Sunday, 14 April 2013


The only thing surprising about this is that someone else discovered it, complained and that it was actually reported on the BBC?!

I did use the term 'topsy-turvey world' previously did I not?! In fact I think it was several times if I recall correctly?!

Well there is the proof in the pudding part eleventy thousandy.

Well I had long since maintained that human life and human suffering was no barrier to getting and acquiring content and first the death of my father but that obviously did not stop them. The death if Doctor David Kelly and this had not stopped them. Yet I give them enough material to keep them reporting and real UK issues that are pricing on here appeal to everyone who find it, well those that decide they are obviously dismissive and deciding they are far more intelligent than I am without even seeing the rest if my blogs if my OTHER YouTube videos.

I must day I am shocked this hash come out, I really am and the manner of out to along with what it was they have done too.

Just every more proof that most individuals just cannot be trusted with too much money or power of they abuse it.

Stuns me that a film with a popular hero as its character could actually attract so many people to watch it?!

What do they do all go and root for the evil villain and not the protagonist?!

Was most people rooting for Bane and not Batman?!

Will it be Zodd and not The Man Of Steel when it is released?!

Will it be Mandarin and not Iron Man in Iron Man 3?

The Sentinels and not the X-Men in Days of Future Past?!

Lilo and not Thor in Dark World?!

People need to decide what they want to be and what side they want to be on...


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