Thursday, 11 April 2013


I forgot to post about this as I am inundated with crap to do while on pain and tanked up in pain killers.

Now oddly I had to use up some time while I was out and ended up coming across a couple of things I got photos and videos of and pretty good content for both my blogs and YouTube account!

Might take a week or two to kick in so to speak and provided I have not performed a grand misidentification?! Lol.

Now I left the house a little early, will I had been up since 7am, and was a bit hyped sure to some figures I had stumbled across. So I went it to future some friends who were somewhat confused by them and wondering what the hell its going on with me and the different organisations who are each a focus oh this blog, lol.


I had to kill time before my appearance at my GP Surgery which should be a key moment with all that I have done on here.

I want to ask him about several things, hoping he will drop himself in it, and also tell him about that recent illness along with what my mate now thinks who witnessed it.

Added to this and more the reason why I have arranged the appointment us that I have been experiencing a great deal if pain in my groin in the area of my hernia repair. I ask getting a great deal of stinging, aching and a seeping take like sensation but there is nothing there and I have NOT urinated myself, lmao.

I need to go through the fact that this now hurts while I am cycling and that even with all the painkillers, Tramadol, prescribed I can't do things for myself much longer as this pain has occurred while CYCLING! This has also put paid to any plans of buying a new and lighter mountain bike to make life easier as its become redundant now.

I know that when I out the recording up I Erik get the usual crap of how there is nothing available for help and I will say stuff like DLA, motorised wheelchairs and will that crap. Hmm in fact I will do that first, then the dizzy drugs and then pull him on it all!

Anyway I just remembered while I am out that my P45 arrived in the post which I ask sure now its a tell take sign that the DWP and Job Centre are deliberately fucking me and provoking me. It only came yesterday and I have not had time to give the fact it arrived much thought until now. I have also emailed their office about yet another attempt to cancel my Incapacity Benefit and explaining yet again why I did not turn up, over three dozen times now, and I ALSO POSTED them a letter!! Which they will day they have not received of course.

So tomorrow I wool call them and ask them what the feck us going on...for the sixth time in two months and I will fecking record the while thing and this time it WILL BE CRYSTAL CLEAR!!

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