Thursday, 25 April 2013


I did not know what to title this one as I was not really sure what it was that was attempted upon me as it seems to have been several things.

But whatever it was if it were just one it was impossible anyway so I called it that!

In all honesty I had suspected that once a larger amount of people had seen this blog those that are...wrapped up in the shite I speak of would think they could now get brownie points by running to their bosses and informing them of me and this blog. Sometime I do not know which ones are worse the ones that are ignorant to the blatant bullshit and treatment, the perpetrators themselves are the ones going out of their way to do their biding for them.

For me personally it is the ones that I was recently told to leave alone and they would be the ones that WE the public, well not me personally because I have never done it, vote into power who just act as the faces of the people behind the scenes, as this is really how it is today, and therefore do their bidding and willing to look like complete twats on TV every time or at best every other time they open the pie holes and when they are not lying or bullshitting they are moaning about the government salaries, lmao.

So the answer to an earlier question is NO...I wont leave the government alone as they are the ones placed in the target reticule so they have to take the flak. Despite what I posted about Serco and what it states on their site I have no positive way of identifying them as the ones responsible at the moment so the government will be put through a grinder until such a time that I know I can target someone else.

Everything is a theory until you can prove it, or like this blog is supposed to do but only seems to attract the very people I am trying to get thrugh to who come out with comments (as they have worked the 11100 posts all out and everything I have tried form just one single solitary blog ans says things that are already covered-not my fault you did not check first lol).

I am not going to go flapping about stating things that can quite easily be disproved. There is a common link between Serco and the public offices that does fit nicely and does indeed look suspicious but until I acquire more that is all that it is and nothing more.

Nor can you either go around telling people to 'wake up' you think your not getting through to. *SIGH* It is a good job I did not do that after ten posts and then after 20 posts?! I would have given up and gone home...oh wait I AM home, lol, long ago.

Sometimes I sigh *SIGH* and just shake my head in disbelief at people I really do. I do all this and I get people come on with nothing to back them up whatsoever and decide all these things and feel they need to tell me how to solve it when the entire blig is here because I HAVE DONE EVRYTHING, which had they followed they would know and even if they just typed their suggestion in the SEARCH BOX would pull up half a dozen things about what they are to suggest and can read several letters from the people they are suggesting and have quite obviously never tried it themselves.

So many people seem to miss the point that this blog is to help THEM. It is to point oyut, show, reveal and POVE that the safety nets that THEY think are there (sorry your comfort zone) are NOT THERE as I have done it all.

The fat bloke down the pub has not told me everything I have put on here and I have NOT collected this from a load of different victims either!

So before any bright sparks start typing CAB and suggest features available to me on this blog editor here are some of my own...there is a SEARCH FIELD at the top...GO USE IT and SEE if I have TRIED what you are about to suggest. That is the one keyword and press RETURN before you go typing out a couple of paragraphs save yourself some time, lmao.

Also if at a future point in time you have taken no notice of anything I have said here and fallen victim what I tried to warn you about please do not come running to me about it, lmao. I tried to tell you and you took no notice. I am helping people but I am not going to jump through hoops for those that cannot and will not be helped. After all there is a reason that old saying exists...


SO do not complain that is effing hot when someone has just told you not to walk into the fire, your not children!!! Oh does not apply if you are a child of course. Hmm young and naive I will let off the hook too.

Unfortunately people have largely turned in to the worst kind of humans for me, well in all honesty I struggle to actually refer to them as humans.

Brain-dead, bullshit shovelling and bullshit believing, heartless morons who have no idea that they are walking towards a cliffs edge to protect their masters who will then scream once over the edge all the way down when at that point its a waste of time screaming as no one can help you when your plunging a hundred miles an hour plus to your death, lmao.

I wonder if these people watch Homer Simpson and then laugh when he does something that is not only STUPID but should have been OBVIOUS to him and he shouts 'DOH!!!!'

IUf you did I find that amusing because I meet Homer Simpsons all the time in public offices. Talking down to you and I am sitting here thinking 

'your an idiot and a bigger idiot if you actually believe that bull your shovelling?! Now if I try to interrupt the bullshit I will then get taken down a notch or two by the headmistress and if she then does the same to me and I pull her on it she slam her door shut and refuse to converse any more! If I use an anology to show that the statement just put to me is utterly stupid they look at me as if to say 'How dare You with no money and therefore no BRAINS pull ME of all people being a CIVIL SERVANT/GP/Police Officer/Social Wroker on it as this title places me within the same league as Stephen Hawkings while having no job places you on the same level as those in NURSERY SCHOOL'?!


Every now and then you need to take people by the scruff of the neck and give them a bloody good hiding to 'WAKE THEM UP'.

Oh yeah, that is how you 'WAKE THEM UP', lmao.

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