE!!

3) My legs ARE THERE and they hurt a great deal and it varies but is NEVER absent and in different parts from the soles of my feet to my ankles, knees, hips as well as my back, right arm and shoulder.

4) To emphasize what I said in that having no legs means they do not hurt...UI would happily have mine removed and placed with mechanical and robotic ones if I could and will start to press for this alot me from now on and HAVE mentioned it before.

5) I know that the same outfit behind the LOGISTICS of government departments have also tampered with my NHS records and have changed the dates, swapped dates around and OMITTED things and oooh boy that was a mistake. This is going to create a frenzy over the next 8 weeks or so.

6) I ONLY need help for around 6 months as researching all the above and keeping all the records of staff of councils, dwp, atos, nhs, police and many others os going to make me VERY wealthy by the end of 2013!

So in the meantime or at least until I can fund things for myself and buy my bionic feet and legs can you please provide help while leaving out the incessant one liners and excuses that have quite obviously not been given any thought about?!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

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