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Independent Case Examiners

Dear Sirs

NR 74 68 64 D

Well while still waiting for the outcome of the last time I was treated badly by the DWP and the DLA I have now been treated in a way that is far, far worse, has serious implications on my life and what I believe to be an attempt to stop me going to an appointment this coming Thursday so that I do not get the final piece of the jigsaw to piece together the fraudulent and inhuman activities going on in consecutive governments between the NHS & the DWP.

Now I want to first state that because of what they have recently done there is one of three possibilities...

1) You have not even asked them ANYTHING about my case or...

2) You have and they do not give a rap about anything you do or say which means you never do anything or...

3) As I have accused on occasion you are just part of a more elaborate set up?!

Now I told you previously that they cancelled my Incapacity Benefit, not that I received much feedback from you, and I stated that they did this for reasons that were nothing more than complete bare-faced lies. I spoke to several people on the phone and lost my temper at my local Job Centre, though on that occasion I did not put anyone in intensive care and end up page ONE news and prime time TV news but I just KNOW that is coming in the next couple of months!!


I have had my Incapacity Benefit cancelled YET AGAIN and for the same reasons as before despite me giving them the reasons two months ago and two dozen times prioer to this 8 times by post, 8 times by email attachments and several times over the phone.

Please be aware tht all correspondences and letter are displayed the day I get them, plus my own and I hide absolutely NOTHING, on my web-page which now as 16,000 people all in agreement with me and NONE in agreement with any of you lout, I mean ALL CIVIL SERVANTS BY THE WAY AND GOVERNMENT, and this is rising my 1,200 per wek and even this number actually rises too. Newt week it will be 1300 and eventually it will be 2,000 per week and then 4,000 per week and so on ans so forth.

As for what I told you all previously I think this coming Wednesday you might get an idea when several or my predictions come to light. Now that the weather is warm between now and the end of May several more of my predictions will come to light. Indeed while we are at it and in the last 6 months or so a whole list of things I have predicted have come to pass!

So after waiting an inordinate amount of time for you to do something and lack of compassion and understanding always means window dressing, setup and and like many believe that civil servants are all Satanists today, I am not religious and not my words, and I have yet to finish still....

AFter getting no less then TWO member of Enfield Social Services on an audio recording saying the most cold and heartless of things as well as showing themselves to be extremely lazy and just government lackeys, the humorous part is hearing them when I tell them this which is proving quite popular on the Internet, within five hours of the second call, where I am told for the second time that if I was a soldier coming back from war in Iraq with my legs blown off I would be told by the DWP and the Council as well as the NHS that tough luck son, because your arms and hands work and you can dress and undress yourself you do not need help in getting your shopping?!

AT least I now know that the reaosn the government get away with it is that they employ complete morons that have delusions of grandeur, a holier than thou attitude and actually get brain washed to BELIEVE the trip they are told to shovel out to the public....oooh no sorry now it is DISABLE PEOPLE!!

I get paid this Wednesday 17th April 2013 and along with having no money coming and told my rent has now been cancelled I have the most important tests of my life at the Royal Free Hospital at 9.30am on Thursday the 18th April 2013?!

Now only a compete moron with limited brain cells would actually now say that this is merely a coincidence?!

I have not been asked to attend ANY assessments, which I KEEP TELLING THEM I CANNOT GET TO ANYWAY, since my last payment of Incapacity Benefit. So the reason it is cancelled is based on a lie.

I provided my web-page where all my data and evidence is available and all correspondences with everyone and I have NOT been asked by ANYONE for anything further so again everything is based on a lie.

Never before has my Housing Benefit, or at least that is what they put in the letter and a mistake as I get Local Housing Allowance again bloody morons and like everyone else very easily manipulated and I DO NOT NEED TO LIE to do it.

Also on my web-page is all the meetings I have EVER had with Doctors in the last year too s the public know EXACTLY what the truth is.

Oh and one more thing...just prior to Rent payments being cancelled but AFTER my Incapacity being cancelled I applied for Disability Living Allowance yet again as the DWP always like to tell you to notify them of any changes. Well there has been a great deal of changes. On the application which I did ONLINE and also RECORDED THE WHOLE PROCESS you will not that when it comes to page of Doctors and Hospital details you will note that there are no less than SIX OF THESE!!! That would be 6, six, SIX all with names and phone numbers included. That is all on my web page too and I would like to just go ovr one incey wincey little detail.

You will probably back up the DLA and state that the benefits are based on the amount of care, I just asked for someone to get my shopping for me as I in terrible pain that is now becoming too much to bare and this is on my web page too, but there is a little bit of a problem there... see the Local Councils and Social Services state that getting help is NOT based on CARE but on DIAGNOSIS?!

PLease do not do anything stupid and ire me and say that it is down to different departments on how they do things as the government is the government and the law is the law. You cannot pick and chose what laws and rules you can follow and set everything up so everyone fails tests.

Watch the news on Wednesday and maye you will realise, hopefully you all wil but if not will do by June 2013, that hiding behind statements like, that is nothing to do with us, everybody operates differently and any other utter tripe like that. When the public is pissed off words will no longer work and lines like that will only fuel the mob I am afraid and I have tried so hard to explain this to every single bloody naive idiot and I have only wasted my time.

Even you think your sitting their and will not be affected but if I was you I would not be that naive. No one seemed to know about you before I found you but 16,000 people and rising know about you. They are also realising that no one does anything and that finger pointing and blaming the money troubles on benefit claimants, even the FIT ONES, when the welfare state ending tomorrow would not even touch 1% of the money the morons that run this country has lost, is bang out of bloody order, evil, inhumane and simply not bloody true.

Ooh but sure enough when everything kicks off it will be everyone else's fault but there's only this time statements like that will only fuel the national fury and it will spread and get worse as the summer comes along.

Even now and sending you this email and despite the fact that I did think from the moment I contacted you you was just more scourges on the taxpayers money designed to llok like you are doing something when the reality is quite different, I do like to 'go through the motions' as just telling 16,000 people and rising that this is the case is one thing, now SHOWING THEM, THAT is something else entirely.

You would not believe the amount of followers I have had and the things I have had said to me too! It is also building up much more rapidly now too and within a few weeks it will be going even more mental than it is now.

Now do NOT say I did not warn you because by the time you realise that the proverbial is all over the fan which has just been switched on tens of thousands of people will know that I warned everyone and used every single possible route and method to sort this out and yet was just lied to and lied to over and over again and left to ROT.

They will also know that you do not have to LIE AND CHEAT to win your battles against even the biggest foes and that light really does conquer the dark.

Hopefully then I will do as I had intended at change the world, one country at a time!!

By the way I will be wealthy by the end of 2013 and trying very hard to avoid the growing journalists vying for my words so I was well aware that this battle would go on for so long that I would actually never receive any money and end up making vast amounts of my own, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANYONE...

...when THAT was achieved it would ony cause even more people to read the truth and if it was not over for civil servants by then, then it soon would be.

I for one would be amazed if any government departments makes it into 2014, really would and more to do with how many people are aware of me an every single things I have done and heard all the conversations with all the people on taxpayers money and even the ADMISSIONS I have had from many pairs of lips and this is STILL GOING ON!

SO there you go...

I have told you of an bare faced treachery towards me by the DWP and you are the Independent Case Examiners with a DWP email address. One that has made a great deal of excuses and staes they cannot receive attachments when every other department that server uses can receive emails with attachments as I have successfully sent them.

Now either your liars and ARE acting in the DWP's best interests or your not very good or you have been PLAYED by the DWP and Atos?!

Whichever it it is I do not particularly care and if ou have paid attention, which in all honesty you have not displayed much evidence on previous correspondences that you have, you SHOULD realise WHY I do not care.

Whatever the reasons are I am being played, whether this is intentional (you know about it) or unintentional (you are being played and unaware of it) I do not know but I am and have been.

I can, however, tell you how it looks. I have given you a mountain of stuff, in all honesty what YOU have does not amount to 1% (ONE PERCENT) of all my data as it now amounts to over 100GB at a GUESS!! I am pretty sure and if i recall correctly that I gave you either 0.6GB or 0.8GB so 0.8% of what I now possess and it grows faster each week.

SO now that you are aware of all this do you think it not time to actually tell me something about the data I sent you quite sometime ago now?! Writeable CDs DO have a shelf life you know?! They will not hold data forever!!


Martin Haswell BSc

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