Sunday, 21 April 2013


OK that is what I currently am but it is somewhat weird.

I took my last pills, tipping me into overdose territory around 2pm. The feeling of being high started about 5pm, 3 hours later and I am till experiencing it now.

Bloody hell that is a cheap way to get stoned?! Certainly a great deal cheaper than Cannabis, lmfao!

So I find it completely bizarre that the stoned feeling came on three hours later and remained for several hours.

Definitely feel drugged up to the eyeballs and lack of anything to eat a large contributor to that.

My word that is going to take place a hell of a great deal over the next 3 weeks until I get paid IF I get paid at all?!

It has also just occurred to me that I had better watch myself to as this could be highly dangerous especially now I am on my bike a large majority of the time?!

Hmm come to think of it is there a law against riding on the road on a Mountain Bike while intoxicated?! I have been left with little choice in the matter if this is the case, lol.

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