Sunday, 7 April 2013


What the feck did that idiot mean when he said that?

I just could not believe what I was reading and was like "eh? What is he getting at?"

Did he mean murderers? Well how do you know someone is going to be a murderer...Ohh minority reports? Lol. Did he mean odd people with odd sex lives? Maybe he meant feeding them in prison and getting at bringing back capital punishment?

Steel to God he was not talking about working class jobless people?!

Do you know it seemed to be they were heading in this way and my old friend, the late Old Ken, used to get very anxious whenever I stated this to him four years our more ago and he would day they would never date touch the welfare state.

I can feel a ghostly rod under the control of his ghostly hand prodding me in the back to let rip on this one...

Well I will come back to that and I shall tear him to pieces and rip him several new holes while I am at it! I need to have a few days thinking if the lines to come out with on this but here is one that sprung to mind while I read it..

Laws and support only apply to a small minority and you statements were so idiotic I refuse to believe that anyone in power, it even an  MP, is that incompetent that I can only see these statements as...

Deliberate provocation to start up UNREST AND VIOLENCE in the UK. You must be a blind idiot or even a bunch of blind idiots if you do not see what effect these statements will have on the wider British Public!

If you think there will not be repercussions for gin uttering these statements then I'm afraid you're very naive or extremely stupid. It is also like to turn neighbour against neighbour or more likely neighbourhood against neighbourhood.

Let me tell you what this is...

He is taking anyone who is stupid and naive enough to agree with him and three people will become targets by those who are Pissed off with things of late. He is turning the people stops enough to think he is doing the right thing and will use them as deflection by putting them up as a target by the wider angry public. There will probably be, or even have been, members if the public out on the streets have been interviewed on TV who have said he needs to do this. I have no sympathy four people that cold and that naive believe me but when you are using divide and conquer tactics to use the public backing you as canon fodder I find that CHILLING in all honesty.

This is because it is to try and stop any possibility of the public combining and acting against THEM and the rich and bankers. Nice!

The cameras that have been installed that I informed you about in the last couple of posts are there in case they get it wrong. They are designed to watch everyone's movements in a given area so that any amassing if groups to go out on a protest march they can...intercept you very early in your travelling plans.

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