Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Well there I was sitting on my bike a few yards from my house.

I had re-entered my home to my utter annoyance several times, forgot my trouser clips, forgot my pain-killers and forgot something else I have now forgotten about?! LMAO.

My military backpack had a whole series of hospital appointment and test letters along with the letters of the cancellation of my two benefits!

I was going to the local Citizen's Advice Bureau to pick up a voucher for food and if they did not like it there was going to be grief. I tend to get really annoyed with organisations that are supposed to do things but do nothing. This is especially true if they talk themselves up on their own website and not only have the failed to help me in over half a dozen times of asking I have never met anyone that thay have actually helped.

Indeed from my own experience these places are normally filled with non English speaking people and that is all most of these help organisations do, help people who are not to bright and those that cannot speak English. I have been in the one in Walthamstow a few times, one in Dalston a few times and one in Hertford once. Only once as that was over 20 years ago and the only time that approaching the CAB was ever a nice experience and actually received help. But like I said that was over 20 years ago and around 2 years before my daughter was born. Indeed, Hertford is where I was living when I met the mother of my daughter.

I had long since run out of money by about five days and had now ran out of food and had emailed the CAB Office on Friday. I had hoped that I could pick something up on Saturday morning but I knew it was likely they would not open again until Monday. Well I posted the email response I got so you know what happened there, lol.

SO there I was perched upon my saddle and the piercing sunlight looking warm and inviting and a nice feeling enveloped me and I thought how that feeling would shortly be ruined by a bunch of people who will likely speak to me like an idiot, speak down to me (as they did both these before and then apologised when I reacted the same way)and want to someone who is not only in pain all the time anyway home and return again another day but also suffering from a toothache  and I am now being referred to hospital to have my rear molar removed next to the gap where I had another one removed because I have been grinding my teeth these last few years due to the pain. Which only ended up causing me even more problems and even more pain, LMAO! (sharp and long intake of breath)

So I was perched upon my saddle with my shades on when something told me to chck my digital banking. I had the laptop on for a few hours before I had left the house, as it was one of those rare occasions when I was on the Internet at around 7.30am roughly, and I had not thought of checking it. Well I did not see much point in all honesty. Anyway I just thought whet the hell I will just check it and...

..lo and behold and surprise, surprise the money they told me in THAT phone call I would not receive until mid May had arrived in my account?!

I had to look twice, I really did...a double take on a phone!

Crisis averted.

Now what it was in my letter that caused them to do this about turn is anyone's guess I am just glad they did.

NOW?! Enfield Council seem to be extremely good and finding out very early on, though they always ask to be kept informed of these things, that my benefits have changed and then changing my rent, or this time around cancelling it altogether.

Now they have had the exact same letters that the DWP has now let us see if they are JUST AS GOOD at finding out things when it means they have to pay out as oppsed to the times when they have an excuse NOT TO PAY?!

They had better had, I can tell you that for nothing or the absolutely GRILLING I will give them while recording it will turn the air blue in their offices, lol.

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